Organizing Necklaces

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necklaces hung on a decorated corkboard

After I made the earring holder for $3 this summer, I started thinking about a better way to store my necklaces.  I don’t really have that many, but I often forget what necklaces I have until I see it later on one of my teen daughters (and I think, “Doh.  that would look great with what I’m wearing today!” but it’s too late.  Unless I want to be a meanie head and wrestle away from my daughter.  Which I’d never do.)

necklaces in plastic bags in a wooden box

 I had been storing my necklaces in plastic snack bags stored in a jewelry box that belonged to my grandmother.  The plastic bags were left over from our move (a couple of moves ago).  I’d put the necklaces in the bags so they wouldn’t get tangled, and then found that it was an easy way to store the necklaces in “real life”, too. 

a decorative wooden box

The mustache on the woman (can you see it in the picture?)  gracing the jewelry box was drawn by my uncle many years ago.  It gives me a smile every time open my jewelry box (and I also wonder what my grandmother thought about that mustache.)


This system worked just fine for storing and organizing my necklaces.  The problem was “out of sight, out of mind.”  Because I couldn’t see the necklaces, I just didn’t think about them when getting dressed.   After making the earring holder, I thought I could do something similar for my necklaces.  I wanted a temporary solution since we’ll probably be moving again next summer and who knows what my room set up will be next time. 

a package of reversible cork panels

So instead of using a picture frame, I opted for a cork board tile.

And Command hooks.

a package of command hooks

With the Command hooks, I could hang my necklace board anywhere and be able to remove it easily when we move.

I used a piece of decorative paper that I already had and cut it to size.  I used to double stick tape to attach the paper to the cork tile.

I used some eye hooks and some push pins that we had.  I didn’t have enough of either one, there were enough if I used both.  You’ll see the eye hooks on the top row and the push pins on the bottom row.  They both work equally well in holding the necklaces.

necklaces hung on a decorated corkboard

I hung the board on a wall in my closet using the 3 Command Hooks.  I used 2 hooks on the bottom to help support the weight and 1 hook on the top to just stabilize the top of the board.

3 arrows pointing to show where the  decorated corkboard is hung on the wall

 Having the necklaces where I can see them in my closet has worked really well.  I can easily pick a necklace to match my outfit.  And because they’re right in plain view, it reminds me to pick a necklace out.  Since I used decorative paper and pins that I already had, the project cost me about $7 (the cork tile came in a package of 2, so really it cost me about$5.50) 

No more out of sight excuses AND the whole project took about 10 minutes, and that includes hanging it up. 

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  1. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who appreciates quick and easy projects! (I’m sometimes afraid it means I have a short attention span. 🙂

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