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Free Portable Yarn Keeper

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With 3 kids, I spend many, many hours to at practices, games and activities.  Most of my time seems to be spent waiting.  I can’t stand to just sit and wait, I have to be doing something.  I usually spend my waiting time crocheting.  One of the hassles of crocheting on-the-go is that the skein of yarn gets tangled up in the carrying bag.  I spend as much time unraveling the tangles as I do crocheting on the project. That’s where this free portable yarn keeper comes in. And did I tell you that it’s a free way to organize yarn?! 

stacks of skeins of yarn in top image, bottom image of yarn in 2 plastic bottles with title text overlay reading Portable Yarn Keeper that's Free

Several years ago, I read a tip from allfreecrochet.com to keep a skein of yarn from getting tangled.  The tip involved repurposing, so I was interested and immediately gave it a try.

Free Portable Yarn Keeper

First take a 2 liter bottle and cut the bottle in half.  After inserting the skein of yarn, the directions said to tape the bottle back together. 
Since I was repurposing the bottle, I hated to use tape to reattach the top of the bottle.  So instead,  I cut the top 1/3 of the bottle most of the way off, leaving part of the top connected like a hinge.  This allowed me to “close” the bottle over the skein of yarn without using tape.
left image - top of plastic bottle cut so it can be pulled back, right image - skein of red yarn in the bottle
plastic 2 liter bottle with top cut so red skein of yarn could be inserted
2 large plastic bottles with top cut to hinge with skeins of yarn in them

Once you have your bottle opened,  simply insert the skein of yarn  into the bottle and pull the yarn from the middle of the skein through the mouth of the bottle.
The bottle gapes a little but it stays closed and contains the yarn.  Even with the gap, the yarn pulls out smoothly without getting tangled.  Of course, if that gap bothers you, you can use tape to secure the bottle all the way closed.

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I was using 2 skeins of yarn for my project so I put them both in bottles and stuck the bottles in a canvas bag.  I was able to crochet at my son’s practice with no tangling and no problems at all.  This is a great solution to prevent yarn projects from tangling, especially for busy on-the-go crafters.

And did I say that this portable yarn keeper a free way to organize your yarn? 

stacks of skeins of yarn in top image, bottom image of yarn in 2 plastic bottles with title text overlay reading Portable Yarn Keeper that's Free

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  1. Oh. I hadn’t thought about using a smaller bottle. That’s a great improvement for easy of carrying a smaller ball of yarn!

  2. I just cut off the curved bottom of clear plastic soda bottles, and it’s easy to insert the skein of yarn. I always find my starting piece of yarn (I like to work from the center of skeins), and use a long piece to dangle through the open neck of the bottle.

    I also recycle a nice gift bag to stand up the bottles I an using for a particular project; this keeps the bottom of the skeins clean without having two pieces of bottle to worry about. Gift bags are generally a little sturdier than regular paper bags, and if I use a larger one, I have room to tuck in the project when taking a break. Printed patterns or magazines with patters are easy to stand up inside the bags, too.This keeps everything in one place when I have to stop crocheting to tend to other tasks.

    1. Such a smart adaptation to my hinged bottle idea, Beth! I’m definitely trying it on my next crochet project (and I’m suddenly inspired to start a new project 🙂 )

  3. I cut the bottom off put the yarn in the top half; squeeze the bottom top to fit into the bottom section; it use to be a black bottom that worked so well. Have to adjust to the changesl The nicest part is the ability to carry the yarn and work it out of the bottle while watching games, sitting-relaxing while camping and the few minutes on catches during a busy day at home.

    1. That’s a great tip, especially in these times of everyone using disinfecting wipes so frequently. Thanks for sharing it!

  4. Are used to do this when they had the black bottoms on the 2 L soda bottles. You could pull it loose from the bottom piece cut the bottom out put your yarn in and it started back in the black bottom. I miss those bottles.

      1. I was amazed when I saw the portable yarn keeper, surprised that anyone would think the way I did. I use the plastic container that the cheese balls come in because there larger with the wider top, I cut a hole and drag the yarn through it. It also works well to hold the the smaller leftover skeins. I croched a market bag to hold them for tag along.

        1. Ooh, I’m excited about your idea, Jacqui! The fact that it can hold larger skeins of yarn makes it a great idea! Thanks for sharing it.

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