New Kitchen Renovation Reveal – White Cabinets

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Our new kitchen renovation is officially done! It’s actually been done for a couple of weeks, but I’ve been so busy moving everything back into the kitchen and enjoying it that I’m just now getting around to sharing it with you.  Let’s jump right in and take a tour of our new kitchen with beautiful white cabinets (which I love!).

Modern white kitchen with black granite counters, white marble backsplash and blue hanging lights

I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am every single time I walk into our new kitchen. Let me remind you what it used to look like. If Darth Vader had designed a kitchen in the 90’s it would have been our former kitchen. While the kitchen was functional, it had a several features that were driving us crazy, plus it was just so dark and depressing.

dark outdated kitchen with brown cabinets and black counters

One of the biggest improvements in the way we use the kitchen is that we moved the cooktop out of the island and extended the island.  Previously, we barely had room to make a sandwich on the side of the island because the cooktop took up most of the space (Often the plastic bag of sandwich bread would be put on top of the grates of the cooktop to make room for sandwich making.  The grates would still be warm from having been used earlier, resulting in melted plastic on the grates and an aggravated mama.) Now there’s enough room for all 5 of us to make sandwiches on the new island. Big smile.

Close up of island in modern white kitchen with black granite counters, white marble backsplash

I love, love, love the mosaic accent that we added over the cooktop.  I like clean and simple lines.  This mosaic makes my heart sing with it’s complex simplicity (does that make sense?).  We also had drawers put in under the cooktop for pots and pans.  I find storing pots and pans in pull-out drawers so much easier to use because everything is easily accessible.

Mosaic marble feature over cooktop in modern white kitchen with black granite counters, white marble backsplash and blue hanging lights

We added simple features for impact. I love the simple cobalt blue pendant lights. The large crown molding helps make the kitchen look even bigger and taller than it is. We may have over-compensated for how short the kitchen felt before with the soffits above the cabinets, but I love how much larger the kitchen feels even though we didn’t add any additional square footage.

Modern white kitchen with black granite counters, white marble backsplash and blue hanging lights

The second biggest improvement to the function of the kitchen is changing the door to the laundry room to a pocket door.  Previously the door opened to the left and covered the cabinet and counter in the corner.  That meant that about 20 percent of my countertop was covered by the door.  Now the pocket door slides easily out of the way and makes that counter space usable.

Double oven and closed pocket door in a modern white kitchen with black granite counters, white marble backsplash and blue hanging lights

The third biggest improvement in function is that we moved the refrigerator closer to the kitchen table.  It was located where the current ovens are.  It’s a bit more of a walk for me when I’m cooking, but that’s no problem. Our family of 5 are big milk drinkers. It’s now so simple to get up from dinner to get more milk or the butter (or fill in the blank) that we forgot when we set the table. 

We purposefully tucked the microwave out of the way in the corner and it works perfectly for us.  My family can use the microwave and stay out of my way when I’m working in the kitchen.  I also like that it’s unobtrusive over there in the corner.

We chose simple marble tiles for the backsplash and chose to leave the window uncovered to let light in.  We don’t have any neighbors behind us so it was an easy choice to leave the window uncovered (I soak up every bit of light I can, especially in the winter).

Glass front cabinets with blue and white dishes in modern white kitchen with black granite counters, white marble backsplash

We chose to have one glass front cabinet to showcase my favorite dishes.  I placed my pretty-but-we-don’t-use dishes on the top shelf and our daily use dishes on the lower shelves.  It makes me happy every day to be able to see my pretty dishes.  I decided not to have more glass front cabinets because, to be honest, as much as I like to organize my stuff, it’s just not that pretty to look at.

Glass front cabinet with light in modern white kitchen

We still have to find a new kitchen table, but that will be at some point in the future.  We chose to replace the previous spindle railing with a built in bench.  I lo-ove that bench.  It has storage inside that is perfect for those seldom used holiday items and tablecloths.  

Modern grey and white hanging light over white and light wood dining table

The back of the bench is just as beautiful as the bench is functional.  Not only is the back of the bench beautiful, but it helps let even more light into the kitchen. 

White half wall with molding and wood top.

I almost have all the cabinets and drawers organized.  I’ll share those happily organized features with you soon.  Our kitchen renovation was so-ooo worth the upheaval and stress. It’s everything I dreamed of in a serene, bright and light kitchen.  What does your dream kitchen look like.

Modern white kitchen with black granite counters, white marble backsplash and blue hanging lights

You can see the rest of our kitchen renovation saga.

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  1. Your kitchen is so bright and beautiful. If you would not have showed the before photo, I don’t think I would have believed it was the same place! I don’t think I would ever leave the bright space – I might not cook in it either! I would hate to mess it up!

  2. The transformation is amazing! I LOVE the blues you’ve integrated into your design. That stovetop backdrop is gorgeous too. Congratulations on such a successful renovation!

  3. It looks gorgeous!! I love marble tiles!! Your cobalt blue pendant lights remind me of the ones my parents put in our kitchen when we redid it a little while back. Good choice! 🙂

  4. I absolutely love your new kitchen!!!

    I would love to cook in your kitchen for a day! So bright and clear, (ours is very cluttered and well the wall is painted a hideous yellow).

    liz @

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  6. love this whole thing. what is the backsplash, is it marble or a good look a like

    1. Thanks. The backsplash is marble. You can find marble subway tiles and marble accent pieces at the big home improvement stores at a reasonable price. We went with a local tile store, but were seriously considering the home improvement store options.

  7. What a GORGEOUS kitchen reno – love every single detail – the bench was a brilliant idea !!!
    Pinning !

  8. Hi Susan – Not sure how I missed this last week but WOW. Simply stunning and what a beautiful transformation. I know you are loving it so much more and with more room and functionality your family will have many memories in your new kitchen! Hugs, Holly

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  10. I don’t know where I sign in. I was with you from the beginning. I started my craft room. I’m looking to organize my pantry and can’t fint your nfo

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