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Originally published April 13, 2015 and updated May 14, 2021.

I try to always make purposeful choices. I consider many factors when I make a purchase; price, quality, usefulness, impact on the environment and whether is it made in America.  In the past couple of years, I’ve been ecstatic to find that more and more organizing products are made in the USA

4 images - green hangers, organized desktop, desk organizing products and woman holding laundry basket

Let me start by saying that I have a degree in economics and understand the arguments for and against manufacturing products overseas.  I choose to make purchase of American made products whenever possible to support American workers and manufacturing.

Function is most important to me. I’ve always been purposeful in purchasing items. Who wants to waste money and contribute to the landfill with impulse purchases? These are all useful organizing products that work well in organizing your home. Many of them are versatile, so you can use them in different areas of your home as your needs and home change.

Made in America Organizing Products 

Storage Bins

3 red, green and clear bins stackedand filled with Christmas decorations

Let’s start with everyone’s favorite organizing friend – the large storage bin.  I use them to store holiday decorations, to store my children’s keepsakes, to store items for the many times we move and for storing out-of-season clothing in my children’s closets.

These storage bins from IRIS are used through out my house, basement and garage for storage.   I  love that they are clear and that they’re made in the USA.

clear plastic storage tub
stack of clear storage bins with pairs of shoes

More of my go-to Made in America storage bins for garage, basement or attic storage.

black storage bin with yellow lid
dark blue plastic storage bin
clear storage bins with red lids and filled Christmas ornaments
clear storage tub with black lid

I use the IRIS weathertight bins to organize my children’s keepsakes. The lids really are weathertight to keep out moisture and pests.

4 clear storage bins with blue handles
stack of 3 clear bins with blue handles

Kitchen Organizing Products

For years, I’ve been aa big fan of organizing my refrigerator with Binz (as you can see in one of my earliest blog posts).  They’re sturdy, clear, easy to clean and made in the USA.

containers on shelves in refrigerator

You can purchase Binz bins either individually or in the Interdesign 4-Piece Fridge and Freezer Storage Bins.  I recommend the set of 4 because you’ll find uses for everyone of those bins. 

It’s important to me that kitchen organizing products be easy to clean. If it’s organizing my kitchen, I want to be able to easily keep it clean and sanitary. You’ll find that all the product I recommend are easy to wash or wipe down.

More of my favorite Made in America kitchen organizing products:

4 glass canisters with lids
glass jar canister black lid
set of glass food storage containers with colorful lids
4 glass Mickey containers with colorful lids
2 clear storage containers
set of kitchen storage containers with red lids
large glass storage jar with silver lid

D shaped 2-tier turn table in silver and black
3-tier can rotator organizer
square glass jar with wood lid

Closet Organizing

The biggest tip for organizing your closet is to reduce (reduce, reduce) the number of items you have in your closet.

My favorite closet organizing tips:

Once you’ve reduced the amount you have to store in your closet, these are great American made products.

stack of folded towels on shelf with clear divider
clear container with white lids on shelf with boots

Bathroom Organizing

I’ve also used American-made clear bins to organize under the sink in my kids’ bathroom because they’re sturdy enough to hold all your stuff and can be cleaned easily.

before and after photos of under bathroom sink organization

Just like in the kitchen, I make sure that organizing products used in the bathroom are always easy to clean. The high humidity level in the bathroom causes dust to stick to items. Additionally, many bathroom products are messy and will make frequent wiping necessary.

clear bin with toiletries
3 clear jars holding cotton swabs, cotton balls and soaps
clear make up organizer with drawer

Garage Organizing

Garages can be such a mess with cords, jump ropes, and so many more items that need to be held neatly together.  Nite Ize Gear Ties are made in America and are my favorite way to keep those cords under control.  They come in many different sizes, but the combo pack has a variety of sizes, Nite Ize Gear Tie Assortment Bag – 8 Units.  They’re also a great way to organize cords in your bathroom.

hair appliances and care items in silver wire basket
2 battery organizing cases
small organizing drawers set
wall tool organizer
metal sports equipment organizer
roof organizing bag
ceiling organizer rack for garage

Toy and Craft Organizing

I use these stacking crates in my linen closet, my basement and in my closet.  They are made in the USA and can be used individually or stacked. I also like them because they’re plastic and can easily be cleaned.

United Solutions-Organize Your Home CR0028 White Plastic Stacking/Nesting Storage Crate – Large Plastic Organizing Storage Box in White

clear organizing bin with lid
canvas organizing bag with handles
stacked clear organizing bins
organizing case with lid and handle

Other Organizing Products

grey organizing drawer for desktop
set of 6 plastic drawers with wheels
3 drawer desktop organizer
2 wrapping paper roll organizers
3 ornament organizing bins with red lids
4 black file organizing bins
3 zippered pouches
blue cord winder
3 leather cord wrappers
grey caddy with handle and filled with art supplies

Companies that Make Organizing Products in America

These are companies that manufacture a significant number of their organizing products in the USA:

  • Iris
  • Rubbermaid
  • Binz
  • Sterilite
  • iDesign
  • Ball and Mason Jars made by Newell Brands
  • Anchor Hocking
  • Pyrex
  • Rebrilliant
  • STORi

 Do you have a favorite Made in America organizing product? Be sure to pin for later so you can always find this comprehensive resource.

4 images - wire basket of tennis balls, clear desk organizer, wicker basket, organizing boxes in white with text overlay
Made in America Organizing Products - Organized 31
4 images - green hangers, organized desktop, desk organizing products and woman holding laundry basket with text overlay

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  1. Hi Susan – All too often I go for what is there or convenient and I’m ashamed to say I don’t always look for Made in the USA. Thank you for the gentle reminder and will definitely step up my game! Hugs, Holly

  2. Thank you for putting this together. Because of lax standards and oversight in some countries, I’m especially wary of products that I keep food in if it is made overseas. So glad to have options made here in the U.S.A.

  3. I am a big fan of the large storage containers. We have a basement full and I love that there are so many colors available now! I try to color coordinate with the holidays. I have to admit, I have never really checked to see where they are made, but I will be on the lookout now!

    1. Fortunately, Cynthia, you can find the large tubs that are made in the US fairly easily. Happy shopping.

  4. Organizing in kid’s room is a must! I have become a huge fan of large bins for toys, blankets, etc. I really like the bins you have in your fridge – I may have to get some of those!

    1. My kiddos are old enough that I don’t get to organize their rooms as much as I’d like (I kind of miss the challenge of organizing kid clothes and toys). Andrea, you’ll lo-ove the bins in the fridge. They’re nice and sturdy and so easy to clean. Happy organizing!

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