Kids’ Halloween Creepy Mummy Coffin Touch and Guess Party Game

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 A few years ago when my oldest was too old to trick-or-treat, we held a party for her group of friends in place of trick-or-treating that year.  We had themed food and I made an easy-to-make Scary Eyes Halloween Cake that was a big hit.
In addition to the food, I made a  Creepy Mummy Coffin Touch and Guess game that the kids had a lot of fun with. 
a handmade coffin game with title text reading Coffin Guessing Game

Kids’ Halloween Creepy Mummy Coffin Touch and Guess Party Game

To get started, I raided my stash of empty cardboard boxes (everyone has that pile in their garage, right?) and found a box that was kinda sorta coffin-shaped. 
I taped the 2 top flaps together and then slit the sides of the lid so that it opened on the long side like a sarcophagus. 
I drew a mummy shaped outline on the lid of the coffin and painted everything outside of the mummy shape with black craft paint.  I painted the mummy shape white and glued strips of toilet paper down to resemble bandages.  If I had it to do again, I’d use gauze bandages instead of toilet paper.
Let everything dry for a day until it’s completely dry.  While it’s drying find 8 plastic containers that will stand up in the box.  The depth of your box will determine what type of container you’ll use.  I used plastic cups you get with kids’ meals at restaurants.  But you could use repurposed yogurt or pudding containers or small lunch box sized containers.  Just make sure you have 8 containers and they just fit standing up in your box.
Using the container as a guide, trace around the top of the container on the mummy in the same general locations as in the picture.  Cut those circles out of your coffin lid.  Those will be where the kids will reach in and feel different parts of the mummy. 
Using double-stick tape, tape the cups to the bottom of the coffin exactly under each of the openings.  You want to stick the cups down, because the kids will get excited and knock the cups over inside of the box, spilling the contents everywhere (and causing a lot more work for you setting everything back up again).  Just be sure to secure the cups down.

Make 8 tags.  Label the tags:

Finger Nails
Guts (or Intestines if you can squeeze all those letters on your tag, which I couldn’t)
Attach the tags to match the openings like in the picture.

Just before your party (don’t do it too early or the food will get seriously gross, not just fun gross)  fill each container with the following authentic creepy mummy parts (and shhhh, don’t reveal the secret ingredients) :

Brains – scrambled eggs
Eyes – peeled grapes (don’t get carried away, only put two eyes in the container)
Ears – dried apricots (again, only two)
Heart – 1 canned whole peeled tomato
Finger Nails – Slivered Almonds
Guts – cooked spaghetti noodles, after the noodles are cooked, add a little oil to make them slippery
Skin – a few pieces torn from a flour tortilla and dampened with water
Toes – baby carrots
If your box is large enough to add more cut outs for more containers you can add:
Teeth – Candy corn or dried beans
Liver – liver 
a handmade coffin game
 Be sure to have back up supplies of each item.  In the squealing and excitement, some mummy parts my get tossed around and need to be replaced.
To maintain the mystery, I placed the box on a table just high enough that the kids couldn’t see inside the containers.  You could also drape some gauzy fabric over the top of the coffin to obscure the inside of the containers.
Then sit back and watch the kids squeal with horrified delight  Pretty soon you’ll have the entire neighborhood at your door wanting to see (and feel) the Creepy Mummy Coffin.
a handmade coffin game with title text reading Coffin Guessing Game

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  1. Honestly, this is such a great game! I would have so much fun putting this together! I think you could make the appropriate for any age!

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