Creative Gift Wrap Idea

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This is such a happy time of year filled with celebrations, family and friends. I cherish having guests over for the holidays and I enjoy giving homemade and cozy gifts to my guests to celebrate the season. But as joyous as these times are, they can also be hectic. Very hectic. My simple solution is to use my secret weapon – an easy-to-make creative gift wrap idea that perfectly captures the warm, nostalgic spirit of Christmas and enhances charming gifts. A handmade gift bag that you can make in minutes. Really. 

3 sweater knit  gift bags with big bows on white table

While it makes me deeply happy to give each of my guests a special handmade gift, I need the gift to be delightful and easy-to-make. This is such a busy, sometimes even hectic, season of the year that I don’t have time for complicated. I’ve found that almost handmade gifts solve my dilemma. I create gift bags that look handmade but only take about three minutes to make. I fill my cozy gift bags with purchased gifts that also evoke nostalgic holiday memories. It’s a semi-handmade gift that always earns appreciative oohs and ahhs. 

close up of top of white knit gift bag with large gold bow

I also adore that these gift bags are earth-friendly and can be used again and again and again. My family and friends have fun sending the different reusable gift bags I’ve created back and forth filled with new gifts each year. It adds another holiday tradition to our gift giving.

Creative Gift Wrap Idea


Sweater or Turleneck – This is the perfect time to repurpose an old, torn or stained sweater. You can also pick up sweaters at your local thrift store or yard sale. Check out my tips on How to Go Thrift Store Shopping before you head to the store.  Look for sweaters with festive colors and lovely texture. Check how stretchy the sweater sleeves are. Stretchier sleeves are a better choice since they will fit a larger range of gift item sizes and hold their shape better.

Coordinating Ribbon – Wide fabric ribbon is preferable and wired ribbon makes it easy to create a dramatic bow.

Fabric Shears – You need sharp shears to create a clean and neat edge when you cut the sweater.

2 sweaters folded on white table

Sewing Machine – You could easily hand-stitch the seam if you don’t have a sewing machine.

candle jar laying to top of grey sweater sleeve

Fold the sweater cuff down. Lay your gift item on the sleeve to determine how long your sweater sleeve gift bag should be. Add an extra 1/4 inch for the seam and then cut the sleeve with sharp fabric shears.

Turn the sleeve inside out and sew a seam 1/4 inch from the cut edge of the sleeve. Sew a second seam on top of the first seam to create a strong, sturdy seam that will hold up to gift giving.

top image - of seam on sweater bag, bottom image - of grey and white knit bags on white table

Once you’ve sewn the double seam, you will have made a gift bag tube. Turn the bag right-side out and then fold the cuff down.

grey sparkly knit gift bag with large blue ribbon on white wood table

Add a dramatic ribbon to really dress up the gift bag. Look at how lovely the sparkles in the sweater sleeve gift bag are and add  such a festive touch

white knit gift bag with large gold bow on Christmas tablecloth

Adding a dramatic gold bow to a traditional and cozy white sweater creates a charming gift bag that makes a big impact. The beautiful texture of the sweater embodies the cozy holiday spirit

Now that we’ve created one-of-a-kind charming, gift bags, we need to find the perfect charming gifts to fill them. I look for gifts that will evoke the nostalgic, warm and festive feelings of Christmas that I treasure and want to share.

Glade® has created a special Winter Collection that is available at Harris Teeter and the entire Kroger family of stores. Look for the Shazam logo on the in-store display. You can use the Shazam app to explore the image on the packaging, on displays and on in-store signs. The images lead you to a Spotify playlist, video content, giveaways and even more. It’s a fun way to interact and explore all while shopping  

The Glade® Shimmering WonderPlum Blossom Scent jar candle makes a lovely gift when wrapped in a charming, sparkly sweater sleeve gift bag. The Glade®Timeless JoyWoodland Spruce Scent wax melts are a wonderful way to share the classic holiday scent. Sharing cheery holiday scent is such a powerful way to evoke joyous holiday memories and emotions. It’s a beautiful way to share a little burst of joy and transform the busyness of the season into the joy of the season.

candles with grey sweater gift bag and Christmas ribbon on white wood table

You can learn more about Glade® products and all the holiday scents available in the Winter Collection by following them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest.

3 knit gift bags with large ribbons and pine branches on white wood table

Can you picture how Norman Rockwell-esque your Christmas tree will look with thoughtful gifts wrapped in this creative gift wrap idea? Be sure to check out more charming gift ideas that are perfect for this holiday season

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  1. I really do love this idea! Quick and easy, just what I need during this busy time of the year. I am a fan of the Glade candles too. They have such great scents and last for a long time even though they are small! Great idea, Susan

  2. I love this idea to repurpose old sweaters that were going to get tossed anyway. I have saved this to my T-shirt Restyling Pinterest board.

  3. This gift wrapping idea is so much fun! I love the idea of special gift wrap for the Glade candles. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! [client]

  4. Susan, this is such a great idea – costs nothing and looks so effective. I’ve featured this idea in a post of creative gift wrapping today.

    1. Thanks for featuring my repurposed idea. I popped over and check out the gift wrap ideas you shared and they’re all amazing!

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