Doctor Who Cookies

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sugar cookies decorated to look like Dr. Who with title text reading Doctor Who Decorated Cookies

Doctor Who is an iconic BBC TV show that recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.  The show has loyal (crazy?) fans that know every detail of the show and the characters.  One of the interesting twists to the show is that the main character, the Doctor, can regenerate and because of this has been played by a slew of actors over the years.  Each character has a distinctive personality and look.  My youngest daughter, a big fan, has taken our routine Christmas cookie decorating to a new level.  With just a simple gingerbread man sugar cookie, some white frosting, four shades of food coloring (black, red, yellow, and blue), and toothpicks, she created 11 masterpiece cookies.  Meet the 11 different Doctor Who cookies.

All you need to create your own masterpieces is a basic sugar cookie dough, a gingerbread man cookie cutter, store-bought frosting (in a can frosting has a better consistency than in a tube), food coloring (my daughter created all these colors from just five food coloring colors; red, yellow, green, blue and black, a knife and a lot of toothpicks.  
Our family’s favorite decorated sugar cookie recipe is very easy to make and you can depend on it always turning out perfectly. 

Doctor Who Cookies

Here are your cookie Doctor Who models in order.

1 – William Hartnell

a sugar cookie decorated as Doctor Who - The First Doctor


2 -Patrick Troughton

a sugar cookie decorated as Doctor Who - The second doctor


3 – Jon Pertwee

a sugar cookie decorated as  Doctor Who - The third doctor


4 – Tom Baker

a sugar cookie decorated as Doctor Who - The fourth doctor


5 – Peter Davison

a sugar cookie decorated as Doctor Who - The fifth doctor


6 – Colin Baker

a sugar cookie decorated as Doctor Who - The sixth doctor


7 – Sylvester McCoy

a sugar cookie decorated as Doctor Who - The seventh doctor

8 – Paul McGann

a sugar cookie decorated as Doctor Who - The eighth doctor


 9 – Christopher Eccleston

a sugar cookie decorated as Doctor Who - The ninth doctor


10 – David Tennant

a sugar cookie decorated as Doctor Who - The tenth doctor



11 – Matt Smith

a sugar cookie decorated as Doctor Who - The eleventh doctor


 I’m in awe of the details my youngest daughter was able to create with just a toothpick, her imagination, and her determination.  There’s no way I’m going to let anyone eat these masterpieces! I need to encourage her to create the most recent Doctor Who in cookie form this year. 

Who is your favorite incarnation of the Doctor and which Doctor Who cookie do you like the best?

sugar cookies decorated to look like Doctor Who with title text reading Doctor Who Cookies

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  1. Wow! She did an amazing job! I’ve only watched the new seasons of Dr. Who and I really think she nailed the last two doctors! She really captured their hair haha. Great job!

  2. Can I tell you, Sue, that ,my whole family was sitting around gawking at your daughter’s DW masterpieces??
    I clicked over for the Thurs hop and saw these! Love it…thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!!

  3. These are so lovely! We had a BIG 50th/60th birthday party on November 23rd (I share a birthday with the Doctor.) We had a lot of Whovian related dishes. I didn’t have any great luck with the gingerbread men (we tried to make gingerbread companions) but these are AWESOME. I’ve been a fan since 1981ish and Tom Baker (4) is probably my go-to favorite, but actually my favorite is probably the one I’m watching at the moment.

  4. I love Doctor Who and when I saw those cookies I squealed.They are fantastic!
    I plan on theming one of my Christmas trees on Doctor Who next year; I’ll have to keep these cookies in mind when I put it together.
    She did an awesome job!

    1. Marla, Thanks, I’m think she did an amazing job, too. A Doctor Who themed tree sounds fun, I’ll have to tell my daughter about it.

  5. Where was this post when I was making Doctor Who themed food for the 50th anniversary episode? 😉

    Thanks for sharing this – I’ve pinned it. My boys are going to love this.

    Angela @ A Typical English Home

  6. You are a genius and these are brilliant!
    I have loved doctor who since I was a kid (Tom Baker was my Doctor back then) and am very excited that people all over the world love it now.
    In a strange “it’s a small world” way, my son made my daughter gingerbread “house” for her birthday once (all the characters from the TV show House) which were kind of similar to these beauties of yours !

  7. Wow! That was a lot of work and I really enjoyed scrolling through the doctor pictures matched up with the cookies. I am always surprised by the creative projects that pop up on Pinterest by Doctor Who fans. I love the show so this was good for a laugh!

  8. These are amazing! The details are really something. I’m partial to David Tennant because he was my first, but also a big fan of Tom Baker and Peter Davidson.

    1. My daughter is, too. I must have been living under a rock, because I didn’t know anything about Doctor Who until she started watching it.

  9. I have never heard of Dr. Who but these cookies are awesome. Your daughter is very talented. Sylvester McCoy is my favorite.

  10. Oh these are so cute! I have never seen the show but many of my friends are big fans. Your cookies look like the characters!

  11. I keep seeing tons of Dr. Who stuff pop up everywhere, and I cant help but wonder what the show is like! I need to make it a point to watch it!

  12. I saw this and it made me think of a blogger buddy whose family loves Doctor Who. I’ve seen it on a few times when I was flipping through the guide and now I’m even more intrigued to see what the hype is all about because before blogging, I’ve never heard of it before. These cookies are so cute and creative! Thank you for sharing with us!

  13. How cool.. these cookies are amazing, the detail is stunning…thanks for sharing.. totally love it

  14. Wow!!! Your daughter is artistic!!! She should start her own cookie making business!! Maybe she could make a cookie to look like every student in her class at the end of the year!!! (or maybe just onn for her teacher)!!

  15. I have a friend who is totally into Doctor Who. She would thoroughly enjoy these. I’m going to share this with her. Thanks for sharing.

  16. NO WAY!!!! Your daughter SO talented 🙂 These are super artsy. My 23 year old daughter is having a birthday soon and she is a Dr Who FREAK. I will have o try and make these for her.

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