Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

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Make your bullet journal monthly spread easy to create each month with this free printable. It comes in two different sizes, A5 half-page and A4 full-page. You can download and print these monthly spread templates immediately.

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What is a monthly spread?

A bullet journal monthly spread is also known as a bullet journal monthly log and is one of the foundational spreads or components of a traditional bullet journal. It allows you to see all appointments and tasks for an entire month in one spot. It is similar to a month in a calendar.

You can also use portions of the monthly spread as a planner to note down and track tasks, habits and more.

Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

I have used the bullet journal monthly spread for a couple of years now. I love that I can tailor the monthly spread to my specific preferences.

In the past, I was frustrated with store-bought planners because they forced me to adapt to their format. I love that I can tailor my bullet journal to meet my needs. Yes, call me an independent minded bullet journal and planner user!

Why Decorate Your Monthly Spread

I prefer more of a bullet journal spread minimalist style, but many people enjoy decorating their spreads. People choose to decorate their bullet journal:

  • As a creative outlet.
  • As a relaxing activity.
  • As an incentive to stick to using their bullet journal.
  • To make using their bullet journal more enjoyable.
  • Because it brings them joy in the creation of the decorated bullet journal monthly spread and also every time they use their bullet journal.

How to Decorate Your Monthly Spread

Whether you are artistic or not so much, there are many options available for decorating your bullet journal. You can decorate your bullet journal monthly spread:

How to Print Your Monthly Spread Templates

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collage of colorful organizing printable pages.

  • Choose whether you want to use the half-page or the full-page monthly spread.
  • Choose whether you want to print the monthly spreads back-to-back or only on the front of the page so that you can use the blank back page for notes.
  • Print the pages out on your home printer or take them to a print shop.
  • If you choose to print the bullet journal monthly spreads out at home, I prefer to use a heavier weight paper than regular printer paper. You can use plain printer paper, but this is luxurious bullet journal printable paper that make using your bullet journal a pleasure. I’ve also used this more budget-friendly paper with good results.

How to Set Up Your Bullet Journal

I personally like using a disc bound notebook system, like The Happy Planner. It makes it easy to take pages out and reorder them. I also like that you can easily fold the notebook in half for writing.

You can use any notebook system that you like:

  • 3-ring Binder
  • 6-rings Binder, this A5 binder is available in pink, purple and turquoise
  • Filofax A5 Organizer
  • You can even simply staple or clip the pages together, if you’d like.
Collage of 3 black, white and grey bullet journal monthly spread printable templates.

How to Use the Monthly Spread Templates

  • Fill in the monthly spread with the name of the month and the dates.
  • Add birthdays, anniversary, holidays and appointments.
  • Add tasks, projects and events.
  • In the half-sized templates:
    • Use the notes section to keep track of information and reminders.
    • Use the check boxes to track the completion of to do tasks
  • In the full-sized templates:
    • Use the habit tracker section on the left to monitor your habit development.
      • Write the habit on a line.
      • Use the 7 boxes below to track your habit success.
      • You can choose to use this area for additional notes, if you’d prefer.
    • Use the notes area on the right page as a log of information and reminders.
    • Use the check boxes on the right page to monitor to do task completion.

Additional Bullet Journal Spread Templates

I have shared these additional bullet journal spread printable templates that you can use in conjunction with your bullet journal monthly spread printable:

Pin now so that you know exactly where to find these bullet journal monthly spread templates when you need them or want to share them with a friend.

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