Benefits of Using a Bullet Journal

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If you use a bullet journal, you could take over for me right now and list all the reasons you love your bullet journal. For those of you who are new to bullet journaling, you may be wondering what is it and what are the benefits of using a bullet journal. It’s so much more than just a journal, so much more than just a calendar and so much more than just a planner. It’s the best of both and even more. 

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I’ve been bullet journaling for years, before I even knew what bullet journaling was. The more I’ve learned about bullet journaling, the more of a believer I’ve become in the power of the bullet journal. 

Benefits of Using a Bullet Journal

Here are five of the many benefits of using a bullet journal.  

Bullet Journaling Is Easy And Customizable

No need for an expensive planner. No need for a hard-to-learn app that slows down your phone. All you need is a notebook and a pen or pencil. Sure, you can buy a fancy notebook, fancy pens and markers, but you don’t need them. If you want to get started bullet journaling, grab a notebook and pen that you already have. Don’t get caught up in setting up a complex bullet journal. A great place to start to learn how to set up a basic bullet journal is with these bullet journal ideas for the minimalist. Start with a simple bullet journal and add more features as you get comfortable using it.

I love bullet journaling because it’s easy to customize it for your specific needs. There are thousands of ideas online to help you customize your bullet journal to meet your unique needs.

A Bullet Journal Works Anytime and Anywhere

When you bullet journal, you’re going old school, using just paper and a pen. That means that it works for you anytime and anywhere. You don’t need a battery. You don’t need power. You don’t need Wi-Fi. You don’t need a signal. It’s easy to take your bullet journal with you wherever you go. Throw it in your purse, briefcase or backpack. Keep it on your desk. Keep it on your nightstand.  You can bullet journal anywhere and whenever you want. Ah, the freedom and reduced stress.

A Bullet Journal Helps You Stay Organized

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Your bullet journal will help you get and stayed organized in all aspects of your life: personal, family, professional and creative. It’s the best of a calendar, a planner, a to do list and a journal. Everything you need to be organized is all in one portable place. Set up your bullet journal with the tools that you need to stay organized in the formats that make sense to you. You’ll use every page to stay focused and on-track, so every page will be truly useful to you. If you find that a page, spread, daily or collection doesn’t work for you, then simply don’t use it again.  

A Bullet Journal Frees Up Brain Space

Trying to remember and keep track of everything uses up a huge amount of your brain’s bandwidth. One of  the biggest benefit to using a bullet journal is that it frees up a lot of brain space. You probably aren’t even aware of how many appointments, tasks, and random pieces of information you keep track of every day. Writing this information down in an organized format that you can always locate, allows you to use brain capability for more creative and productive endeavors. You’ll probably find that you even sleep better because you’re no longer worried about forgetting an important task or appointment.

A Bullet Journal Encourage Your Creativity

Many people enjoy decorating their bullet journal and adding artistic embellishments. While this is certainly not necessary, you may find that you enjoy doodling and embellishing your bullet journal. In addition to encouraging artistic creativity, your bullet journal will encourage your own unique creativity since you’ll have space to brainstorm ideas and plan specific projects. How many times do you have a wonderful idea but then forget it as life gets in the way? With a bullet journal, you’ll have a designated space to record your ideas and thoughts so that none of them are lost. 

My favorite aspect of bullet journaling is that it’s easy to customize for my unique and specific needs. Which of these benefits of using a bullet journal sounds most helpful to you?

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  1. I do like the idea of not having to depend on Wifi. Ours went down yesterday because my son accidentally kicked the router box. None of us knew what to do since everything is online!

  2. I started using a Bullet Journal 2 years ago. As a virtual assistant, freelance writer and project manager, I needed something “non-fussy” that helped me keep my life and work in order. After spending stupid amounts of money on fancy planners that never seemed to do the trick, I discovered Bullet Journals. I love how customizable it is PLUS it lets my creativity run wild! #doodlesaremyworld. Thanks for the great article!

    1. I had a similar journey leading to bullet journaling, Becky. I tend more towards minimalism in my bullet journaling, but it’s the same effectiveness (just not as pretty šŸ™‚ )

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