DIY First Aid Kit

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Easy DIY First Aid Kit for summer camp and activities #RewardHealthyChoices #Ad

School is out and summer is here.  I don’t know about you, but summer is almost as busy as the school year is around my house.  I try to keep our life simple, but with 3 kids ages 11 to 19, summers are busy, busy, busy.  We’re focusing on being healthier this summer.  That means watching our diets, watching our electronics time and increasing our outdoor activity time.  To get ready for our busy, active summer and my “baby’s” first sleep away summer camp, I made an easy DIY first aid kit to help us with our healthy lifestyle focus this summer.

My second “baby” is going to an academic summer camp for 3 weeks that is 3 1/2 hours away from our home.  I’m so excited for her opportunity (but I’m not ready for my “baby” to be gone from home for so long!).  In addition to the academic activities, there will be many outdoor activities for her to enjoy. Being an overprotetive caring mom, I want to send her with her own DIY First Aid Kit so I can take care of her even when I’m not there.  And when she gets back from camp we can use the first aid kit for the outdoor activities we’re adding to our family’s healthier summer activities.

Easy DIY First Aid Kit for summer camp and activities #RewardHealthyChoices #Ad

I found this fun summery felt that was on sale (so I haa-aad to get it) and I already had the pink satin cording, so the whole project cost me less than $.75.  Using felt makes your sewing so (pun intended) much easier since you don’t have to sew unfinished edges.  You’ll need 2 pieces of felt, each 9 x 12 inches.

Easy DIY First Aid Kit for summer camp and activities #RewardHealthyChoices #Ad

Since I needed to stock up on products for my first aid kit, I turned to Walgreens’ on my smart phone.  I discovered the Balance Rewards for healthy choices app which can help you track the activities you’re choosing in your healthier lifestyle.  Walgreen’s launched the Balance Rewards program to help you modify health risk factors and reward you for making healthier choices. You can earn Balance Reward points for your everyday healthier activities, like walking, running, cycling, weight management and more.  You’ll earn 250 points when you connect your device, 250 points when you set your first goal and 20 points every time you record an activity.  You can redeem these points with your Balance Rewards card when you shop at Walgreens for Healthy Essential products for your healthy summer activities and your DIY first aid kit or for any item at Walgreens.

Easy DIY First Aid Kit for summer camp and activities #RewardHealthyChoices #Ad

I popped over to Walgreens’ and found everything I need in the Johnson & Johnson Healthy Essentials display near the first aid aisle. I know that there will be a nurse available for my daughter at camp for serious first aid issues, but I want to take care of my “baby” by providing her with items to make her outdoor activities more comfortable and healthier.  If you’re sending your child off to camp with a DIY first aid kit, be sure to check their guidelines for any limitations on medications.

Easy DIY First Aid Kit for summer camp and activities #RewardHealthyChoices #Ad

I started the first aid kit by sewing the two pieces of felt together at the short sides. Next I folded the bottom edge of the felt up to form the pockets. I measured my first aid kit items, pinned where I wanted the pockets and then sewed vertical seams to create pockets for each item.  I attached the cording to one end so that it can tie the first aid kit roll closed.

Easy DIY First Aid Kit for summer camp and activities #RewardHealthyChoices #Ad

Each first aid item fits neatly into its own pocket. If your child is going off to summer camp, be sure to add a hand-written note of encouragement that they can find the first time they open the first aid kit so that your child knows they’re loved.

Easy DIY First Aid Kit for summer camp and activities #RewardHealthyChoices #Ad

The DIY first aid kit is simply rolled up and tied with the attached cording. It makes a cute little first aid kit that any child on their way to summer camp or summer activities will be happy to carry.

Easy DIY First Aid Kit for summer camp and activities #RewardHealthyChoices #Ad

Now I’m pretending to be all ready to send my “baby” away to camp and know that she’ll have what she needs to participate in outdoor activities and continue the healthier summer choices we’re focusing on making.

Easy DIY First Aid Kit for summer camp and activities #RewardHealthyChoices #Ad

Join me in making an easy DIY First Aid Kit, planning healthier activities and utilizing the Balance Rewards for healthy choices this summer.

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  1. I love this idea. The use of felt for a project like this is so smart. It is so (sew) durable and easy to work with. I must admit, I have never seen felt with a great pattern like this. It is hard to watch your babies walk out the door to great adventures, but at least you know they are still protected! Love Walgreens and their rewards program!

  2. I keep first aid kits everywhere (car, purse, home, activity bag). I LOVE this version for our on-the-go bag, since everything rolls up nicely. I miss Walgreen’s. We don’t have one near us where we live now.

  3. What a fun little first aid kit for your baby! I can’t imagine sending my son away to camp, but I know the day will come sooner than I think. #client

    1. Thanks, Janet. It’s tough when your “baby” grows up, but it’s what we’re working towards as parents, isn’t it?

  4. How smart! I admit, I tend to be an under-prepared mom in a lot of situations, but I love the idea of a diy first aid kit to throw in a diaper bag and bring to my daughter’s soccer games. Thanks for the idea!

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