Organizing Necklaces DIY Repurposed Craft

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Today I’m able to share 3 of my favorite things with you; organizing, repurposing and crafting.  I’m in such a happy place!  I’ve tried so many different ways of organizing my necklaces.  I felt a bit like Goldilocks – nothing was quite right.  Then I remembered how much I (and my daughter) loved the repurposed earring organizer I made and I knew that I had to start organizing my necklaces with this repurposed necklace organizer.

necklaces hanging on DIY wall jewelry hanger

 A quick trip to the dollar store and hardware store is all you need for supplies

Organizing Necklaces DIY Repurposed Craft


Plastic Dish Drainer (from the dollar store)

Picture Frame (from the dollar store)

“S” Hooks (from the hardware store)

tutorial supplies, black picture frame, white drain mat, 2 packages of metal S hooks, blue craft paper on wood table

Decorative Paper

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Featured Image
black square with pieces of white plastic grid cut to fit on wood table

 Trim the drain mat to the size of the picture frame backing. Dispose carefully of the glass from the picture frame since you won’t be needing it.  You can paint the wood picture frame if you’d like, but I chose to leave mine black.

hand holding pliers with metal S hook

 You need to bend the “S” hook on one side so that it will hook (and stay) on the drain mat.  I used pliers to carefully squeeze one side shut.  Be careful to leave the shut side open enough that you can slip it over the drain mat.

pliers bending metal S hook

 If you do happen to squeeze the “S” hook closed too much, you can slip a pair of scissors into the hole and carefully lever it open a bit. 

hooks added to white mesh in black square frame

 Slip the closed side of the hook onto the drain mat.  Plan the placement of the hooks to accommodate your necklaces.

necklaces hanging on wall organizer

 I’ve been using this necklace organizer for several months now and it is working perfectly.

jewelry hanging on wall display

 Since this works so well for organizing necklaces, I’ll be making more of these DIY necklace organizers as gifts. How do you organize your necklaces?

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  1. Hi Susan – I love this idea! I’ve been trying to think of something cute and fancy for my necklaces and this looks incredibly easy to make. Hugs, Holly

  2. This is really great! I am always trying to figure out how to hang my necklaces. They are usually in a big bundle!

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  5. this is such a clever craft. I know my 13 year old daughter would love this and make some as bday gifts for her friends.

  6. Great idea! Thanks for sharing on Tips & Tricks! Hope to see you again next week! šŸ™‚

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  9. Hola, I’m going to try making the Necklace Organizer, if it comes out half as good as the photo, I’ll probably use it to make into Saturnalia gifts, gracias.

    1. It’s so easy to make and fun to use. I’m sure that they’ll make great gifts. Have fun crafting and organizing!

    1. Point taken, Cindiy! I had the scissors right there and was too lazy to go get the screwdriver. But I should have walked the 34 steps it would have taken. šŸ™‚

  10. great idea and looks easy enough that I will try it. I am a stroke survivor 19 yrs. now and only have the full use of one hand. I use a cane in my apt. and a scooter that I call my year round convertible to get all over my small town to get to appointments and run errands. I am a volunteer with the Town Festivals committee and have been since I moved back here 12 yrs. ago. Always looking for easier crafts that I can do.

    1. Carolyn, I love your spirit and the town festivals committee sounds like a lot of fun. Have fun making this necklace organizer. And be sure to check out my other crafts because I only do easy crafts (life is too busy for complicated! šŸ˜‰ )

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