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Organize a Holiday Meal Planner

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I’m posting over at Ask Anna today and sharing my trick to organize holiday meal ingredients.  I thought I’d share the second part of my tips to organize a holiday meal here with you and it revolves around my holiday meal planner.

Organize a Holiday Meal Planner Free Printable - Organized 31

I like to purchase my holiday meal ingredients early so there’s no stress running around trying to find the one thing you forgot on the holiday when all the grocery stores were closed (yes, it happened to me many years ago and I’m still scarred today!).  I like to use my organize a holiday meal planer which can be personalized for your own favorite dishes and ingredients.  I simply print out a copy a few weeks before the holiday.

Organize a Holiday Meal Planner

Tips for Organizing Holiday Meals free planner

I collect and store my ingredients in a clearly identified box so there’s no confusion over what’s needed for holiday meal preparation. 

Organize your holiday meals with this holiday meal planner and shopping list.

You can use this free new and improved printable to create your own Holiday Meal Planner.  You can personalize your planner with your family’s favorite holiday dishes and the ingredients you need.

Holiday Meal Planner

I add each dish that I will serve at the holiday meal and then the ingredients I need for each dish.  I take my holiday meal planner and take a quick trip through my pantry.  I mark of the ingredients I already have and place them in my holiday meal box so they won’t be used for a meal before the holiday.  Then I write down the ingredients I still need to buy.  I take my list to the grocery store and in one shopping trip, I know I’ve gotten everything I need to make a wonderful holiday meal for my family.

Organize a Holiday Meal Planner Free Printable - Organized 31

Just a few minutes of planning time will save you stress and multiple trips to the store.

Now that I have my holiday meal planner filled out, I’m ready to pop over to the grocery store and get everything I need to get ready for the holidays.  How do you organize a holiday meal at your house?

Organize a Holiday Meal Planner Free Printable - Organized 31

I use a Thanksgiving Meal Planner to plan out my meal preparation on Thanksgiving day. You can get a free copy to use to plan out your meal preparation here. 

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  1. Hi Susan – Great tips, especially if you are entertaining for several days and several meals! Heading over to Ask Anna now…. Hugs, Holly

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