Luxury Food Gifts Guide

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Do you have a difficult-to-please person on your gift list? A luxury food gift is always a great choice. It’s a consumable, clutter-free gift that is a treat to receive. These are gifts that you probably won’t buy for yourself and that’s what makes them so special to receive. There’s something for everyone on your list in this luxury food gifts guide

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I enjoy giving clutter-free gifts because I know that they will always fit, don’t break and won’t end up collecting dust on a shelf somewhere forgotten. I also enjoy giving gifts of something that the recipient wouldn’t usually buy for themselves, a special, luxury treat.

Luxury Food Gifts Guide

Click on the name or photo of any items that catch your fancy to learn more and purchase. This guide contains affiliate links. Thank you in advance for any purchases you choose. 

Under $100

tan gift box with spread of luxury cheeses on a white cloth

Urban Cheesecraft: Deluxe Cheese Kit Includes everything needed to make your own Mozzarella, Ricotta, Queso Blanco, Paneer, and Chevre (goat cheese). Just add pasteurized milk and your homemade cheese is ready in about one hour. Includes easy-to-follow instructions and materials. Made in the USA.

can and jar of spices with colorful books on wood table

Rumi Spice: Ultimate Rumi Spice Gift Box –A gift set of some of the world’s best saffron.  Rumi Spice was founded by four U.S. military vets to unite Afghan saffron farmers with a world marketplace eager for the spice. Their partnership helps farmers escape the economic grip of the Taliban and instead gives them a sustainable path to financial independence.

4 glass bottles with black labels

Tonewood: Four Grade Syrup Collection A gift set of 4 maple syrups representing the range of color and flavor intensity available. Enjoy exploring the distinctive qualities of each unique syrup.

Under $200

Private Reserve Kona Coffee 5 lb 100% pure Kona coffee; hand-picked with care. Made from the highest grade of Kona coffee to create the smoothest, full-bodied cup of Kona coffee around. This Private Reserve Kona is only available at Koa Coffee.

black bag of koa-coffee-5-lb

DeBrand Chocolates: Handmade Chocolate Art Box –  Handmade chocolate art box made of milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Each box ix handmade, unique and Made in the USA. 

3 chocolate gift boxes

You can never go wrong with a luxury food gifts idea. 

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