135 of the Best Lego Storage Ideas

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If you’ve got kids, you’ve got building bricks and you need these best LEGO® storage ideas. As a mother of three and a professional organizer, I’ve taken time to gather all the best genius LEGO storage ideas, tips and products, so you can tame the LEGO chaos and all those little pieces (and save your bare feet, too).

overhead view of many loose LEGO blocks with text overlay reading "135 Best LEGO Storage Ideas".

Don’t give up if you don’t find the right solutions for you right away, because with more than 135 tips, products and ideas, you’re sure to find ones that will work for your specific situation. Lots of LEGO storage ideas mean lots of solutions that will work for you.

Whether your LEGO collection consists of just a few building bricks and LEGO sets or you’ve built up an impressive LEGO collection, there are many clever ways here to get organized.

Do you keep LEGO sets together?

It depends on your answer to these questions:

  • Are your children very young?
    • It’s usually too much to ask of children under the age of 12 to take the time to keep the pieces of sets separated.
  • Are you willing to clean up and put LEGO sets away every time your child plays with them?
    • Is it realistic that you will have time to collect all the little pieces, separate them into individual sets and put the sets away each time your child plays with them.
    • Do you have the time and are you willing to do this?
  • Do you have many sets?
    • If you only have a few sets, it may be possible to keep the sets separated and the pieces of the set together, but if you have many sets, it will be much more difficult.
  • Does your child prefer to build sets again and again?
    • If it’s important to the way your child plays with LEGOs to be able to find all the pieces required to rebuild sets, then you should keep sets separated and together.
  • Does your child prefer to create and build their own designs?
    • If your child is less committed to rebuilding a set according to its original design, then breaking up sets and organizing bricks by color or size will work better for you (tips on organizing LEGO bricks are below).
  • Does your child play with LEGO sets after the set is built or does your child prefer to display the set?
    • If your child is playing with sets, often pieces fall off and get scrambled up with other loose blocks. This makes it difficult to keep sets intact and stored separately.
  • Do you have the space to keep the sets stored separately?
    • It takes more space to keep sets stored separately. If you have limited space and lots of LEGO bricks, you may need to break up the sets to fit in your storage space.
pile of LEGO bricks in different colors and sizes.

The best solution for most people is often a combination of storing sets separately and storing bricks mixed together.

  • You can choose a few sets to display, which is storing them separately.
  • You can choose to keep a few favorite sets stored separately for future rebuilds.
  • You can decide to store sets separately until the pieces get mixed up. Once that happens, don’t worry about it any more.

LEGO® Life Magazine – Perfect for children between the age of 5 and 9. It’s filled with awesome screen-free fun such as comics, activities, competitions, sneak peaks & the latest LEGO news, all shipped directly to your home.

two smiling children with one holding LEGO magazine.

LEGO Storage Ideas

The product images below are clickable links that take you directly to the products so you can explore the measurements, specifics and current prices.

Storage bags and swoop bags are a great solution for younger children to clean up and store building blocks because it’s easy for them to do.

You can purchase name brand LEGO storage bags or find other similar storage options (you may already have a bag that will work).

The bags also make it easy for kids to carry their LEGOs to an open table, play area or floor space for playtime. The bags with built in play mats are a great idea for travel.

fabric bag for storage and carrying with a blue Lego pattern.
large circular play mat filled with Legos and striped bag to hold the mat.
fabric bag for storage and carrying with red Lego pattern.
rectangular black tote with Lego logo and three separate compartments that are red, yellow, and blue.
plastic drawer with carrying strap that has Legos inside and Lego figures and buildings on top.
large rectangular yellow bag and smaller square red and blue bags, all with Lego pattern.
set of two plastic drawers designed to look like green Lego block.
blue plastic shelf set that holds three plastic storage cases that are red, green, and blue.
open front storage box designed to look like grey Lego block.
toddler sitting on pink play mat surrounded by Legos and cylindrical fabric container to hold mat.
two young boys on orange play mat with Legos and grey fabric cube that holds mat.
stackable plastic containers in primary colors that look like Lego blocks and Lego figurine head.

Giving children their own LEGO table encourages creativity and LEGO building because the projects can remain safely on the table (and out of the way) when the child takes a break.

Organizing tip – look for tables that also have storage drawers built in.

These storage tables are easy to move so you can keep it in the living room, a playroom or the child’s bedroom and move it when you need. This allows the hard work put into building to be preserved rather than needing to clear the dinning room table or kitchen table for meals.

2 in 1 Kids Construction Play Table

with Storage Drawers and Built in Plate

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Kids Activity Table


32.5" x 17" x 19.5" 

Safe & Durable

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
2-in-1 Kids’ Construction Play Table

Designed for Lego Building Bricks

Reversible Table Top

Interlocking Building Block Surface

Storage Drawers

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/13/2024 12:56 am GMT
7 in 1 Kids Activity Table and Chair Set

with 152Pcs Large Marble Run Building Blocks

Sand/Water Table

Toddler Learning Play Table

for Ages 3-7

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/13/2024 12:57 am GMT

Under-the-bed storage options are great for small spaces with limited storage.

Under Bed Storage Containers with Wheels
$79.98 ($39.99 / Count)

Foldable Bedroom Storage Organization with Handles

Under Bed Storage Bins Drawer For Clothes, Blankets, Shoes, Bedding and Toys

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/13/2024 12:59 am GMT
Under Bed Storage with Wheels

Underbed Storage Containers with Handles

Rolling Storage Organizers for Clothes, Blankets, Toys and more

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03/13/2024 12:59 am GMT
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
60 Qt ClearView Latch Storage Box

Stackable Bin with Latching Lid

Organize Clothes, Blankets, Shoes, Toys and more


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LEGO Storage Box with Compartments

Containers with small compartments are a great way to separate and organize small pieces to make them easy to find later.

yellow and green plastic case with base to build Legos on exterior and small interior compartments.
stack of three clear plastic cases with many small compartments to organize small items.
clear plastic carrying case with handle and three levels of square compartments organizing toys
small red rectangular plastic box with a pattern of pictures of Legos on top.
an empty clear plastic case with handle and compartments and two cases full of small items.
a yellow and red toy toolbox designed to look like a Lego brick.
large black shelf set holding many clear plastic drawers of two different sizes.
two views of a green and black plastic storage case with clear pull-out drawers.
clear blue plastic story box with handle and five levels of compartments for organization.
Toys Storage Organizer Bins for Lego

Stackable Toys Organizer with 24 Grids, and 2 layers

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/11/2024 09:38 pm GMT
set of three clear plastic stackable storage trays with blue handle.

These containers can also be use as a LEGO sorting box or tray. A sorting tray makes it easier to find a particular piece needed for construction.

Some builders don’t like sorting trays, but consider whether this organizing tool will help you organize and store your building pieces in a way that works well for your needs.

clear plastic rectangular storage tray holding pink nail polish bottle and two eyeshadow palettes.
stack of shallow white square trays holding colorful jigsaw puzzle pieces.
circular yellow plastic tray with different compartments.
many colorful squares of felt with buttons in the corners that can be folded into trays.
two white plastic bead sorting trays with orange beads inside..

Did you know that LEGO facilitates connecting your building bricks when you’ve outgrown them with children in need. Check out the LEGO Replay program.

Containers for LEGOs

pink plastic square box with open lid designed to look like a Lego block.
purple plastic square box with closed lid designed to look like a Lego block.
yellow plastic storage box designed to look like Lego figurine head with face on front.

In choosing your LEGO storage system, decide whether you want storage containers with a lid or open bins. There are benefits to both choices.

blue plastic bin with white lid on top.
two stacked clear boxes filled with Legos, with red and blue Lego-styled lids.
blue plastic container shaped like Lego peg.

The benefits of closed containers:

  • The lid secures the tiny pieces so they don’t fall out and get lost.
  • It’s easy to stack multiple lidded containers on a shelf or in the corner of a room. This is particularly helpful for small spaces.
  • Lidded storage containers can be stacked on the shelves of an open storage unit. This provides an ideal compromise between closed and open storage by keeping the bins out where they can be seen.
  • Bins with lids are often the best choice for older kids who are more likely to take the extra step of putting the lid back on the container.
  • Lidded containers are a good option when the LEGO storage box has to be moved from the storage location to a desk or table for use.
stack of two clear plastic boxes, one holding green Lego blocks and one holding foam letters.
red plastic box designed like Lego block with blue handle.
light blue rectangular plastic box shaped like Lego block with open lid showing Legos inside.

The benefits of open organizational systems:

  • It’s convenient storage for both parents and children.
  • The open bins allow for easy access.
  • Clean up is easy since LEGO blocks can be tossed into the bins.
  • Open storage is often the best choice for younger children because it’s easier for them to access pieces and to put them away.
three stacked clear containers with blue lids filled with towels, magazines, and food.
three level grey shelf set holding light and dark grey fabric boxes.
two stacked clear plastic bins, one filled with plastic animals and one filled with Lego bricks.

These acrylic storage boxes and shoe boxes are linked to Amazon products, but you can also find similar items and LEGO storage options at The Container Store or department store.

two sets of two stacked clear plastic bins filled with various food items.
two stacked clear plastic drawers holding nail polish, powder, and other make-up items.
eighteen clear plastic rectangular boxes stacked in three columns.

Plastic drawer systems come in different sizes, including ones small enough to sit on a desk or shelf. They can be an affordable way to create the perfect solution for flexible storage. There are even stackable drawer system options that can fit under the bed.

two sets of three clear plastic drawers with black frames on wheels.
six single clear plastic drawers with white frames.
three white lattice open front containers stacked on top of each other holding toys and games.

LEGO Storage Ideas IKEA

If you have an IKEA store nearby, you know that it’s a great source for affordable organizational systems.

If you don’t have an IKEA available, the products below are available through Amazon. Some are IKEA and some are similar to their products.

IKEA TROFAST Storage box

Set of 4

16 ½x11 ¾x4"

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/11/2024 09:38 pm GMT
black rectangular hard-side bin with handle and lid.

You can find cube storage shelves at IKEA, Target, Walmart and on Amazon. These shelves are affordable and a quick and easy LEGO storage organizer. They’re also a great choice because they can transition to other storage when your child is older and may want to display or store other items.


57 7/8×57 7/8″

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/12/2024 02:28 pm GMT
Cube Shelf and Bookcase

Modern Storage Bookshelf

6 Shelves

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/12/2024 02:28 pm GMT
ClosetMaid 6 Cube Storage Shelf

Organizer Bookshelf with Back Panel

Easy Assembly

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/12/2024 02:32 pm GMT
IKEA Eket Cabinet

13 3/4" × 9 7/8" × 13 3/4″

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/12/2024 02:38 pm GMT
IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit

with 4 Inserts White

15.38"D x 57.88"W x 30.38"H

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/12/2024 02:38 pm GMT
Craft Tower

L: 17.91" x W: 20.08" x H: 57.80"

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/12/2024 02:42 pm GMT

The advantage to rolling carts and bins with handles is that they can easily be carried to the top of the table or other flat surface for building.

white rectangular plastic bin with open top, two handles, and one side lower than the others.
eighteen white storage bins with open tops in rectangular and square shapes.
white rectangular plastic bin with lid and open handles.
white plastic shelf with four walls and open top in a long, skinny rectangle.
white metal drawer unit on wheels with three mesh drawers.
translucent plastic rectangular bin with lid and inside compartments.

Display LEGOs

There are many products that make it possible for you to proudly display your works of art or LEGO figures.

three yellow rectangular display cases each with multiple compartments to display Lego figurines.
clear plastic rectangular display case with interior black risers to build Legos on top of.
Display Case

for LEGOS, Minifigures, Action Figures and more

with 3 Movable Steps for Collections

2 Pack

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/11/2024 09:47 pm GMT

You can choose a wall display case to maximize your storage space by using the otherwise unused vertical space in a room. A shelving unit is a great storage solution for completed LEGO kits.

clear plastic display case with Lego car and fantasy figurines inside.
clear plastic wall unit with more than 50 compartments filled with Lego figurines.
black open backed and open sided shelving unit with three shelves.
red frame with grey center for attaching Lego superhero figurines.
red plastic shelf shaped like long skinny Lego brick.
three dark wood shelves with black metal supports holding a globe, binoculars, and wood block.
six clear plastic floating shelves.
open bookshelf with five light wood shelves and black frame holding books and decorations.
clear plastic modular organizer with three rows of three cube-shaped compartments.

DIY and Creative LEGO Storage Ideas

Place LEGO sets in plastic zippered bags. Label the bags and store them in a wood crate, bin or the DIY clementine crate project below.

Take advantage of the otherwise unused space under your child’s bed. Build your own under bed rolling LEGO storage bins with this tutorial from Happy Housie.

Use a clear divided Lazy Susan to organize LEGO blocks by color. This is a great idea for small pieces that are difficult to find in a large bin of bricks.

Use the free plans from Addicted to DIY to make your own personalized wood LEGO storage cubes. This DIY LEGO storage cube is both a LEGO storage solution and a fun room décor piece.

Use a train table that your child has outgrown or that you find at a yard sale for LEGO building and to store LEGO blocks.

Make a bin with handles to store LEGO bricks and baseplates with this tutorial from The Handyman’s Daughter. The bin has a clear front so it’s easy to find the exact block you’re looking for.

Repurpose a rolling tool box or tool box with compartments. These both are designed with drawers or compartments that are perfect for sorting and organzing building blocks.

Build your own under-the-bed storage bin with removeable dividers. The bin is on wheels to make it easy to access. The tutorial is from Bright Green Door.

Upcycle an outdated coffee table into a LEGO storage table with this creative tutorial from Infarrantly Creative. This tutorial can be adapted to make your own DIY LEGO table from furniture you already have or can find at a yard sale or thrift store.

Attach LEGO base plates to the wall to create a LEGO wall for play, display and storage.

Place drawer dividers in an upcycled dresser or drawer unit to create organizing compartments for sorting LEGO pieces and storing them. This makes it easy to find the pieces needed.

A repurposed fishing tackle box is a good way to organize small LEGO peices.

DIY Repurposed Can LEGO Head Storage – It’s easy to organize and store LEGOs with a DIY Repurposed Can LEGO Head Container you can make for pennies & in just minutes. Looks just like the LEGO storage heads you see in the store but costs almost nothing.

Your child will have fun designing the expressions to put on each side of the container.

You can find plastic containers in a larger size to upcycle as well. You can use spray paint if you’d like them to be yellow.

yellow can with blue lid DIY'd to look like LEGO head with title DIY Lego Head.

Upcycled Comic Book Clementine Crate – You can decorate the crate with any theme you choose. The crate works well as a sorting tray and as an organizing bin.

red crate decorated with comic book images holding comic books with title text Repurposed Clementine Crate.

Create a LEGO Travel Box with this DIY tutorial from Dukes & Duchesses.

Repurpose an old bookcase or shelf unit for a DIY display area LEGO organizer.

Make a DIY LEGO tote with this tutorial from Her Toolbelt. This tote can be used as both storage and for portable LEGO play.

Use an over-the-door shoe organizer with clear pockets to organize LEGO blocks or figures.

Expert Tips for LEGO Storage

  • The first step for LEGO brick storage is to decide whether you want to keep all the small pieces of LEGO sets together or whether you’ll mix sets together.
  • You’ll find that most LEGO fans fall into one of 3 types:
    • Builds a set and displays it.
    • Builds a set, displays it briefly, takes it apart and rebuilds again and again.
    • Builds a set, takes it apart and intermixes set pieces together for their own creative building design.
    • Knowing which type of LEGO fan you have will help you choose the best organizing system to encourage creative play and neat storage.
  • If you decide to keep loose LEGO blocks, decide whether to organize by
    • Color
    • Brick size
    • All together in one large bin of all blocks stored together
    • It’s a personal preference choice. Be sure to consult with your children about which organizational system is the best way for them and their building style.
    • Consider that it is often easier to find a particular size and color brick when you have organized your bricks by size because your brain will pick the color out quicker than an individual sized piece. For example, if you have all your 1×2 bricks in a container, you can quickly locate a red 1×2 brick. But if you have to sort through an entire bin of red bricks to find a 1×2 brick, it will take longer.
tall structure built from LEGO bricks sitting next to windows.
  • Choose how you will organize and store your LEGO bricks by considering:
    • The size of your space.
    • What will work as convenient storage for your needs, preferences and space.
    • Decide whether LEGOs will be kept in a kid’s room or other room. Some families who have a large collection dedicate an entire room to their LEGO organization. But if you have limited space, there are many creative LEGO storage ideas here that are the best solutions for small rooms.
  • Decide whether you will keep LEGO sets in the box they came in. If you do, keep the instruction manuals in the box.
    • The boxes are flimsy and not standard sizes, so you may decide to store the LEGO pieces in a plastic storage bin instead of the cardboard box.
    • If you do want to keep the pieces in the box, put all pieces in a large zippered plastic bag inside the box.
    • You can also choose to store the LEGO bricks in a plastic bin and keep the product boxes in another storage area, such as an attic or basement.
  • Another good idea to organize and store instruction manuals is to put them in page protectors in a binder. Before you go to all that work, check first to see if your instructions are available online.
overhead view of LEGO bricks organized in compartments.
  • Containers with dividers, such as tool boxes and bead organizing containers can be a better way to store little LEGO pieces.
  • Clear storage boxes and drawers are the best choice for quick, visual identification of contents.
  • Place a sheet or blanket on the floor for a play and building area. When the child is done, simply pick all the blocks up by lifting the four corners of the blanket. This creates your own DIY LEGO floor mat that also works for storage.

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Be sure to pin these LEGO storage ideas for later, because we both know you’ll need to refer to these ideas again as your LEGO collection grows and changes.

You can find all our best organizing ideas for kids in the table below. You can scroll though the table and look for ideas or search for specific ideas with the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner (on desktop). Click on the topic and then click through the specific article.

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