Day 6 – Decluttering Kitchen Appliances

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Originally published January 6, 2016 and updated January 2018 and January 2024.

It’s Day 6 of the 31 Days of 10-minute Decluttering Tips Challenge.  Today we’ll be looking at our kitchen appliances. For some of us, this will be an easy purging day, but for others it will be a tough task. Keep in mind that our goal is to eliminate things and clear clutter from our lives and homes so that we can better enjoy life. Well, let’s jump right in and get started decluttering kitchen appliances.

3 Kitchen appliances on counter with text overlay reading 10-Minute Decluttering Kitchen Appliances

In my 20+ years of adulthood, I’ve gone through phases of hoarding and purging kitchen appliances. I know I’m not alone in my fascination with appliances that promise to make my kitchen and life so much better and happier. Some of those appliances deliver on their promises and others don’t. Sometimes the appliance is fine, but my needs and priorities change. I once longed after a juicer back in the 90’s. I remember the happy Christmas when I received my glorious juicer. I loved it and used it faithfully until I had my first baby. Then the juicer was out and the baby equipment was in. That juicer sat unappreciated in my cabinet for much too long.

Let’s dig in and find the “juicer” hiding in the back of your kitchen cabinets.

Clear Clutter – Tips for Purging Kitchen Appliances

Grab the 6 purging bags you created earlier and print out your free copy of the Purging Clutter Checklist.  Now, let’s head to the kitchen and start searching through our kitchen appliances.

Take Everything Out- Look in the back of your cabinets and on the top shelves of cabinets and your pantry. Pull all your appliances out and place them on a counter or table (or a counter and table). Be sure to include any appliances that are sitting out on your counter already in your pile of appliances to sort through.

Group Like Items Together – Quickly group like items together. Put all coffee makers together, put all grills together and so on.

Evaluate – Look at each group you’ve created. How many items do you need in a category? Can you eliminate any duplicates. Now look at each individual item. Are there any broken or damaged? They need to go. Are there any you don’t use any more? They need to go. Are there any you haven’t used in over a year? They need to go. There’s one exception – if it’s a unique appliance that you use once a year (like the pizzelle maker I only use at Christmas), then you can keep it, but only if you love it and really use it on those special occasions.

small appliances on kitchen counter

Purge – Remove items you don’t need to keep and place them in one of your 6 purging bags. Pass appliances to friends and family that will appreciate them. Donate appliances that are in good condition. Throw away broken appliances.

Now take a few minutes and find the manuals for those appliance that you’re purging. Let’s clear out those unneeded manuals, too.

Put Everything Away – Put the items you’ve decided to keep back away. Stand back and appreciate those open spaces you’ve created in your kitchen. 

Tips for Organizing the Kitchen

How to Have a Clutter-Free Kitchen – It really is possible to have and maintain a clutter-free kitchen, regardless of how big or small your kitchen is. These simple tips will make it reality.

Cluttered green kitchen with text overlay

With my experience of moving into more than 25 homes, I’ve learned a few tricks about how to set up a kitchen and make it work for you.

Planning how to layout your kitchen is the key to organizing and enjoying your kitchen.

Products for Organizing Kitchen Appliances

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Another day of decluttering down.  Day Six is done. Enjoy that extra space in your kitchen and drop back by tomorrow for Day 7 in the 31 Days of 10-Minute Purging Tips challenge. 

Find all my decluttering tips, printables and challenges in the table below. You can scroll though the table and look for ideas or search for specific ideas with the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner (on desktop). Click on the topic and then click through the specific article.

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  1. Eek, this is the one I’ve been dreading. With so much entertaining and baking over the holidays my cabinets are a mess! This one may take me more than 10 minutes…

  2. My “juicer” is a rice and vegetable steamer. I thought I was going to use it all the time but when I finally bought it I discovered it took longer than cooking on the stove so I’ve only used it once! Definitely need to purge that!

  3. I don’t hoard a lot of things, but if there is one thing I am guilty of, it is keeping too many kitchen appliances. Thanks for the organization idea!

  4. So important to clear out those appliances that aren’t being used because they take up so much space! I once tried to convince a client (to no avail) to let go of at least one of two meat grinders she had… both of which she never used, but they were sentimental. I give serious thought before I buy a kitchen appliance.

    1. One (let alone two) sentimental meat grinders make me smile! I’ve had to let many kitchen appliances go over the years because they were great ideas, but not so much in application.

  5. I like this article and topic about Purging Tips Kitchen Appliances it’s an important thing to clean and purging your appliances, thanks for sharing this valuable info

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