Kitchen Counter Organization Idea

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Sometimes it’s the little hassles in life that end up making you want to rip your hair out. You know, dealing with the same little annoyance day after day after day after day. Then suddenly one day you just can’t take it any more. I had one of those why-is-mom-flipping-out-over-nothing episodes recently over drinking glasses left all over the counters and table in my kitchen. Rather than freaking, I decided to use this kitchen counter organization idea and save our happy family.

 3 blue drinking glasses on numbered coasters on white table with title text overlay reading Kitchen Counter Organization Idea

I do realize that some folks may think that in the big scheme of organizational challenges, this one falls way down on the list. But it’s not how big an organizational problem is, it’s how much that problem is bothering you and negatively impacting you. Even little, seemingly silly issues can create a big challenge when you deal with it again and again and again. It’s the cumulative organizational pain impact. 

Kitchen Counter Organization Idea

With a family of five, we go through quite a few glasses each day. I had a problem with my family leaving their cups all over the kitchen. The glasses got mixed up. No one knew which glass was which. The glasses went unclaimed for when it was time to clean up and put dishes in the dishwasher.  It was just a mess, an unnecessary mess, every day.

To get control of those glasses and my kitchen counters, I created a coaster for each family member and a couple extra for guests. Each family member has their own coaster for their glass. Now it’s easy to keep track of which glass belongs to who. 

2 glasses on numbered coasters on white table
  • This reduces the number of glasses we go through each day. There’s no more confusion over which glass belongs to who so there’s no need to unnecessarily get a new glass out.
  • It makes clean up easier since we all know which glass belongs to each family member.
  • No more confusion, excuses, dodging, arguing or frustration. 
  • It’s increased responsibility and helpfulness. My family takes care of their glass more consistently now,  putting them away on their coasters and putting them in the dishwasher. It’s created ownership and thus, responsibility.
square blue numbered coasters 1 through 6 on white table

Each family member has an assigned number based on birth order. We all know which coaster belongs to each person in our family.  You could use coasters with different colors or images for your family. The distinguishing factor doesn’t matter. What matters is that everyone in your family knows which coaster belongs to which family member. You should be able to hold up a coaster and everyone can immediately identify who it belongs to. 

You can make or purchase coasters. Look for coasters with differentiating characteristics.

  • Coasters in different colors
  • Coasters with different designs
  • Coasters with different shapes
  • Add family member names to coasters with a label maker
  • Decoupage names or images onto coasters
  • Make these simple Superhero Coasters
side view of crocheted numbered coasters on white table

I enjoy crocheting and have been wanting to learn Tunisian crochet technique, so I chose to use this Coaster Set Tunisian Crochet Pattern from Petals to Picots. I simply stitched numbers onto each coaster so that we can easily identify each one. I just love the texture of these coasters.  They’re pretty and functional and look beautiful in my new kitchen

This simple solution was the perfect answer to taming the frustrating clutter of drinking glasses in my kitchen. We keep the coasters in a specific area on one specific counter. We always know where to find our coasters and our drinking glasses. No muss, no fuss. This kitchen counter organization idea can work in any kitchen and any family. 

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  1. Cute idea! This is the kind of thing I love. I have a designated resting spot for each family member’s glass, because you can end up going through bunches of them. My older daughter always took glasses up to her room and then never brought them down, so I restricted her to plastic cups only:)

    1. As moms, we have to pick our battle, don’t we, Seana. So smart to solve the issue with something as simple as plastic cups.

  2. These coasters look great, and are a really creative idea. Anything to save on how many dishes there are to wash is a great idea! My daughter loves to crochet and make things personalized too. She crocheted a Kindle cover for me with a “B” in it for my first name. I get compliments for it at all the schools I sub at.

    1. What a lovely way to protect your Kindle. I love handmade gifts. They’re like getting a big hug each time you use them.

  3. These are really cute and look like a quick and easy project. I used to have glasses of different colors for each of my family members. Getting organized is key!

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