How to Fold a Hoodie

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Originally published February 26, 2020 and updated September 22, 2023.

As a professional organizer, I’m often asked how to fold a hoodie. I have three different folding methods that I use. The differences between the folding methods mainly involve personal preference. You can choose which method works best for you.

Pink hoodie and 2 examples of the hoodie folded into a neat rectangle.

Want to learn how to fold hoodies nicely? There’s not one right way, so choose the one that works best for your personality, your hoodies and the limits of your closet and dresser.

Whether you should fold or hang up your hoodies depends on several factors:

  • How much hanging space you have as compared to space for folded clothes.
  • The type of fabric the hoodie is made of.
    • Delicate fabrics that wrinkle easily should be hung up.
    • Fabric that will be stretched out from hanging on hanger should be folded.
    • Thin fabric that is easily stretched on a hanger and will result in bumps on the shoulders from the hanger should be folded or hung with my how to hang a sweater trick.
    • Thick, sturdy fabric can be hung up or folded.
  • Your personal preference.

If you do choose to hang your hoodies, consider these factors:

If you choose to fold your hoodie consider:

  • Decide which of the 3 folding styles shared below will work best for you.
  • Adapt folding styles to work best for the size of your hoodie and your specific organizing limitations, like the size of your drawer or shelf.

The three different hoodie folding methods result in similar final results. You can choose which method works best for you and your situation.

3 Different Ways to Fold a Hoodie

The hoodie I use in the tutorials does not have a design, so I find it best to fold the front on the inside so that the pockets and zipper don’t get caught on anything.

If you have hoodies with designs on the front that you want to see, fold the hoodie with the image on the outside.

Choose which is most important to you. You can fold some hoodies with the front on the outside so you can see the images and others with the front on the inside so that the pockets and zippers don’t get snagged. You don’t have to fold them all the same way.

The goal of each of these techniques it to fold the item into a rectangle shape that are all the same size. This allows you to save space and make the most of even a little storage space.

Try different hoodie folding techniques and use the ones that work best for you.

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How to Fold a Hoodie Quickly

This is my preferred method. It keeps the hoodie folded nicely and neatly but saves a couple of folding steps that are in the other folding styles.

Pink hoodie laid out neatly on a white background.

Step One

Place the hoodie face down on a flat surface. Line up the bottom edges of the hoodie and smooth out wrinkles to prevent creases.

To quickly and neatly lay out the hoodie, I grab the hoodie from the bottom, like up the edges and give it a sharp shake. I then lay the hoodie down on the table. Lastly, I straighten out the sleeves and smooth out wrinkles.

Step Two

Fold the hood down neatly onto the body of the hoodie. Smooth out wrinkles and buckling in the fabric.

Pink hoodie with hood folded down neatly.

Step Three

Fold it vertically neatly in half with one sleeve on top of the other. Line up the side edges of the hoodie. If you prefer to create a routine, always start with the left sleeve and fold it over the other.

Pink hoodie sweatshirt folded in half with sleeves together.

Step Four

Fold the sleeves neatly back onto the sweatshirt body.

Pink sweatshirt folded in half with sleeves folded into the body of the sweatshirt.

Step Five

Fold the hoodie in half.

If your hoodie is long, you may want to fold it in thirds.

If the fabric is thick, folding the item in half, rather than thirds, is often the best choice to keep it neat.

Pink hoodie folded neatly into a square.

How to Fold a Hoodie Marie Kondo Style

This is also the more traditional folding style. The differences between the KonMari folding a hoodie and the traditional style are small differences.

Step One

Lay the hoodie out, like in step one above, and smooth out any wrinkles.

Step Two

Neatly fold the hood down into the middle of the hoodie.

Pink hoodie with the hood folded down onto the body of the hoodie.

Step Three

Fold the right side into the middle of the body and neatly fold the sleeve back and then down on top of the side you just folded in.

Pink hoodie with the right side folded in neatly onto the body of the hoodie.

Step Four

Fold the left side in the same manner as the first side.

Pink hoodie with both sides and sleeves folded neatly into the middle of the hoodie.

Step Five

Fold the hoodie in half by bringing the top down to the bottom of the hoodie.

With the KonMari method, you fold the bottom up one-third of the way and then fold that over so that you end up with a final size that is one-third the length of the hoodie.

Because I wear a small size, I choose to fold my hoodie in half so that it is a manageable size. If I fold it in thirds, it is too thick for the size of the final fold and doesn’t remain folded neatly.

Fold your hoodie either in half or in thirds, whichever works best for the size of your garment and the thickness of the fabric.

Pink sweatshirt folded into a neat square.

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collage of pages of how to fold clothing.

How to Fold a Hoodie into the Hood

Some people prefer to fold the body and sleeves of the hoodie into the hood to keep it more neatly contained. When the hoodie is folded in this way, the sleeves and sides of the hoodie don’t fall out of the neatly folded hoodie.

If the hoodie has drawstrings, you can pull them tight to keep the folded hoodie entirely contained in the hood.

Step One

Spread the hoodie out completely as in the first step in the above methods.

Step Two

Fold the right side into the middle and fold the sleeve back and down onto the folded in side.

Note – you do not fold the hood down first in this method.

Pink hoodie with the hood up and right side and sleeve folded neatly into the middle.

Step Three

Fold the left side and sleeve into the middle as you did with the right side.

Note that you need to fold the sides far enough in so that the body of the hoodie is not wider than the hood.

Pink hoodie with sides neatly folded into the middle and black arrows pointing to the shoulders.

Step Four

Fold the bottom of the hoodie up a third of the way.

Pink hoodie with the hood up, both sides neatly folded in and the bottom third folded up.

Step Five

Fold the body of the hoodie up again. The fold should hit just below the opening of the hood.

pink hoodie being folded.

Step Six

Tuck the folded body neatly into the hood. If the hood has drawstrings, you can pull them tight to secure the folded hoodie in the hood.

You may choose to fold the body of the hoodie into fourths or in half, rather than thirds, depending on the size and thickness of your hoodie.

Pink hoodie folded neatly into the hood.

Regardless of how you fold a hoodie, the resulting folded hoodie is very similar. When you know how to fold a hoodie, you can choose the method that works best for you, your hoodie and your situation.

Your hoodie is now ready to be put away. I recommend storing your hoodies, sweatshirts and sweaters vertically rather than stacked on top of each other. But if you want to consider options, you want to look at these more than 30 Best Sweater Storage Ideas and Solutions.

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Folded sweatshirts filed side-by-side.

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