Repurposed Skirts, Pants & Jeans Projects

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collage of 5 images of crafts made from upcycled clothing items

I enjoy the creative challenge of repurposing items. It’s exciting to take something that is unusable or boring and turn it into something new and beautiful. Today I’m inspired by all these more repurposed clothing projects using skirts, pants and jeans. These projects are earth-friendly, creative, frugal and make wonderful gifts. I can’t wait to get started repurposing clothing.

Earlier this week I shared more than 20 repurposed clothing projects using t-shirts and sweaters. Take a minute and look through the closets in your home for clothing that isn’t working for you and are the perfect candidate for repurposing. If you’re super organized and have already purged your clothes so that all you have in your closets are items that you use, don’t worry. You can easily go thrift store shopping to find items to repurpose.  In the past I’ve shared 3 reasons to shop at thrift stores and not feel guilty that may help you find items to repurpose.

Skirts and Pants

Skirt to Scarf Refashion from Muslin Merlot

grey and white flower pillow on red chair

Upcycled Skirt Throw Pillow

DIY Tote Bag from a Skirt

Repurposed Pants Made into an Upcycled Wine Gift Bag

Upcycled Skirt to Zippered Pouch

Messenger Bag from Cargo Pants

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Featured Image
close up of 3 red and white floral squares with tag that says "winter heat pack" on white wood table

DIY Rice Heat Packs


Upcycled Denim Play Crown from Creative Green Living

Farm Kid Apron from Creative Green Living

DIY Denim Rug Tutorial

Jeans or Fabric Gift Bag

Recycled Jeans into Studio Organization from Me & My INKlings

Upcycled Denim Pocket Purse

collage is 5 images of crafts made from upcycled clothing items

I know that you want to jump up right now and run look through your closets for clothing to repurpose. Don’t let me stop you. Which pf these  repurposed clothing projects made from skirts, pants and jeans is the one you want to make first?

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  1. You give the best ideas for items I feel bad throwing away. I love the purses! When the granddaughters come over I’ll put some of this to use. They will be so proud of themselves…

    1. Oh, that sounds like such a fun time, crafting with the granddaughters,Monica. Enjoy (and welcome to the dark side of not being able to throw anything away 😉 )

  2. I love the way to take worn out items (or just less loved items) and find new and creative ways to use them. My kids all love the heat packs! They get used often.

  3. I love anything that is eco friendly. Your ideas for recycling clothing are just the thing to live greener.

    1. I enjoy the creative challenge of repurposing items and that’s it’s earth-friendly is great too. We’re kindred spirits, Janis.

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