Coffee Lover’s Gift Guide – Hawaiian Coffee

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Finding the perfect gift doesn’t have to be difficult. I have found that shopping online from the comfort of my own home is perfect for my busy schedule. I want to find the perfect gift for each person on my list to show them that I’m thinking about them. Since I have many friends and family members who are coffee lovers, I’ve gathered some gift ideas together in one spot – a coffee lover’s gift guide. The gift of Hawaiian coffee is also the perfect no clutter gift for the person who has (almost) everything

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Giving a gift of unique coffee is a thoughtful gift that can be used and enjoyed rather than a gift that sits collecting dust on a shelf or in a closet. An edible or drinkable gift always fits and goes with everything. It won’t arrive broken or go out of style. I enjoy giving consumable gifts because they don’t create clutter.

Coffee Lover’s Gift Guide – Hawaiian Coffee

Hawaiian Kona coffee is known as a unique, aromatic, full-bodied and smooth coffee. Kona coffee is only grown in the Kona region of the Big Island of Hawai’i. It’s made from an ancient strain of Guatemalan Typica Arabica coffee beans. The Kona region is uniquely positioned to grow the perfect coffee (I grew up in Hawai’i, so I know) that makes the a perfect gift for your favorite coffee lover.  

Coffee Lover’s Gifts Under $20

red box of three bags of coffee

Royal Kona Essentials Gift Box – The ideal sampling of Kona coffee. It includes one bag each of:

  • Royal Kona Mountain Roast 10% Kona Coffee Blend
  • Chef Roy Yamaguchi’s Pacific Roast 10% Kona Coffee Blend
  • Vanilla Macadamia Nut Flavored 10% Kona Coffee Blend
gold bag of coffee

Royal Kona Private Reserve A most-popular choice of pure 100% certified Hawaiian Kona coffee. A full-bodied, medium roast judged “superior” by the American Academy of Taste.  It’s available in whole bean or all-purpose grind. 

green and fold bag of coffee

Decaf Kona Coffee Sam Choy’s –  The same medium dark custom roast that is served in Sam Choy’s award-winning restaurants. 

Lion Coffee Single Cup Vanilla Macadamia Nut –  A light medium roast coffee with a taste of vanilla beans and tropical macadamia nuts. One of the top-selling flavored coffees. Compatible with most Keurig™ K-cup™ Brewing Systmes. Not for Keurig™ Vue™. 

close up of coffee pod

Coffee Lover’s Gifts Under $50

5 gold bags of coffee

Hawaii Chefs Club –  Choose the 5 out of 12 choices you want to send on auto-ship and choose how often you would like them sent. 

Coffee Lover’s Gifts Under $100

Koa Coffee Delux Gift Bag –  A most popular gift bag that contains five premium coffees and two delicious Hawaiian chocolates:

  • 8 oz Private Reserve Kona medium roast
  • 8 oz Peaberry, the “champagne” of Kona coffees
  • 8 oz Grande Domaine, a Vienna roast
  • 8 ox Pure Kona Estate, a medium roast coffee
  • 8 oz Hawaiian Expresson, a dark Espresso roast
  • 1/2 lb of Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts
  • 1/4 lob of Chocolate Coverd Peaberry Coffee Beans 

If you’re not sure what your favorite coffee lover would prefer, then a Hawaiian Kona coffee gift card is the perfect choice. Who do you know who would appreciate a gift from the coffee lover’s gift guide with Hawaiian coffee? And maybe you should treat yourself to a coffee lover’s gift, too. 

8 black bags of coffee beans

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