14 Fun Snow Day Kid Activities

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So-0000, you and all the kiddos are  stuck enjoying being at home for yet another snow day this year.  While snow days are a kid’s 3rd best day of the year (after birthdays and Christmas), snow days can be quite a challenge for mom and dad.  What do you do to keep the kiddos entertained and occupied that doesn’t involve hours and hours in front of an electronic device and a screen?  Well, here are 14 snow day kid activities that you can do right now today!

a collage of 5 different kids' activities with title text reading 14 Snow Day Kid Activities

snow ice cream in a glass bowl with title text reading Snow Ice Cream
Since we’re all at home due to snow, it makes sense to start off with making   Snow Ice Cream from Wondermom Wannabe.
Snowman Place Setting with a graphic of a snowman with title text in it reading Snowman Tablescape

How about making your own snowmen and snowwomen with items you have at home like The Coconut Head’s Survival Guide did with her Snowman Place Setting.

a black and white checkered envelope with Spiderman on the inside flap

How about a Superhero Envelope for the superhero fans in your house?

2 felt farm animal book hugger book marks, a pig and a cow, with title text reading Book Hugger Bookmarks

Or you could make Farm Animal Book Hugger book marks for yourself or as a gift.

a basket made out of Newspaper with title text reading Newspaper Recycling bin

Grab those newspapers and weave your own Newspaper Basket from Wondermom Wannabe.

Make your own DIY Brown Sugar Lip Scrub with this recipe from Homemade for Elle. 

DIY Brown Sugar Lip Scrub | homemadeforelle.com

2 pop corn containers and some popcorn on a table with title text reading How to Make REAL Popcorn

Or would you prefer a munchy snack?  Learn How to Make REAL Popcorn with The Coconut Head.

Big Bang Theory Bazinga! Pencil Cup

Do you have any science or Big Bang theory fans?  You could make a Bazinga! Pencil Cup.

How about teaching the little ones how to make Italian Bread from Feeding Big.

Italian Bread on a plate with title text reading Italian Bread For Pennies Feedingbig.com

And you could make Easy Deviled Eggs from Feeding Big as a snack.

Deviled Eggs on a white platter with text reading deviled eggs, the perfect snack feedingbig.com

Does all this snow have you dreaming of Spring?  Make your own Tissue Paper Cherry Blossoms.

Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies on a white plate on a red, green and white striped towel with a graphic of a green ornament with title text on it reading Grandma Charlotte's Vintage Sugar Cookie Recipe

How about making  Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies with The Coconut Head Survival Guide?

4 King cards

You know what goes perfectly with a plate of sugar cookies?  Playing Family Card Games from Wondermom Wannabe.


You should be able to find a couple of activities here  to keep your kiddos busy and entertained.   And just think of the quality time you can all spend together on a snow day or two to three! Enjoy family snow day activities. In case you need some more ideas, there are some ideas in this Wholesome Family Home Entertainment post.


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  1. I love all these ideas! It’s a foregone conclusion that we will be home tomorrow due to snow so this is perfect timing. Thanks for putting all these ideas together in one place.

  2. Hi Susan – Wow, not only am I impressed at how prepared you are, but also how much fun your family is going to have over the next few days while we are all snowed in. Snow activities in our home include shoveling and… shoveling! Hugs, Holly

  3. I still LOVE snow days!! Although I can imagine how stressful it must be for parents to entertain their kids. Great collection of ideas. I hope you don’t get too much snow tomorrow šŸ™‚ I do agree with Holly on the shoveling part šŸ™‚ that’s what my parents had me do

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