Bullet Journal Ideas – Summer Theme Supplies

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Summertime is here. Yippeee! I am so ready for warm weather, lots of sun and happy summer activities and memory making. Of course, my bullet journal will be right there with me throughout the entire summer. It’s fun to coordinate your bullet journal with your life and these bullet journal ideas for summer theme supplies makes both the summer and your bullet journal that much more fun. There are bullet journal supplies with images of the beach, fruit, ice cream and flowers and palm leaves. These summer bullet journal supplies make the perfect gift for your favorite bullet journaler and for yourself. 

sunflower on top of pink journal with white label and flower petals scattered around with title text overlay reading Summer Theme Bullet Journal Supplies

Take your bullet journal to a happy, sunny place this summer with these bullet journal summer theme supplies.

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Bullet Journal Ideas – Summer Theme Supplies

Affiliate links are provided for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy. 

Bullet Journal Supplies Categories

  • Journal – There are many types of journals used in bullet journaling. Which journal you use is up to your personal preference and budget.
  • Pens – Just like with journals, which pens, markers, highlighters and pencils you choose to use is up to your personal preference. I suggest you start with less expensive pens and work your way up the price ladder until you find one that you love that is in your budget. My favorite pens are InkJoy Gel Pens and they are fairly inexpensive. They come in many different colors and are easy to write with. 
  • Stickers – Stickers can be used to:
    • Create the structure of your layout (page), e.g. using a month sticker.
    • Emphasize or highlight an area.
    • Or as decoration.
  • Washi Tape – Like stickers, washi tape can be used to:
    • Create the structure of your layouts
    • Add decoration.
    • Identify or tab specific pages.
  • Accessories – The choice of bullet journal accessories is endless. They can make bullet journaling more functional or simply more fun for you. 

General Summer

Summer Bucket List Planner Stickers 

Summer Holiday Stickers for Bullet Journals

Summer Lovin’ Planner Stickers 

Summer Washi Tape – Set of 4 Patterns


Mixed Fruit Bullet Journal – Eligible for Amazon Prime. 

Watermelon Bullet Journal 

Fruit Traveler’s Notebook

Pineapple Bullet Journal

Pineapple Love Traveler’s Notebook

Made-to-Order Pineapple Traveler’s Notebook Cover

Fruit Journal in Size A6 – Available in Mixed Fruit, Pineapple and Strawberry

Made-to-Order Watermelon Traveler’s Notebook Cover

Watermelon Dot Grid Bujo Notebook

Watermelon Bullet Journal – Eligible for Amazon Prime

Strawberry Traveler’s Notebook Cover

Pineapple Bullet Journal – Eligible for Amazon Prime.

Citrus Washi Tape 

Peaches Washi Tape

Fruit Bow Planner Clips

Strawberries & Blueberries Washi Tape

Strawberry Shaped Paper Clips

Pineapple Workout Tracker

Pencil Case – Choice of Banana, Cherry, Watermelon or Lemon

Watermelon Paper Clip

Watermelon Washi Tape

4-piece Set Fruit Pencil Bags – Includes watermelon, strawberry, lemon and pineapple

Strawberry Pencil Bag

Strawberry Pencil Case

Watermelon Pencil Case – Eligible for Amazon Prime

Fruit Scented Pens – Set of 12


Seashell Mini Notebook

Beach Bullet Journal Notebook – Choice of 12 beach images

Beach Day Stickers

Beach Ball Paper Clip Bookmark

Water Color Planner Stickers

Palm Tree Washi Tape

Beach Ball Washi Tape

Flowers & Plants

Summer Floral Print Bullet Journal – Handmade Coptic Stitch Bound Bullet Journal 6 x 9 inch

Palm Leaf Bullet Journal

Floral Traveler’s Notebook 

Flower Bullet Journal – Hardcover, dot journal

Pencil Case – Floral

Dreamy Floral Washi Tape

Floral Pencil Case – Eligible for Amazon Prime.

 Ice Cream

Ice Cream Bullet Journal

Ice Cream Hardcover Bullet Journal

Ice Cream Popsicle Bullet Journal

Ice Cream Bullet Journal – Eligible for Amazon free shipping.

Ice Cream Washi Tape

Ice Cream Stickers

Ice Cream Gel Pens

Bullet Journal Resources

Hand-lettering Class – Six video lessons teaching the how-to of hand-lettering.

My Favorite Bullet Journal Ideas on Pinterest

Free Bullet Journal Supplies Wish List

With all this summer inspiration, if you weren’t ready for the summer before, I bet you are now! I know I sure am. What bullet journal ideas for summer theme supplies have you added to your wish list? Have fun this summer with your bullet journal. 

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  1. So many cute supplies. I’m so excited that it is finally summer. The heat doesn’t bother me, and I love the ease of stepping into flip flops and heading out the door!

  2. What a marvelous selection of bullet journals (I pinned it). In case your readers need motivation and inspiration to journal, I’d like to suggest they check out the woman’s self-care journal “Colors of Joy: A Woman’s Guide for Self-Discovery, Balance, and Bliss.” It offers colorful guided journal activities to nurture mind, body, and spirit. See it on my website

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