No Cost Fix for Storing Boots

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 Most of us have been dealing with crazy cold and snowy weather.  Even those of us who live in “warmer” climates have been living through one wild and cra-azy winter.  I don’t know about you but I got tired of having my boots falling all over my closet.  In addition to bugging me because they looked so messy, I want to protect my boots from creasing.  I’ve seen great ideas of using pool noodles, but you know me, why buy something if you can repurpose something?  Ready for my no cost fix for storing boots this winter?

brown boots with top folded over on wood floor.

It’s embarrassingly easy, embarrassingly free and hopefully brilliantly frugal and brilliantly earth-friendly. 

The only thing you have to do is find 2 1-liter size plastic bottles (or what ever size works for your boots). 

No Cost Fix for Storing Boots

collage of brown boots with tops folded over, green plastic bottles, and straight boots.

Here let me show you since a picture is worth a thousand words (so these 3 pictures must equal 3000 words.)

brown boots with green bottle sliding into top of one boot.

Really.  Easy. 

Really. Frugal. 

overhead view of bottles inside boots.

If you’d prefer to purchase boot storage tools, these boot shapers from work well.

black plastic inserts next tall boots with rolled up inserts.
two black boots with one folded over and one straightened with boot shaper.

So, if your messy, flopping-over boots have been bothering you, too.  You can repurpose a couple of plastic bottles that would otherwise be heading to the landfill.  Enjoy your no cost fix for storing boots in your organized closet and feel good about doing it in an earth-friendly way.

a pair of boots with a bottle being slid into one of them.

But for a free, this no cost fix for storing boots is Really. Effective.

More Repurosed Shoe and Clothing Storage Ideas

shoes organized in box with title text overlay reading Packing, Moving and Storing Shoes.
stack of white document boxes with orange labels.
document box with coats neatly folded in it.
storage box decorated with grey modern wrapping paper.

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  1. Hi Susan – Brilliant. Simply brilliant. And then there is me who spent too much money on those boot holder uppers. Sigh… I need to hang out with you more often and learn more of your creative ideas! Hugs, Holly

    1. Dianna, It’s gotten to where I look at everything twice before it goes into the recycle bin trying to find a repurpose use for it.

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  3. another inexpensive way is to go to the dollar store and get the $1 fun noodles for the pool and cut them to fit your boots and stick them inside….could be cheaper than buying water bottles if you don’t already have them and they can be adjusted to any boot height.

  4. I like to use thick rolled up magazines once I am finished with them. They work really well and allow air to flow through. Plastic bottles are another great repurpose.

  5. This is a great idea, Susan! I use rolled up magazines for my boots. But, I still manage to throw them in my closet..LOl

    Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursday.


  6. I use legal size pendaflex files. One for each foot is enough, rolled lengthwise. As it tries to unfurl, it holds up the boots instead, filling the space of the leg quite nicely. They work well especially for the longer boots.

  7. I love this tip! It is the perfect example of the fact that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to be organized. Plus, if you ever move, you can recycle these bottles and just get a new version in the new location… one fewer item to move!

    1. Exactly! šŸ™‚ After 5 moves in 6 years, I had to find ways to organize that are easy to recycle and are inexpensive.

  8. I use old “Pringles” canisters or stacked cookie canisters for my boots. SInce they are mostly cardboard (the sides) they do mark with rust marks or stay moist if the boots are moist when I need to put they away.

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