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Originally published August 30, 2019 and updated May 2022.

A fall scavenger hunt is the perfect way to get kids and the family outside to enjoy the crisp autumn weather and have fun. This free 4-page fall scavenger hunt pdf can be printed as many times as you’d like as a fun fall activity for the changing of the seasons.

top image - tree with yellow autumn leaves, bottom image - 4 autumn colored scavenger hunt game sheets with title text reading Fall Scavenger Hunt Free 4 page printable

Fall weather is ideal for outdoor play and nature walk exploration. The scorching hot summer temps are past and the bitter winter weather hasn’t yet arrived. There are so many ways to encourage outdoor activities in the fall. A scavenger hunt for kids is just one of many fun ideas for fall weather.

What is a fall scavenger hunt?

  • It’s an outdoor scavenger hunt designed specifically for the fall season.
  • A good way to play a game that gets you out and exploring the natural world.
  • A great way to keep younger kids and the whole family physically active and learning about fall signs of fall.
  • It’s played with a list of items on a game board. The free printable fall scavenger hunt pdf found below provides four different cards or game boards. It can be downloaded and printed on your own printer.

More Fun Fall Activities

  • Play outdoor games in the more mild temperatures
    • Incorporate fall elements into traditional games
      • Play hopscotch with acorns
      • Play stick ball with acorns
      • Play hide-and-seek by hiding items in piles of leaves
  • Play autumn only games
    • Gather leaves and roll in them
    • Gather leaves and jump in them
    • Throw leaves up and let them “rain” down
  • Explore nature and it’s fall changes
    • A nature scavenger hunt specifically for autumn
    • Collect items
      • Acorns
      • Red leaves
      • Yellow leaves
Forest of autumn trees with yellow leaves

How to Plan a Fall Scavenger Hunt

  • Select an area for the nature scavenger hunt
    • You can play in a backyard, a city park or out in nature
    • You can designate a static area or take a nature walk
  • Decide if players will search individually or as teams
  • Decide if you are using the fall treasure hunt clues as an exploration activity or as a competitive game
    • It’s possible to do both, depending on the age of the children and their personalities
  • Determine if all items must be found or if the person or team with the most items win
    • You can use the fall treasure hunt sheet as a bingo-style card and have the first person to find all the items in a row win
  • If you want to use the fall scavenger hunt for kids as a nature exploration activity
    • Have the children collect the items they can to bring back for discussion and comparison
    • Stop and discuss items as the children find them on their walk

Get 20 different scavenger hunts in the Big Bundle of Scavenger Hunts, with a total of 80 different game board pages, that you can download and print yourself.

Fall Scavenger Hunt

You can print as many copies of the 4-page fall scavenger hunt pdf as you’d like. Each sheet is different so that you can play the game over again with different scavenger hunt cards or you can give each person or team different cards.

Should You Give Prizes for a Fall Scavenger Hunt?

Decide whether prizes are appropriate depending on your goals.

My family plays scavenger hunts simply for the fun of the activity and for “bragging rights”. But if you’d like to provide prizes here are some ideas.

Fall themed prize ideas:

  • Autumn themed socks – look for socks with leaves or fall animals at your local discount store
  • Fun gloves – light weight gloves with fun designs can be found at local discount and dollar stores
  • Autumn themed candy – popular choices are apple flavor, caramel apple flavor, pumpkin flavor and spice flavor
  • Fall themed coloring book – choose a coloring books appropriate for the children’s age and abilities
  • Apple cider – you can provide fresh apple cider or packets of apple cider mix

Free prize ideas:

  • Choose the next game to play.
  • Lead the nature walk and choose the path.
  • Choose the snack or dinner that day.
  • Stay up 15-30 minutes late that night.
  • Choose book to read together later.

How to Print the Fall Scavenger Hunt Printable

Get the free fall scavenger hunt pdf when you sign up for our free newsletter. After signing up, you’ll promptly receive an email with the scavenger hunt pdf. The instructions are below.

Print the pdf files out on your printer.

I prefer to either print the fall nature scavenger hunt sheets on card stock paper or laminate them so that they hold up for multiple uses.

Hint – Be sure to bring extra copies on your fall outdoor scavenger hunt. Someone will lose theirs or you’ll decide to play more rounds than you expected.

close up of pages of Fall scavenger hunt

Expert Tips for Printables

How do I access the free printable FaLL scavenger hunt?

Sign up for our free newsletter and gain access to the scavenger hunt and 200+ resources in the VIP Resource Library. When you submit the form, you will immediately be sent an email from Organized 31 with a link to the VIP Resources Library, including detailed instructions on how to access your printable. If you can’t find the welcome email after 3-4 minutes, check your spam folder. If you have any difficulty, you can email me and I’ll help you resolve any problems.

How do I print the pdf file?

The pdf usually opens right up when you click on the link in the VIP Resources Library. When that happens, simply right click on the pdf and either print or save the document to your device.

If the pdf does not pop up for you, you’ll most likely find it in your computer’s Downloads folder. You can also select “Downloads” in your browser menu to see a list of your downloads, then select “Show in folder” below the file name to see where it is located on your computer.

I’m worried about wasting printer ink – what can I do?

Most printers offer you the option to print in greyscale which is in black and white.

You can also look for the option to print in draft or economy mode. This usually means that the sheet is printed out with less ink. It still looks great and is a good way to print in color but use less ink.

How can I use the printable (what restrictions are there on use)?

You can print these pdf files as many times as you’d like for your personal use or classroom use. Please do not share the file with family, friends or coworkers. Please do share the link to this post so they can access their own copy of the printable. All printables are copyrighted.

You’ll have so much fun with this fall scavenger hunt, that you’ll be looking for more scavenger hunts for kids ideas.

More Printable Scavenger Hunts

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collage of 6 different colorful scavenger hunt game boards

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top image- bright green yard, bottom image - 5 backyard scavenger hunt pages

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colorful scavenger hunt boards for a neighborhood game

Scavenger Hunt Template – Use these free scavenger hunt templates in 8 different colors to create your own unique & personalized scavenger hunt. Can be downloaded immediately.

close up of 8 scavenger hunt template pages with text overlay
Scavenger Hunt Template

Halloween Scavenger Hunt – Make trick or treating & any Halloween party even more fun with this free 4-page printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt. It’s a great kids’ & family activity.

2 jack o'lanterns and 4 printable Halloween scavenger hunt sheets
Halloween Scavenger Hunt

More Fall Activities

Fall Dessert Idea – Easy-to-make autumn harvest cookies. Your new favorite fall dessert cookie idea. An easy semi-homemade recipe.

cookies decorated to look like ears of Indian corn with text overlay

Fall Candy Treats – DIY Fall Treats that anyone can make. Really! These party favors are easy to make in minutes and great for getting the kids involved.

close up of DIY acorn with gold foil candy base and acorn cap on white wood table

Thanksgiving Craft with Clay Pots – An easy and fun Thanksgiving craft that is easy enough for kids and adorable enough to use as decorations and party favors.

crafted clay pot pumpkin with 2 crafted pilgrim hats in front

Be sure to pin for later so you’ll always have this fall scavenger hunt printable resource ready for an exciting way to enjoy the fall.

Find all our best kids’ activities, games, and printables in the table below. You can scroll though the table and look for ideas or search for specific ideas with the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner (on desktop). Click on the topic and then click through the specific article.

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