Repurposed Breakfast Box to First Aid Kit

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Repurposed plastic breakfast container to First Aid Kit
Another quick and easy repurposed organizing project brought to by the lazy and tree-huggin’ lady at Organized 31.
My friend, K, gave me 2 plastic Carnation Breakfast boxes the same day she gave me the cocoa cans that I repurposed {here}.  But I had a tougher time envisioning a new purpose for the plastic Breakfast cans.
Carnation Breakfast Essentials container
After the college visit trip we took with my daughter last month, I’ve had preparing her and her stuff for going off to college on my mind.  When I went off to college thousands of miles away from home, my Mom tucked a surprise first aid kit into my luggage complete with a little note.  The first time I was sick and opened my first aid kit I found a sweet note from my Mom telling me that she missed me and hoped I’d feel better soon (love you, Mom!)  With all these momma thoughts rolling around in my head, one day I walked past the Carnation Breakfast box and bing!  I knew exactly what that plastic box was meant to become – a First Aid Kit.
rubber bands holding white paper on a container
I grabbed white card stock and the trusty Mod Podge.  I was careful to only brush the Mod Podge on the back of the paper because I wanted the normal matte paper look (not a shiny Mod Podge’d look) this time.  Because the box is curved, I wrapped rubber bands around the paper while the Mod Podge dried to make sure it adhered to the box securely.
Repurposed plastic breakfast container to First Aid Kit
Once the Mod Podge dried,  I added the red vinyl cross first and then being a mom, added the stripes on the top and the bottom of the box  (just to make sure the card stock remained securely adhered).   I wrote the First Aid label by hand so that when my daughter has to open this up some day because she’s sick or has a “boo boo” she’ll see her Mom’s handwriting.
Repurposed plastic breakfast container to First Aid Kit
I’ll fill it with basic first aid supplies and it’ll be ready to go off to college with my baby. 
Or off to the beach with our family this summer. 
Or in the back of the car as an emergency kit.
 Or… good thing I have 2 of these boxes to repurpose!

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  1. Great idea! Creative way to reuse what you have. I lie how you decorated the container. 🙂

  2. another great idea by you. i need one. thank you for sharing it with us at the blog! what a find!

  3. It is important for every family to have a basic first aid kit in their home. This article covers the minimum supplies needed to easily make your own first aid kit.

    First Aid Kits

  4. This looks like a fantastic idea and I can not wait to give it a try.
    Look forward to seeing more DIY things from them as well.

    1. Thanks, Donna. I love looking for ways to repurpose items that are just going to be thrown out (or recycled).

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