Simple One Fish Two Fish Craft

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This easy One Fish Two Fish craft tutorial is perfect for any Dr. Seuss fan. It’s also the perfect accompanying fun and colorful  project  inspired by the beloved children’s book “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish” by Dr. Seuss. This craft is perfect for young children and can be done with simple materials that you may already have at home.

close up of paper plate craft with colorful fish.

Dr. Seuss One Fish Two Fish Craft 

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish is a classic book that preschoolers will love and many adults still treasure. 

By creating their own fish and exploring different colors and patterns, children can enhance their fine motor skills and foster a love for reading. This project also provides an opportunity for parents and educators to discuss the themes of the book, such as counting, rhyming, and imagination.

Ways to Use this Red Fish Blue Fish Craft

With the Dr. Seuss Book – Use alongside the Dr. Seuss book as part of a comprehensive lesson.

Dr. Seuss Party – Make this craft to add a whimsical touch to a Dr. Seuss party, inviting guests to dive into the imaginative world of his books.

For Read Across America Day (Also Known as Dr. Seuss‘s Birthday, which is March 2nd) – This simple craft adds a fun and interactive element to encourage reading and engage children in a creative way.

As a Fishbowl Craft  Activity – Create a colorful and interactive fishbowl activity to use alongside a variety of color and fish themed books or lessons.

Craft Together as a Family – Crafting together as a family  allows for creativity, bonding, and a splash of aquatic fun.

paper plate, colorful paper, pencil, scissors and glue.

Dr. Seuss Craft Supplies

  • Colored craft papers, specifically red and at least two shades of blue paper
  • Paper plate or large piece of construction paper
  • Googly eyes
  •  Paper plate
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Black marker or crayon
  • Fish Shaped Free Printable
red and blue papercraft fish.

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collage of colorful printable game sheets

collage of steps of craft tutorial for fish.

1 Fish 2 Fish Instructions

  1. Select red, blue, green and yellow colored craft papers.  You can use different colors instead of using yellow and green. Use the free template to trace the fish patterns on the cardstock or construction papers and cut them out nicely. Trace the fish base pattern on a paper and the fin on a different shade of the same colored paper. 
  2. Glue the fin cutout on the fish body. The 2 pointy ends of the fin cutout should be facing towards the towards the tail of the fish.
  3. Stick a googly eye on the front side of the fish pattern. Use a black marker or crayon to draw a smile on the fish papercraft.
  4. Similarly, create the other paper fish. While this is a red fish blue fish activity, allow children to be creative and select their own colors to use.
  5. Cut blue paper to fit the inner part of the paper plate. Glue the paper to the paper plate.
  6. Attach the fish to the paper plate fish bowl or ocean.
paper plate craft with colorful fish on green background.


  • Use origami fish craft for kids in place of the templated fish.
  • Use the template fish cutouts to decorate fish cupcakes.
  • Attach the fish to popsicle sticks. Make slits in the background to create a hands-on one fish, two fish activity.

Printable Tutorial

You can print out the steps of the tutorial to keep next to you while crafting in the box below.

Dr. Seuss Red Fish Blue Fish Craft Tutorial

A fun and easy fish themed craft for children that also is a great accompanying project with the book Red Fish Blue Fish.
Prep Time1 minute
Active Time10 minutes
Yield: 1 project
Cost: $1-3


  • 1 Pair of Scissors
  • 1 black marker or crayon


  • 3-5 pieces colored craft papers
  • 1 paper plate or large piece of construction paper
  • 2 googly eyes
  • 1 container craft glue
  • 1 free printable fish template available on


  • Trace the fish patterns on the craft papers and cut them out nicely.
  • Trace the fish base pattern on a paper and the fin on a different shade of the same colored paper.
  • Attach the fin to the fish with the 2 pointed ends of the fin facing towards the tail.
  • Attach the googly eye on the fish. Use a black marker to draw a smile on the fish.
  • Cut blue paper (in a shade different than used for the fish) to fit the inner portion of the paper plate and attach it to the plate.
  • Glue the fish to the plate.

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This Dr. Seuss One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish craft is a fun and creative activity for any Seuss themed unit.  This fun craft is a delightful way to bring Dr. Seuss’s classic story to life and inspire young minds.

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