Laundry Scoop Craft for Easter

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If you’re a frequent visitor here, you know that I’m a bit obsessed with repurposing items. I find great, soul-deep satisfaction in finding new uses for items that would otherwise be thrown out or just recycled. Last year I recycled laundry scoops into Christmas decorations and have been searching for a new holiday to inspire a new repurposed laundry scoop craft. I stumbled across one particular laundry scoop that has inspired this laundry scoop craft for Easter and I’m over the moon happy with it. 

orange craft wheelbarrow holding colorful eggs on white wood table with title text reading Laundry Scoop Craft for Easter

Before we start, you’ve got to check out the Recycled Laundry Scoop decorations that I made for Christmas last year and that inspired today’s Easter craft. 

Why Repurpose Laundry Scoops

  • Save the scoop from the landfill.
  • Save additional resources from being used to produce a manufactured decoration.
  • Save energy resources from being used to produce and transport manufactured decorations. 
  • Save money on craft supplies.
  • Enjoy the creative challenge of repurposing.
  • The little scoops are just so stinkin’ cute.

I purposefully purchase powdered laundry detergent and have been for years.

  • The packaging is recyclable.
  • The packaging is made from a renewable resource.
  • I can purchase powdered detergent in larger sized packaging which means fewer trips to the store.
3 different color laundry scoops on wood table

And as an added bonus, powdered laundry detergent comes with these cute little scoops that just beg to be repurposed and upcycled. When I found this pinkish-orange scoop a couple of months ago, I knew I had to use it for an Easter upcycled craft.

Laundry Scoop Crafts for Easter


Pull out your button stash and find two buttons that are the right size to be wheels for your laundry scoop wagon and in a color that coordinates with your scoop color.

stack of green and light green felt squares with red pair of scissors

This is a great opportunity to use up scraps of felt from other crafts, like this Last Minute Felt Easter Basket or DIY Bookmark

green square of felt, pile of strips of green felt, laundry scoop with green strips in it and pair of scissors on white wood table

Cut the felt into thin strips that will fit into the laundry scoop. You are creating Easter grass for the little laundry scoop wagon so trim it to look grass-like.

orange laundry scoop, 5 floral buttons and string of mini craft Easter eggs laying on white wood table

Find Easter embellishments that will fit in your laundry scoop wagon. You can find decorative buttons and holiday decorations that will work perfectly.

orange DIY wheelbarrow holding colorful Easter eggs on white wood table

Hot glue your button wheels to the laundry scoop. Fill the scoop with the felt grass and hot glue the Easter embellishments into place. 

I’d be embarrassed about how easy this Easter wagon is to make if it wasn’t so doggone adorable. This is a great kids’ craft. You could use craft glue in place of hot glue if the children are too young to use hot glue.

Tell me that you have a stash of laundry scoops. If you don’t, a quick call to family and friends will probably find you several laundry scoops to get started with. Just don’t tell your friends that the scoops are for a laundry scoop craft for Easter or they’ll be crafting with those scoops themselves instead of giving them to you. 

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What are your favorite Easter traditions? I know that now your favorites will include a laundry scoop craft for Easter decoration

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  1. Susan, these are so very cute! I need to go out and buy some laundry detergent to make these. We use liquid soap so I don’t have any. Do you have any crafts for the liquid soap measuring containers? Love this and think it would be great to do with kids!

  2. That is a cute craft idea! We do have an extra laundry scoop; I always save one just in case the new container doesn’t come with one or in case it breaks.

    1. Thanks, Brenda. Like you, I always keep one extra scoop, just in case. (sheepish grin) But then I have even more scoops that are just begging to part of a craft.

  3. I love upcycle projects! This would be such a fun activity to do with my daughter, and it would be an inexpensive Easter decoration. I’ll save my scoop from my laundry detergent and let you know how it goes!

    1. I hope you and your daughter have a wonderful time crafting and repurposing together. I always love crafting with my daughters.

  4. Hi ! Your ideas are delightful, simple,and appear very easy to make. Thanks for sharing them with us so we can share them with our grandchildren. Have a wonderful Easter
    holiday and Spring . I am really glad to have found your site in time to try some of the
    creations/ideas you shared !
    Sincerely, Mary Loew

    1. Thanks, so much, Mary. Have a wonderful time crafting and celebrating with your grandchildren. Have a wonderful Easter and a warm, sunny Spring (I’m more than ready for warm and sunny!).

  5. Hi ! Your ideas are delightful, simple,and appear very easy to make. Thanks for sharing them with us so we canuse them with our grandchildren. Have a wonderful Easter
    holiday and Spring . I am really glad to have found your site !

    Sincerely, Mary Loew

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