Repurposed Mentos Bottles

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a collage of 4 images showing how to use Repurposed Mentos Bottles
Don’t remember what the occasion was when my kids got Mentos gum.  But I do remember being intrigued by the cute little plastic containers.   I kept the containers so I could figure out a way to repurpose them. 
a Mentos gum container

               The label was so easy to remove that I just knew each container was destined to be crafted into a new life.

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Of course, for the first little container, I grabbed the decorative paper and Mod Podge.  It’s the perfect project to use up those little scraps of decorative paper that you just couldn’t throw out because you just knew you’d be able to use them some time.  Well, some time is here in the form of a Mentos container.  Because the container is curved I used rubber bands to hold the paper in place while the Mod Podge was drying.  I let it dry about an hour and then put the container to work holding the attachments to my car charger.
a collage of 3 images showing the steps to put decorative paper on a repurposed mento container
I was so charmed by how cute the container turned out (and might have been most excited by how EASY and quick it was to make). 
For the next two containers I decided I wanted even quicker results so I rummaged through my stickers and found baseball stickers that would fit on the Mentos container.  Since the first one container was very girly with the sparkly flowers, I wanted to make a boy-themed container (have to be fair and all when you have both girls AND boys in your home).   How easy was that?   I then stumbled upon these adorable bandage stickers and “bing” the light bulb went off.  The Mentos container was the perfect size to hold band-aids in my “mom purse” , you know the one with all the life-saving stuff you just have to carry with you at all times. 
a collage of 4 images of repurposed mentos containers decorated with baseballs or bandaids

Originally, I’d used an undecorated Mentos container to carry snack money to the beach.                                                                    It was practical but not very exciting.

  Now I can carry snack money to the beach in a decorated and disguised Mentos container so it’s  not a target for opportunisticbeach thieves. 
3 repurposed mentos containers for holding cords and bandaids
I’m really happy with how they turned out.  But I think my favorite is the band-aid holder.
a mentos container decorated with bandaids with bandaids inside the container

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  1. Borrowed ideas
    TRAVEL-qtips, change in the glovebox, bandaids and other first-aid things inside, thread and a couple of needles for an emergency sewing kit. A grocery bag or two inside of one for the glove box to clean out the car is more manageable than a wad of plastic bags.
    PURSE- stamps, loose change for yard sales and parking meters, regular stick gum which normally gets lost in the bottom of a purse, a couple of the short tampons, tubes of chapstick and lip balm, a few cigarettes and a mini lighter
    JUNK DRAWER- thumb tacks, paper clips, nails, screws, spare batteries for the camera
    KIDS-take change to school, peanuts or M&Ms in kids lunch bag, ‘pretend’ gum in ‘play’ kitchen, cut out pictures from magazines of cereal, canned foods etc. and tape it to the bottles so that kids would have a variety of pretend food.
    DIAPER BAG- a couple of scoops of powder formula for the diaper bag? Put a grocery bag in one and throw it in your purse or diaper bag if potty training. Great for spit up clothes .
    KITCHEN- colorful spice containers for spices bought in bulk.

    Remove the paper sticker and add a label and decorate withpretty paper around the outside so you don’t reach for this expecting to get gum.

    1. WOW! You’ve got a ton of great ideas there. I particularly like the spare batteries for the camera and the kids’ lunch ideas. Thank you for getting the wheels in this mom’s brain cranking again!

  2. I use these and also old pill bottles for several things. Pill bottles are great for keeping quarters in and they fit in your car console for car washes, extra change for drive throughs. I also keep a mentos container in our boat with an extra key!! They float if dropped in the water and that can come in handy!! I also put a house key in one, cut the bottom of a pinecone off and “planted” it in our flower bed so no one knows it is a key. Just looks like another pine cone laying there. When I walk my dogs, I put folded plastic grocery bags in them. They fit in your pocket and you have that bag for picking up your dogs waste. You can also glue a small strip of velcro on the lid and it can hang on the collar or leash. I cringe when I see someone through these containers away! So many great uses for them.

    1. I’m humbled by all your great repurposing ideas! I particularly like the pinecone key hide. Gonna try that one right away.

    2. Ohh, Great!!!! I even didn’t thought one can make such creative changes of mentos container. I have Bulk Mentos Gum in containers. I will definitely make use of those all. Thanks for helping.

  3. Ohh, Great!!!! I even didn’t thought one can make such creative changes of mentos container. I have Bulk Mentos Gum in containers. I will definitely make use of those all. Thanks for helping.

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