Day 29 – Decluttering Tips for Sweatshirts and Sweaters

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Welcome to Day 29 of the 31 Days of 10-minute Decluttering Tips Challenge.  Our goal is to eliminate things we don’t need from our lives and home so that we can better enjoy life. Today we’ll be going through our sweatshirts and sweaters to see what we want to keep and what needs to be be let go. Let’s clear clutter now!

notebook paper with paper clip and text "Day 29 Sweatshirts and sweaters"

I don’t like to be cold. Ever. My family teases me that if the temperature is below 70 degrees then I’m complaining about it being cold. I treasure my collections of sweatshirts and sweaters. I probably have too many of them, but….. Well, no buts today. It’s time to take a critical look at the sweatshirts and sweaters we have in our closets and drawers. If they don’t fit or we don’t love them, then they’re outta hea. We deserve better than ill fitting items we don’t like. Let’s remember – We’re worth more than that. 

Clearing Clutter – Tips for Decluttering Sweatshirts and Sweaters

Grab the 6  decluttering bags you created earlier, your copy of the free printable Decluttering Checklist and let’s head to the dresser or closet. 

Take Everything Out- Keep in mind that we’re doing this in 10 minutes. Only take out as much as you can go through in that time so you may have to choose either sweatshirts or sweaters. Your choice.  You can come back to the other items another time you have 10 minutes. Lay the items you take out on the bed or the floor.

Group Like Items Together – Quickly group like items together. Put similar weight items together. Put sports team sweatshirts together. Put the same color of items together. Put work sweaters together and weekend sweaters together. Group them in categories that make sense to you. 

Evaluate – Look at each group you’ve created.  Are there any torn or stained items? They need to go. Are there any items that no longer fit? They need to go. Take a few minutes to try on items that you don’t know if they fit or not. Are there any items that you don’t love? They need to go. Only keep items that make you feel good when you wear them. Just because your mother gave it to you is not a reason to keep it. If necessary to maintain good relations,  wear it the next time you see her or take a photo of you wearing it and send it to her and then get rid of it. You are worth more than clothes that don’t fit or don’t make you happy. 

Purge – Remove items you don’t need to keep and place them in one of your 6 purging bags. Please don’t throw items away unless they’re unusable (or nastily stained). I’ve worked at a charitable thrift store and know how much sweatshirts and sweaters are needed. Please donate these items if they are still usable. 

Put Everything Away – Put the items you’ve decided to keep back away.

Simple Tips for Organizing Sweaters and Sweatshirts

I’ve found that this is the Best Way to Hang Up Sweaters

collage of how to hang sweater on a hanger

How to Dry Sweaters – 36 of the best tips and products to help you decide how to dry sweaters in your unique space and for your specific sweaters.

woman holding stack of folded sweaters

How to Fold a Hoodie – Have you struggled with how to best fold a hoodie? Three tutorials for different folding methods for a hoodie will help find what works best for you.

Pink hoodie spread out on white table with text overlay.

How to Fold a Sweatshirt – A simple tutorial for the best way to fold a sweatshirt so that it stays neatly organized in a closet or drawer. Works for all sizes.

4 file folded sweatshirts standing up in row

DIY Repurposing Tutorials for Sweaters

Upcycling old sweaters is not only a fun and creative way to breathe new life into your wardrobe but also a sustainable practice that helps reduce textile waste.

There are countless fascinating DIY projects waiting to be explored. One of the exciting aspects of upcycling sweaters is the opportunity for personalization and creativity. Each piece you create can be uniquely tailored to your taste, allowing you to express your individual style. Additionally, upcycling provides an excellent chance to learn new skills and techniques while promoting environmental consciousness in your everyday life.

You can use a sweater to make Repurposed Sweater Mittens that are so cute my teen daughter loves hers.

green mittens on white table with title text reading Sweater Mittens

You can also use a sweater to make pretty organizing bins like this Easy Upcycled Sweater Box

shoebox decorated with a striped pink sweater

Upcycled Sweater Projects Wine Gift Bag – A simple tutorial that dresses up the go-to gift.

image of two white sweater wine gift bags with text overlay

Sweater and Sweatshirt Storage Products

When it comes to selecting sweater and sweatshirt storage products, it’s important to consider functionality, space-saving capabilities, and protection against dust, moths and other pests.

Look for storage bins or vacuum-sealed bags that allow you to neatly organize your sweaters while also minimizing the amount of space they take up in your closet or under bed storage.

It’s important to choose products made from breathable materials to ensure proper ventilation and prevent any musty smells from developing with long-term storage.

Seek out options with moth-resistant features such as cedar lining or lavender sachets to keep pesky insects at bay.

Consider investing in acid-free tissue paper or garment bags to safeguard delicate fabrics from yellowing over time.

By making informed decisions about your sweater and sweatshirt storage solutions, you can extend the lifespan of your clothing and keep them looking fresh for seasons to come.

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Another day of organizing down. Woo hoo! Join me tomorrow for Day 30 in the 31 Days of 10-Minute Decluttering Tips challenge. Let’s release more so you can make room to enjoy life more.

Find all my decluttering tips, printables and challenges in the table below. You can scroll though the table and look for ideas or search for specific ideas with the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner (on desktop). Click on the topic and then click through the specific article.

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  1. There are so many great ideas here! I actually just ruined one of my daughter’s sweaters in the laundry, and hated to just throw it out. I think I will turn them into mittens for her, after I get my closet organized šŸ™‚

  2. I’ve gotten behind since I’ve been out-of-town for the past week but hope to get through all of the purging tasks before the end of February! – revised goals šŸ˜‰

    1. Don’t worry, Corinne, any items that need to be purged will be there waiting for you when you’re ready. šŸ™‚

  3. Never saw the sweater box – funny! The nice thing about purging sweaters is even if you just let go of a few, you free up a lot of space!

    1. You know me and repurposing….everything, Seana. šŸ™‚ Great point about lots of declutter impact with just a couple of sweaters or sweatshirts.

    1. I had such a fun time making them (I think it’s time to make some more now). Have a great time repurposing, Claire. šŸ™‚

  4. I love that you suggest either giving away the sweaters or repurposing them. It is so hard to let go of things your parents bought you, though! Maybe repurposing would be the answer.

    1. I don’t usually have a problem with a crease mark, Jill. Occasionally, on light-weight sweaters I will find one, but it usually smooths out for me soon after I put the sweater on. But I agree, I wouldn’t want a crease mark either. Who needs more wrinkles in life? Not me!

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