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Bring the magic of Christmas to your mailbox or child’s stocking with these free Santa letterhead printables. You can choose your favorite from the 3 Christmas letterhead options, download and print them out right away. No worries, if Christmas morning is just hours away – this letter from the desk of Santa couldn’t be easier.

Santa Claus's hand holding letter and image of 3 pages of printable Santa letterhead stationery.

I wished I’d thought of creating a Santa template with my own children. It was always such a busy time of year that I just never did. Instead, I resorted to trying to disguise my handwriting to jot little notes on the bottom of the dear Santa letter they left with the plate of cookies.

As I was feeling nostalgic for when my kids were young recently, I was inspired this year to create a simple template in pdf format. There are three different styles of Santa’s letterhead that you can download and use right away.

When your child receives a personalized letter from Santa, it shares a bit of extra magic. And what person doesn’t need more magic and excitement in their life? You can mail the letter so you child can receive their own letter from Santa in the mail or you can leave it for them to find on Christmas morning.

Where to buy Santa letterhead

If you don’t want to use the free letter below and you’d rather purchase Santa letterhead you can find it:

What makes free Santa letterhead printables great?

  • You can download and print them immediately.
  • These pdf files are easy to use.
  • The letterhead is a great idea for a free Santa letter.
  • You can use the free printable for other types of Christmas season letters or notes:
    • Letters to family
    • Note on gifts to neighbors and coworkers
    • Note paper to use during the holiday season for Christmas lists and other tasks
    • Letter from you or your child to their teacher and coaches
  • You can choose the letterhead of your choice for each different use or child

While you’re planning for Santa letters, be sure to include these Elf on the Shelf arrival letters to add to the magic of the season.

Santa Claus writing at table.

Santa Letterhead Printables

The magic of Christmas is like nothing else in childhood. It is wonderous and what creates the treasured memories we remember as adults. The simple things you can do to add to Christmas magic is worth doing. Writing a personalized letter to your child from Santa can be done for free (or just pennies) and in a few minutes. The impact is priceless, so this is a win-win-win way to make Christmas even more special this year.

How to make Santa Letterhead Printables step-by-step

3 sheets of Santa letter heading pages.

What you need to make these Santa Claus letterhead printables

  • Official Santa Claus Letterhead – Get your copy when you sign up for our free newsletter

To get the free Santa Letterhead printable, simply sign up for our free exclusive content below. You’ll receive immediate access to printable letterhead pdf.

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collage of colorful printable game sheets

  • Printer
  • Paper – you can use regular printer paper or choose to use a heavier weight card stock paper (see below for tips)
  • Pen or marker to write your letter
  • Envelope (optional) – you can find an envelope template online to make your own


Download the free copy of the template when you sign up for our free exclusive content in the form above.

Print the pdf files on your printer. There are 3 different Christmas stationery designs for you to choose from.

Write a personalized letter from St Nick to your child.

Tips to make Santa stationery extra special

Print the Santa template on quality paper.

Tear the edges of the paper to make it look more old world style.

Use the tips I used in making the labels for these Magic Potions for Kids to age the edges of the letter.

Use a marker or gel pen to give the writing a more authentic look.

Take the time to draft your letter text so you can say exactly what you want and can create a more authentic letter format.

Work to disguise your handwriting or ask a friend to write the letter for you.

Roll the letter up and tie it with a ribbon or add a Santa stamp to seal it.

Box with Christmas stamp and wax to make 6 different wax seals.

You can obtain an authentic North Pole postmark on the envelope with your official letter from Santa.

  • Create a Santa letter for your child using these free printable Santa letter templates.
  • Place it in an envelope with your child’s name and your mailing address. Attach a first class stamp (adding a Santa stamp makes it even more special).
  • Place that envelope in a larger envelope and mail it to:
    • 4141 POSTMARK DR
    • ANCHORAGE AK 99530-9998
  • The letter must be received by December 10th in Anchorage to allow Santa’s elves working in the post office enough time to open your exterior envelope, post mark your letter from Santa and return it to you by Christmas.

You can also have your Santa letter post marked from other holiday themed towns. The instructions are similar to the ones above. This can be a fun idea for older kids to see each year where Santa’s letter is post marked from.

  • Angles Camp, CA
  • Berry, AL
  • Bethlehem, CT
  • Bethlehem KY
  • Bethlehem, MD
  • Bethlehem, NH
  • Bethlehem, PA
  • Deer Park, AL
  • Evergreen, AL
  • Faith, SD
  • Garland, NE
  • Garland, NC
  • Garland, PA
  • Garland, TX
  • Holly, CO
  • Holly, MI
  • Hope, AK
  • Hope, AR
  • Hope, ID
  • Hope, KS
  • Hope, MN
  • Hope, ND
  • Joseph, OR
  • Joseph City, AZ
  • Joy, IL
  • Nazareth, KY
  • Nazareth, PA
  • Nazareth, MI
  • Nazareth, TX
  • Noel, MO
  • Partridge, KS
  • Partridge, KY
  • Pine Hill, AL
  • Saint Joseph, IL
  • Saint Joseph, MI
  • Saint Joseph, TN
  • Saint Mary, KY
  • Saint Mary’s, KS
  • Santa, ID
  • Santa Clause, IN
  • Shepherd, MT
  • Spruce Pine, AL
  • Snowflake, AZ
  • Snowville, UT
  • Spruce, MI
  • Star, TX

Christmas Eve Night Idea – Place it in an envelope with Santa’s address as the return address. A few stickers can turn a plain envelope into “North Pole envelopes” for more authenticity.

These Santa wax seal stickers are a fun idea and super easy for exhausted elves.

three Santa wax seal stickers in green, red, and gold, and shown on envelopes.

Leave it under the Christmas tree with the gifts for in the child’s stocking.

Leave the letter out by the plate of cookies for Santa. Adding a candy cane or other small treat is a great idea.

Get the free 3-page Santa letterhead printable by simply signing up for our free newsletter.

Expert Tips for Printables

How do I access the printable?

Sign up for our free exclusive content and promptly receive access to the free Santa letterhead printable.

How can I use the printable (what restrictions are there on use)?

You can print this printable pdf as many times as you’d like for your personal use. All printables are copyrighted.

Close up of Santa Claus holding letter.

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Be sure to pin these free Santa Letterhead printables so you can find them year after year to add a bit of Christmas magic with a personalized letter from the big guy.

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