Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea – Air Force Flight Suit

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Giving gifts makes me deeply happy. I enjoy giving small gifts, big impact gifts, DIY gifts, surprise gifts, food gifts – any and all kinds of gifts. Once I’ve selected the perfect gift, I have just as much fun finding creative gift wrapping ideas to make the gift even more special. This year I’ve found the perfect Christmas gift wrapping idea – an Air Force flight suit. In a family of military veterans, this unique gift wrapping idea is going to be a big, big hit. 

box wrapped to look like green Air Force flight suit

I have four veterans in my immediate family and five more veterans in my extended family, with a combined total of over 110 years of military service in two generations. We have served in all four branches of the military. Since my husband and I are Air Force veterans, I decided to tackle creating a flight suit gift wrapping idea this Christmas. In addition to Christmas, this Christmas gift wrapping idea is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and for both adults and kids.  How cool is it that the military name tag is the gift tag

box wrapped to look like green Air Force flight suit with 2 birthday hats in the background

Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea – Air Force Flight Suit

This flight suit gift wrapping is not difficult, but you will need to find 30 or so minutes to focus. After you make the first flight suit gift wrap, the next ones will be much easier to do. 


  • Green Wrapping Paper – I had difficulty finding plain green wrapping paper and ended up buying paper that teachers use to line bulletin boards. 
  • Sturdy Rectangular Box or Gift
  • Tape – Scotch® Magic™ Tape is perfect for this project because it’s strong enough to hold the paper in place and blends into the paper so it’s barely visible. You can find the Scotch® Magic™ Tape 3 Pack Caddie at Walmart this holiday season. 
  • Scissors – You need sharp scissors to create the clean cuts you need for this project. I picked up a brand new pair of  Scotch™ Multi-Purpose Scissors 8” for this holiday gift season.
  • Ruler 
  • White Card Stock Paper
  • Computer Printer
  • Black and Silver Craft Paper – This is the perfect time to use up those scraps of paper you’ve been saving
green paper with ruler, scissors, tape and white box

Take your time in measuring and cutting the wrapping paper. You want to make sure you make very straight and clean cuts. 

My box was 8 1/2″ by 11 1/2″ by 1 1/2″

I cut the wrapping paper to 19″ by 23″ for my box. 

green wrapping paper partially wrapped around white box on wood table

Fold one edge of the paper evenly and with a crisp folded edge. Wrap the paper so that the folded edge is down the center of the top of the box. This will become the zipper that runs down the front of the flight suit. 

box wrapped in green paper with rolls of tape nearby on white table

Fold the bottom edge of the paper neatly, with the tapped edge on the bottom edge of the box (the side farthest away from the collar end of the box). 

collage of colorful Christmas planner sheets
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Gift Wrapping Steps to Create the Collar

  • 1. Fold the top edge of the paper down approximately 1 inch. Take your time and make this fold neat and even.
  • 2. Fold the top two more times until it is loosely flush with the edge of the box. 
  • 3. Unfold the last fold (keeping the first two folds in place) and cut on the crease. Cut each side one-third of the way into the center. Each of my cuts was 3 1/3″, which left 3 1/3″ remaining in the center.
  • 4. Fold the flaps you just created forward to create the collar. Trim the collar to remove the point and make a rounded collar.
collage of  4 photos showing the steps of wrapping a gift to look like a flight suit

Gift Wrapping Steps to Finish the Flight Suit

  • 5. Fold in the shoulder area neatly.
  • 6. If the backside of your paper is a different color, trim any edges that show.
  • 7. Print out the name tag and patches. I scanned patches that we already have, but you could search for images online. Save the jpeg image and insert the image into a Word document to easily size it for your package. You could also make your own patches from colored craft paper. Trim the patches neatly. 
  • 8. Tape the collar in place. 
collage of four photos showing steps of creating flight suit package wrapping
  • 9. Cut 2=two front pockets and tape them in place. Tape the patches in place. Add thin strips of black craft paper to create the zippers on the front pockets. 
box wrapped with green paper and looks like Air Force flight suit
  • 10. Add the arm pocket. Fold the pocket in thirds to create the appearance of the seams of the pen pockets. Use scraps of black and silver or grey paper to create pen caps. Add a U.S. flag patch.
sideview of box wrapped to look like a flight suit showing shoulder pocket holding pens

Doesn’t the pen pocket and flag patch on the arm of the package just take this creative gift wrapping idea over the top?! It’s the extra detail that really makes this gift wrapping special. 

A creative gift wrapping idea of making an Air Force Flight suit is perfect for a fun Christmas gift wrapping idea. #WrapGiveRepeat [ad]

I can imagine all the oohs and ahhs on Christmas morning when my family sees this Christmas gift wrapping idea. I wonder if they’ll be able to rip into this gift wrapping or if they’ll sit and just admire it for a bit. 

box wrapped in green paper to look like Air Force flight suit with gift bags nearby

I popped over to Walmart for one of my weekly trips. I found Scotch® Brand gift wrapping products in a special display near the holiday section of the store.  With the holiday gift wrapping season just around the corner, this is the perfect time to stock up on Scotch® Brand wrapping products and save with a 50% bonus in each Scotch® Magic™ Tape 3 Pack Caddie and Scotch® Gift Wrap Tape 3 Pack Caddie. You also save with Rollback pricing. Wrap. Give. Repeat this holiday season. 

I’m so happy to learn that Scotch® Brand is donating $200,000 to Fisher House this holiday season with the Wrap for Warriors program. I know first-hand how important Fisher House’s support is to military families in crisis. Fisher House is a charity that supports military and veterans’ families by providing a network of comfort homes. Families are able to stay at Fisher House at no charge while their family member is receiving medical treatment. Fisher House makes it possible for families to stay together and support each other at a most critical time.

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overhead view of box wrapped to look like green flight suit with other gift bags nearby

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  1. This is such a creative idea! I love it! It can easily be tweaked to look like a business suit, perhaps for a college graduation gift. Thank you for the tutorial!

    1. Thanks, Andrea. It took on life of it’s own as I was making it. I had to force myself to stop from adding more details.

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