Gift Wrap Organization and Storage for Moving

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overhead view of plastic gift wrap organizing bin with title text reading Moveable Gift Wrap Organization & Storage

Now that the holidays are over, it’s the perfect time to organize your gift wrapping supplies.  As a miliary family we move a lot.  A. Lot.  I have never had the luxury of organizing a craft room or a gift wrap storage closet.  My gift wrap and craft supplies are shoved stored in closets, basements, attics where ever I can find the space in each new house.  I have found the perfect gift wrap organization and storage solution that is easy to move and I always can find space for.  I call it my Moveable Gift Wrap Organizing and Storage. 

Let me start by saying  that I use a lot of fabric gift bags that are reusable and I reuse paper gift bags that we are given.  These along with repurposed tissue paper that come with gifts that we are given are stored in a couple of drawers in an old dresser.  I file these vertically (just like I do tee-shirts, jeans and linens)  so that they are easily visible and accessible.  I prefer to use reusable fabric and paper bags whenever I can.  However, some gifts are wrapped much easier in paper.

I repurpose cloth ribbon that comes with gifts that we receive.  I keep the ribbon in plastic seal top bags, one for general occasion and one for Christmas.  I usually repurpose cards that we are given and make gift tags from them.  I keep these in 2 seal top bags, one for general occasions and one for Christmas.

overhead view of wrapping paper organizer with one drawer labelled general occasion and the other Christmas, with title text reading Gift Wrap Organization & Storage

Some day I dream of having a gift wrapping station or closet like those you see in magazines.  But I never know how big our next house will be and so far I’ve never had room for a gift wrapping station.  My solution has been a gift wrap tub that can be purchased at a big box store.  I keep this under my bed and every time we move, I’m sure there will be a space under my bed available for my gift wrap tub. (If there’s not space for my bed in the house, then I have bigger problems than where to put a box of gift wrapping paper!)

The storage tub came with 2 trays.  I have designated one the general occasion tray and one the Christmas tray.

wrapping supplies in white tray

In the general occasion tray I keep a bag of repurposed ribbon, the bag of gift tags, other ribbon, scissors, tape and a pen.

ribbon in white tray

In the Christmas tray I keep the bag of repurposed Christmas ribbon, the bag of Christmas tags and rolls of Christmas specific ribbon.

Until that day when I am able to organize my very own magazine-worthy gift wrap station, I’m sticking with my moveable gift wrap tub  and it has worked out well for over 10 years.

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  1. What a smart idea to use a drawer! I’ve been through a few different storage bins (the plastic ones that fit under the bed) and none of them have stood up to a move.

  2. I think that your idea of a drawer is a great one! Storing things under the bed is something I forget to do! So much great space! Thanks for reminding me of another great area to store my junk!

  3. Hi Susan – What a great idea to store all of this together. Creativity is key when we don’t have enough space or the “right” space. Hugs, Holly

    1. I have had this organizing system for several years now and it works just great. I have one container for b-days and all occasion wrapping paper. Also have one container for Christmas, ribbon, and tags etc. Have moved with these and they survived the move from Chicago to Dayton in perfect condition. They are low enough to store under my bed. I love these!!!

      1. Glad to hear it works for you, too. I think it’s a great idea to split up the Christmas wrapping stuff from the birthday and all occasion.

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