Last-Minute Halloween Idea

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I’m a busy mother of three. A. Busy. Mom. I always have grand ideas and plans of new holiday decorations and crafts, but then life gets in the way of my grand plans. Sometimes I just need a last-minute Halloween idea that doesn’t look last-minute. A Halloween decoration idea that I can be proud of.  If you’ve ever been in my shoes, then here’s the perfect answer for your last-minute Halloween decoration crisis. And if you don’t have a last-minute crisis, this is a great kids craft idea. 

3 jars decorated for Halloween

Last year I was recovering from my emergency appendectomy (are there appendectomies that aren’t emergency?) so I wasn’t able to do much decorating for Halloween. Fortunately, I’d picked up these supplies the year before at an after-Halloween sale. And since it only took minutes to put the decoration together, I handle it during my recovery.  There are all kinds of reasons why you may need a last-minute Halloween decoration.

Last-Minute Halloween Idea


Repurposed Glass Jars and Bottles – I have a stash of recycled glass jars in a cabinet just waiting for a craft like this. Tell me you have the same stash. If you don’t you can purchase Mason Jars and glass bottles

Craft Paint – This is the perfect craft to use up the partial bottles of craft paint you already have or you can purchase black paint and Halloween orange paint

Adhesive Googly Eyes – Googly eyes make anything more fun. 

Adhesive Masks – Look for Halloween masks and  face features. 

Pour a small amount of orange or black craft paint into bottle and swirl until the entire inside of the bottle is coated. Set the bottle upside down on top of wood chopsticks or kabob skewers set on top of newspaper. Allow the extra paint to drip out and the paint to dry. 

overhead view of orange jar, black jar, googly eyes and black eye mask on white wood table

I was fortunate to pick up this orange jar and black bottle at an after-Halloween sale already painted. That made this last-minute Halloween idea even more last-minute easy.

black jar with googly eyes, orange jar with black mask and third decorated jar on white wood table

Attach googly eyes, mask or other facial features. These jars are adorable sitting on a shelf, table or in the middle of your Halloween party table. If your layer of paint is not opaque, you can add a battery-operated votive candle inside the jar. 

close up of decorated jars for Halloween

It really couldn’t be any easier or adorable. Just in case life gets in the way of all of your plans, you can make your own last-minute Halloween idea for your party or home decorations. 

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  1. This is a quick and simple craft for Halloween. I can see myself making a few of these. I especially love the one with the mask!

  2. Now I know why I keep all kinds of jars, etc. I love this!! Making something simple, usually turns out better than things that take forever. šŸ™‚

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