Fun & Easy Dr. Seuss Crafts, Free Printables and More

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Originally published February 28, 2019 and updated June 16, 2021.

With Dr. Seuss Day right around the corner, it’s the perfect time for more than 30 Fun and Easy Dr. Seuss Crafts, Printables and More!  When my “babies” were little, they loved when I read aloud to them. Often, those read alouds involved Sneetches, green eggs and ham, and a mischievous Cat in a Hat. They loved Dr. Seuss books. If I’m honest, so did (do!) I.

collage of 4 colorful Dr. Seuss crafts

March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’s birthday, but any day is a great day for quirky rhyming fun,  I wanted to share our love of these beloved books with 30+ Fun & Easy Dr. Seuss Crafts, Free Printables and More! Traditionally, National Read Across America Day is on the birthday of Dr. Seuss and is often called Dr. Seuss Day. It is part of national reading month, so these fund Dr. Seuss crafts are a great idea for the entire month for young children and kids of all ages.

If your kids love that silly Cat in the Hat, or the mustachioed Lorax, Dr. Seuss Day (or any day) is the perfect time to pull out your favorite Dr. Seuss books and the craft supplies and get busy having fun (and maybe even make a Dr. Seuss costume or two!).

Everyone has a favorite Dr. Seuss character. There are so many to love, admire and relate to. There’s at least one Seuss character for everyone. And who doesn’t want to do a fun and easy Dr Seuss craft, activity or printable with their favorite character?

Dr. Seuss Crafts

Some of the more memorable (and craftable) Dr. Seuss Characters from the popular books:

Because the books and characters are so beloved, Dr. Seuss crafts are a great way to reinforce the excitement of reading. 

General Dr. Seuss Crafts

There are Dr. Seuss craft projects for all ages and all crafting skills. Dr. Seuss activities aren’t just for kids, you know. 

red and blue party lantern lights with title text reading Dr. Seuss Festive Party Lights

Dr. Seuss Festive Paper Party Lights from The Frugal Navy Wife – a paper craft that is a fun way to decorate for Dr. Seuss day or any party.

The Cat in the Hat

Dr. Seuss crafts featuring that fun cat from the famous book, The Cat in the Hat

Fun and Easy Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Crafts from Meraki Mother – a fun craft using a cardboard tube, a child’s hand, craft paint and construction paper to create an adorable hand print craft

DIY Cat in the Hat craft project

Cat in the Hat Kid’s Handprint Craft from NellieBellie – an easy handprint craft of the cute cat from The Cat in the Hat bool

glass jar with Cat in the Hat pencil toppers on red and white striped pencils

Dr. Seuss Pencil Toppers by Amy Latta Creations – a cute craft that helps practice fine motor skills in cutting the supplies for this cat in the hat hats craft

diy red and white hat with candy inside

Cat in the Hat Treat Holders from Amy Latta Creations – a great craft that is a 5-10 minute craft

The Cat in the Hat Handprint Painting from The Inspiration Edit – how much fun can you have on this special day in March? Lot’s with this handprint art project.

Cat in the Hat made from pom poms

Cat in the Hat Craft from Mom Does Reviews – use cotton balls or small pom poms

Lorax Crafts

The classic Dr. Seuss book with an environmental message, The Lorax, inspires lots of Dr. Seuss craft ideas. 

diy paper craft on white paper plate with title text overlay reading The Lorax Truffula Trees Craft A Fun Craft for the Kids

The Lorax Truffula Trees from Mom Does Reviews – a colorful paper plate craft that’s a fun activity for kids of all ages

Truffala Tree Pencils- coming soon – a simple craft that a fun idea for party decorations

pencil with pom pom and green pipe cleaner craft with title text reading Dr. Seuss Truffula Tree Pencil Topper

Dr. Seuss Truffula Tree Pencil Toppers from The Frugal Navy Wife – creative Dr. Seuss activities, like this one, often use dollar store supplies

The Lorax mustache painted on white coffee cup

Lorax Mustache Mug from Red Ted Art – the entire family will have fun making this adorable mug

paper craft Lorax face on yellow cup

Recycled K-Cup Lorax Craft from Artsy Momma – a cute craft using recycled items and other supplies you probably already have

black mustache craft on orange background with Title text overlay reading Dr. Seuss The Lorax Treat Holder

Dr. Seuss The Lorax Treat Holder from The Frugal Navy Wife – a Lorax toilet paper roll craft that is fun to make

red and yellow Lorax craft on toilet paper rolls

Dr. Seuss Lorax Toilet Paper Roll Craft from A Sparkle of Genius – a free printable template you can use for this printable craft or to make paper bag puppets

orange and yellow Lorax handprint craft

Handprint Lorax Craft by Jinxy Kids – a cute handprint craft

Thing One and Thing Two

Dr. Seuss crafts featuring two more iconic characters from The Cat in the Hat. 

Thing 1 & Thing 2 Bookmarks from Red Ted Art – a simple Dr. Seuss craft you can make from construction paper or craft paper

Thing 1 and Thing 2 painted on wood spoons

Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Story Spoons from The Inspiration Edit – an adorable craft that can use craft paint or markers

Red Fish, Blue Fish

The popular early reading book, One Fish, Two, Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, lends itself to fun Dr. Seuss crafts, too. 

One Fish Two Fish Craft – A fun and easy Dr. Seuss One Fish Two Fish craft with a free printable template to make learning fun or use as an engaging children’s activity.

fish in bubbles and circles with words from one fish two fish with text overlay reading Dr. Seuss Magnets

Dr. Seuss Magnets from Just Paint It Blog – turn your favorite characters into magnets

Dr. Seuss Printables

Printables are a great way to celebrate with Dr. Seuss activities that don’t require crafting skills or create a mess. 

collage of facts about Dr. Seuss in red, black and blue

Fun Facts about Dr. Seuss You Probably Didn’t Know from Oh So Savvy Mom – a free printable of Dr. Seuss facts

images of 3 printable certificates in red. blue and black with title text reading free Printable Seuss Super Reader Certificate Kit

Free Printable Seuss Super Reader Certificate Kit from California Unpublished – a free printable

Dr. Seuss Bingo Game from A Sparkle of Genius – a free printable kids’ game

Dr. Seuss Book Scavenger Hunt Free Printable – a free 4-page game based on popular Dr. Seuss games

4 colorful scavenger hunt sheets with Dr Seuss iamges

Free Dr. Seuss Word Search – 3 activity pages that are so much fun since they’re based on 3 popular Seuss books

red and blue word search sheets with Dr Seuss theme

I Spy Printables – Dr. Seuss – 3 colorful free printable activity sheets

close up of 3 brightly colored Dr Seuss I Spy pages

Dr. Seuss Costumes to DIY

smiling girl in yellow Red Fish Blue Fish costume

One Fish Two Fish Costume by Homemade for Elle – an adorable costume for any Dr. Seuss fan

2 children wearing green pipe cleaner Dr. Seuss costume head piece

Quick and Easy Dr. Seuss Costume – a quick trip to the dollar store and in just about 3 minutes you have a great last minute costume

2 yellow shirts laying on floor with pieces needed to make a Sneetches costume

Easy Dr. Seuss Costume – The Sneetches – this costume is perfect for one person, a best friends’ costume and even a large group costume

collage of 3 images of children wearing Reading Day costumes

Dr. Seuss Day Costumes – a collection of DIY costumes I made with my children for Dr. Seuss Day.

Dr. Seuss Games

I hope you start Dr. Seuss Day with green eggs and ham and wrap it up with a cozy read aloud with your very own Thing 1 and Thing 2. If you dare, make some oobleck with Bartholomew.

Curl up with your favorite Dr. Seuss books and a well-loved Cat in the Hat stuffed animal. And be sure to try at least one of these Fun and Easy Dr. Seuss Crafts, Free Printables and More. It’s these kinds of fun holidays that help your child discover a love of reading. 

Be sure to pin now so you can find these Dr. Seuss Crafts every Dr. Seuss Day and Halloween year after year.

For more Dr. Seuss activities, games, and printables see the table below. You can scroll though the table and look for ideas or search for specific ideas with the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner (on desktop). Click on the topic and then click through the specific article.

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