Repurposed Cheese Grater Earring Holder

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a cheese grater turned into an earring holder with title text reading Repurposed Earring Holder
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I’ve been cleaning out and getting ready for the impending move (cue ominous music).   I often struggle between wanting to get rid of everything and not wanting to get rid of anything.   It happened recently with a starting-to-rust old cheese grater.  I have other newer non-rusty cheese graters.  Why would I feel an urge to keep a cheese grater?!
Well, rather than worrying about why, I decided to look for a way to repurpose it.  With myself and 2 teenage daughters, we have a lot of jewelry… a lot.  What came to mind first was to repurpose the grater to hold earrings.
Uh, how easy was this?
a cheese grater hanging on the wall with earrings hanging from it
So, then the blogger kicked in and I figured I should invest no money (just used decorative paper I already had and some Mod Podge, but you could even use double stick tape)  and about 2 minutes time to really dress it up.
a cheese grater hanging on the wall with earrings hanging on it
So, for no cost and 2 minutes, I now have a functional earring holder.  I think it would be fun to hang 5-6 graters randomly and use them all as jewelry holders.  But that will be for another day…after the move.

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  1. I just love a craft that only requires 2 minutes of my time! This is the cutest thing! Your brain just works so wonderfully!

  2. Er no, don’t fancy slicing my fingers/nails/knuckles every time I need to get/put back earrings. ∑(O_O;)

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