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green and blue labeled binders next to decorated file box with labels.
I’ve been dreaming of having my own office/craft room combo.  I don’t have one yet, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to finagle one in our new home soon.  So in preparation for my soon someday office, I’ve started organizing my stuff.
I started with collecting all my blogging stuff and getting it organized.  The binder went together quickly, but I still had a pile of left over magazine articles, photos and lists of ideas that I’ve written down.  My blog binder is more of an action file and record keeping binder.  It didn’t make sense to keep my pile of inspirations in my binder.  I decided I needed a vertical file box to hold them.  That way all the information is readily accessible and also contained neatly in one box.
You know I couldn’t just go buy a file or magazine holder.  I had to make my own from a repurposed box and shelf paper leftover from the move.  I’ve gotten a couple of these boxes from Amazon and they’re the perfect size for a file or magazine holder.
card board box next to green roll of paper.
In about 4 minutes, I covered the box with the shelf paper.  The hardest part was making sure I had the design going the same way on all sides of the box.
box being covered with green and blue adhesive paper.
Last week I told you about labels I ordered from Kidecals for my kitchen.  I also ordered some Pantry Labels to use for my someday office.
sheet of craft labels with green chevron print.
I was able to enter the wording I wanted for each label when I ordered them.  You can see that I’m planning ahead for when I do get to organize my office.  I want to label all the storage bins with my craft supplies that I plan on keeping in my someday office.
green decorated file box with label Inspiration Files.
I placed the label on some blue card stock paper and then attached that to my file organizer.  I’m so happy with how pretty it looks and how perfectly it works holding my inspiration files.


Look at how great it looks with my blog binder for this year and next year.  And I even have a cute little pencil holder that matches (thanks, Mom and Dad).
close up of labeled blue and green binders on metal shelf.
This was my office/craft room before.
boxes and chairs in a basement.
Yes, it was a corner of my basement.
This is the beginning of my new office.
metals shelf unit with plastic crates, binders and boxes.
Yes, it’s only 4 shelves in our family office, but it’s a start.  But I’m able to keep my bin of decorative paper, bin of vinyl, bin of yarn and bin of rubber stamps, on the shelf and all the bins are neatly labeled.  Let me tell you how excited I am about growing this little office into my own full office and craft room.
I continue to be impressed with the Kidecal labels that I ordered.  Just like the chalkboard labels, these Pantry Labels are sturdy, designed to stick to almost anything and through almost anything.  And they’re Made in the USA!  The quality of the labels are top notch and I love that I could create exactly each label that I wanted when I ordered them.
Here’s the Organized 31 3 Up and 1 Down Product Review of the Kidecal Pantry Labels (I always give 1 down, because to be honest, nothing in life is perfect).
1 Up – The labels are made of thick, sturdy material that will hold up to every-day-life.
2 Up – I love that I was able to choose the exact wording on each label.
3 Up – Kidecals doesn’t charge shipping (yippee!) and the personalized order came in 5 days.
1 Down – The Pantry Labels are currently only available in this green.  I’d originally planned on ordering these for my kitchen, but wanted a different color.  Happily, the green is exactly what I want to do in my someday office.
If you’re as enamored with the Kidecal Pantry Labels as I am, you can hop over there now and get 15% off your order by using the coupon code “awesomelables”.  Have fun creating your own organizing labels.

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  1. Hi Susan – I love the start of your new office and love the creativity and re-use. I’m a big binder person too. Hugs, Holly

  2. I love the beginning of your new office! It looks so clean and neat! Far from my office. I swear I am going to hire you to come to my room and get me organized! I think you better be prepared to stay here a week or so. I will feed you! I love the color choices and I love the labels. Nice to hear they are sturdy and durable.

  3. What a great idea about turning the box into a file holder….I had no idea that is what it was when I saw your initial picture! Can’t wait to see what you do with your office!

  4. You are definitely off to a good start with your office Susan! Everything looks so neat and beautiful. You have done a great job with the file organizer and I like the labels.

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