Easy DIY Journal with Duct Tape

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I originally shared this project over at my friend Nicole’s blog, 365(ish) Days of Pinterest.

overhead view of blue and white floral journal with orange label with "notes" written in black ink with pen laying on journal

Most of my tips and crafts are super easy (I don’t have time for complicated!).  Today’s easy diy journal is definitely a quick and easy project.  I use journals for all types of organizing.  Every time we move, I set up a  moving journal and a new house journal.  I keep everything I need to know and remember in one easy to find spot.  I make journals for projects and life events, too.  I like to decorate the journals so that they’re bright and easy to find in the chaos of moving or of life.

black journal with role of blue and white floral duct tape on white table

Start with a composition book or hard cover notebook.  I usually hit the clearance aisle to find my journals.  Since I’m going to decorate the cover, the rejected on sale notebook no one else wants is perfect for me. There are so many fun duct tape designs out there now that you’ll have no trouble find one or two or three that you love.

journal opened up and face down on table with rows of blue and white floral duct tape attached to one side of cover

 Open your notebook and place it face down.  Cover the front of the notebook with strips of duct tape, leaving just a bit of overhang. 

open black journal with front covered with blue and white floral duct tape and 2 red square overlays at top and bottom of the journal spine

Cover the bottom and top of the spine with a strip of duct tape lined up with the edge of the spine.

finger pointing to spine on blue and white floral tape covered journal

Next cover the spine with one strip of duct tape and the finish the back cover.

inside cover of journal showing blue and white floral tape being wrapped around to inside of cover

Fold the duct tape around the corners neatly.  You can trim the tape on the edges of the cover neatly before you wrap it around to the inside cover or add a piece of card stock for a finished look.

overhead view of blue and white floral journal with orange label with "notes" written in black ink with pen laying on journal

In less than 10 minutes you have a one-of-a-kind journal to organize your busy life.  This also a fun back-to-school project to make with the kiddos and make personalized notebooks.

 Happy organizing and journaling with your own easy diy journal.

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  1. I am not a journaler, but I do keep notebooks laying around. The issue is, I always have to search through about 5 to find the one I am looking for! I should do this and keep more organized. Great idea and great craft!

  2. That is definitely a quick way to personalize your journal. Do you want to something weird? I think you are somehow reading my mind. It’s true. All week long I’ve had my art journal out waiting for me to work on. I want to do something with it but just haven’t had the time. Four of my grandchildren have kept me so busy. LOL Once again you and I are have the same kind of project on our minds.

    1. Darlene, I’m starting to think we’re twins separated at birth! But I’ll stick with the great minds think alike angle.

  3. Once I finished crying over the fact that you duct taped over a Hunger Games journal (what?!), I have to say I love the idea. Whenever my husband deployed I would make a family journal for him to take with him. I’d fill it with pictures, jokes, notes from me and the kids, etc. to bring him a little joy while he was away from us. I will definitely be employing this decorating tip to decorate his next one.

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  5. What a fun and easy idea! I love it. Thank you for linking up to Tips and Tricks. I hope to see you again this Monday night at 7.

  6. I don’t use journals but I could totally use this idea to personalize a gift. Thanks for sharing.

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