Kitchen Renovation Update – Week 2

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I thought you might like to see what’s going on with our kitchen renovation.  It’s tough to capture the changes being made.  You have to stand in the middle of the kitchen every day and just let it all soak in to really comprehend the transformation going on.  I’m so excited by how fresh, light and bright the kitchen is becoming.  Here let me show you.

new white cabinets being installed in kitchen without cabinet doors

Our previous kitchen was mostly functional, but did have some drawbacks and was dark, dark, dark.  I shared all the things I liked and didn’t like about it last week (along with more before photos).  Here’s a quick reminder of where we started.

dark outdated kitchen with brown cabinets, black counters and brown tile floor

 I joke that if Darth Vader had designed a kitchen in the 90’s it would be our former kitchen.

Last week the demolition was done.  This week the cabinets were delivered.

kitchen renovation with lower cabinets placed in middle of room covered by cloths and ladders in background

And the installation began. I am so in love with these white Shaker cabinets.  The simple, clean lines are so serene (and goodness knows, this busy mama can use a lot more serene in my life!)

kitchen in mid renovation with lower white cabinets placed, including island

We took out a lazy Susan in this corner (tell me why is it called a lazy Susan?!  I’m far from lazy.).  I think these huge drawers in the corner are going to be perfect.  I can’t wait to start putting things away in them.  They’re large enough that a large casserole dish will fit and maybe even a jellyroll pan.  I’m not sure yet what I’m going to store in these drawers, but I’m drawing out my plans and thinking it through.

white lower kitchen drawers being installed with corner unit of drawers without drawer faceplate not yet installed

 This is the butler’s pantry that’s around the corner from the kitchen. Do you remember how much of a black hole it was before?

new white lower cabinets being installed in kitchen

The floor installation began this week, too.  I like to have tile in the kitchen for several reasons.

1.  It’s easy to keep clean.

2.  I don’t have to worry if anyone spills on the tile (yes, I’m a mom of 3 and anticipate this happening at least once…or much more).

3.  My dog is getting older.  Having had an older dog before that developed older dog …issues, I know that tile is very easy to clean up.

4.  I wanted a heated floor.  Have I told you how much I don’t like to be cold?!!  I really, really don’t like to be cold.  This kitchen floor gets really cold in the winter because there’s a door to the outside and the basement under the kitchen is unfinished so it’s not heated below the floor. Since I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, I would like to be comfortable there.

To install the heating system, they first installed this underlayment layer.  The top is like a low profile LEGO top.  

wide view of orange floor underlayment laid out on floor

Then they ran the heating cord through the channels (the grey lines are the cord).

orange floor underlayment on floor showing pattern of circles

And then the tiles will be laid down on top of the underlayment. There will be a thermostat where I can turn on the heating and adjust the temperature.  I know it’s a splurge (and I’m so thankful for it!).  We’re saving in other areas (hello, big box stores and online ordering) so that we add this luxurious splurge into our kitchen.

person kneeling on orange floor underlayment

I’m super excited now that I see the kitchen coming together.  I can’t wait to see what next week brings in our kitchen renovation (and I really can’t wait to start organizing my new kitchen!)

new white cabinets being installed in kitchen without cabinet doors

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  1. I can’t wait to see the finished kitchen. I think having a heated floor would be a dream come true! I know this is going to be such a light, bright and organized kitchen!

  2. Susan, I am so excited for you!! I LOVE the cabinets. And the heated floor is such a smart investment. We have them in our bathrooms and it’s changed my life! I’m so glad that you are happy with the transformation. You should be – it looks amazing.

    1. I’m dreaming of heated floors in the bathroom, Corinne. You’re so fortunate (as am I with the kitchen).

  3. I love the idea of radiant floors.
    I researched to add them in one of our bathrooms and they claim it is extremely cost effective.
    Win win.

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