DIY Paper Star Decorations

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When I throw a party, I want it to be as festive as possible. I’m a woman that shows my love and affection through crafting for friends and family (and I know that many of you do the same thing). Last year, when my second “baby” graduated from high school, we threw a graduation party at home for her. To save money and to show my love, I made my own DIY Paper Star Decorations. They’re very easy to create and make a large, festive impact. And best of all, my baby loved the star decorations. 

3 large DIY paper star decorations on deck railing with title text reading DIY Paper Star Decorations from paper lunch bags

These DIY paper star decorations were a big hit with my baby and with our guests. In fact, one of my friends borrowed the stars after our party to use at her own party the following weekend. I took that as a huge compliment.

dog looking at camera on deck and 4 white paper star decorations tied to deck railing

These paper star decorations are super easy to make. It took about 4 minutes to make each star, plus drying time for the glue. The paper lunch bags are inexpensive so this is a frugal way to decorate for a party. 

After the party, you can even fold the paper bag stars up and save them for your next party. If you don’t want to save them for yourself, you can donate them to your local Head Start center, senior center, domestic abuse or homeless shelter. 

DIY Paper Star Decorations


Step 1 – Stack 8 paper sacks on top of each other and cut a point on the open end.

Step 2 – Run a line of glue down the center of a bag and place the next bag on top. Press the bags together well. Continue until all 8 bags are glued together. Be sure to keep all the bags facing the same direction (all the bottom folds up or down).

Step 3 – Open the bags up like an accordion and glue the star closed. With the hole punch, punch holes in the final point that you just glued together.

collage of 4 steps to make a DIY paper star from paper lunch sacks

Step 4 – Lace a piece of ribbon through the punched hole. Be sure to determine how long you need the ribbon to be to tie the stars in place.

overhead view of blue ribbon tied to railing

Tie the paper bag star decorations in place using the ribbon. If you tie a bow, it’s simple to remove the stars after the party and reuse them later.

3 large white DIY paper stars hanging on deck railing

These stars make quite a big impact for an investment of just minutes in making them. Each star is approximately 22 inches across and costs less than a dollar each.

What party or celebration do you have coming up? Try making these DIY paper star decorations and impress your friends and family with happy, festive party decor.

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  1. I love these paper stars! I can see them having on my sun porch all year round. I love that you made the instructions so easy too. As someone who is not the biggest crafter, I need step by step!

  2. Susan,

    These are fabulous. A great bang for the buck. I love that you can easily change the color scheme by using different colored bags. I’m definitely making these for the 4th.

  3. These are awesome paper stars, but oh my gosh, your dog is SO cute! I love his cocked little ear! Anyway, I’m totally going to make these for my daughters next birthday!

  4. Originally I found a very fancy version of this, billed as snowflakes, for an afterschool craft project. This one has a spectacular “wow” factor and a more straight forward plan to make it SO quick. My ONLY change was to cut the standing bottoms off before gluing bags together. I’m probably type A though, those details are noticed by me alone.

    1. I am all about easy projects that don’t look easy, Jennifer ;). I’ll be making some more of these stars next month and will give your variation a try. Thanks for sharing it.

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