How to Fold a Sweatshirt

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Originally published February 19, 2018 and updated on September 30, 2020.

With five people in my family, I feel like I’m an expert on laundry and folding clothes – an expert’s expert. With five people, we have many (probably too many) sweatshirts in our home. With all that folding experience, I’ve figured out how to fold a sweatshirt in the best way that works for us.

4 neatly folded sweatshirts standing up on table and same sweatshirts stacked with title text reading How to Fold a Sweatshirt

This one folding method works well whether you choose to stack the sweatshirts or fold and file them in a drawer. 

Folded sweatshirts filed side-by-side on a table

Figuring out how to fold a sweatshirt may seem like a small thing, but it’s often the small improvements that make a real impact on your day-to-day life.

How many times have you fought to pull a sweatshirt out of a drawer and then stuff the other ones that came out too back into the drawer?  Or how many times have you wrestled to pull the sweatshirt you want out of the bottom of the stack of sweatshirts, only to have them all come unfolded and fall over? Argh!

I figure there are enough little hassles in life that anything I can do to reduce a hassle or two is worth it. This sweatshirt folding method doesn’t take any longer and helps keep my sweatshirts neatly organized. 

How to Fold a Sweatshirt

Let’s start with what didn’t work for me.

2 photos of how to fold a red sweatshirt

I used to fold sweatshirts like t-shirts. I folded each arm in and then folded the sweatshirt in half. I found that the arms of the sweatshirt always fell out of the neatly folded package. And that drove me crazy. I’d stand in the closet and try to neatly fold it again while standing up. 

One day in frustration I discovered how to fold a sweatshirt that’s quick and easy and keeps the sleeves in place when it’s folded.

Best Way to Fold a Sweatshirt

Step 1 –  Fold the sweatshirt in half. Smooth any wrinkles out and match the sleeves up. 

First step of folding a sweatshirt

Step 2 – Fold the sleeves into the body of the sweatshirt.

Second step of folding a sweatshirt

If it’s a larger sweatshirt, I fold the shoulder farther into the body and then fold the sleeve back on itself.

Step 3 – Fold the sweatshirt in half. 

Completion step of folding a sweatshirt

Step 4 –  Fold all the sweatshirts in the same manner. This keeps all sweatshirt approximately the same size for each size sweatshirt.

Pile of folded sweatshirts

You can easily stack the folded sweatshirts on a shelf. The pile will stay neatly in place. If you have multiple sizes stored together, keep sweatshirts of the same size together and place the largest sweatshirts at the bottom of the pile. 

Stack of folded sweatshirts

Fold the sweatshirt in half one more time and you can easily file the sweatshirts in a drawer or on a shelf. I prefer folding and filing sweatshirts because it’s so easy to see everything at once and then pick the one you want.

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collage of pages of how to fold clothing

No tumbling through a stack of sweatshirts to find the one you want. Folding and filing sweatshirts saves steps when you select the one you want:

  • Don’t have to lift sweatshirts up so that you can see which ones are at the bottom of the pile.
  • Don’t have to move the top half of the pile to get to the one you want.
  • Don’t have to return the top half of the pile after you’ve removed the one you want. 
  • Don’t have to straighten the pile back neatly.

I prefer to fold and file most of my clothing. I’ve shared more free folding and filing clothes tips below. 

Folded sweatshirts filed side-by-side

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Do you have a special way you use to fold sweatshirts? I’ve tried several different ways to fold and organize sweatshirts and this how to fold a sweatshirt tip is my favorite.

You can find all our best clothes organizing and care tips in the table below. You can scroll though the table and look for ideas or search for specific ideas with the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner (on desktop). Click on the topic and then click through the specific article.

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  1. I like the idea of folding and filing. My youngest son’s shirts are folded and stacked according to color, but he still has to look through them to find the one he wants. Filing would solve that problem. Thanks for the idea and demonstration.

    1. I think that you and your son will find that filing the shirts will make a surprisingly big improvement, Brenda. šŸ™‚

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