Treats for My Dog

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My dog, Lila, is my best buddy, in fact she’s more than my best buddy. We’ve gone through so much together over the past 12 years. We’ve moved to three new homes and traveled thousands of miles together. She’s such a big part of my life. One of the many ways I show her how much I appreciate her is with treats for my dog. I also use treats to help her not miss me when I have to leave. 

brown and tan dog with head on person's lap looking at the camera with title text overlay reading Treats for My Dog

Treats for My Dog

Lila and I have been through a lot the past two years. Two difficult surgeries for me. Health issues for both of us. Four deaths in the past year. It’s been rough. Lila and I have faced it all together. While we’ve always been buddies, over the past two years, she’s become more than my best buddy

top image - dog by person's knee looking at person, bottom image - brown and tan dog with head on person's lap with title text reading Always sitting by my knee.

She’s always been a very independent girl, just like I am, but lately, she is always by my side. Always. And often not just by my side but as close to me as she can get (those are my knees as I’m sitting in my chair).

Since I work from home, we’re always together. Being the independent girl that she is, she never used to care when I left home to run errands. Now that we are more than best buddies, she misses me when I’m gone. 

Brown and tan dog laying on rug by purse a set of keys looking at camera

As soon as I get my keys out, she’s right there by my feet.

brown and tan dog laying curled on rug by door

When I leave the house, she waits by the door until I get home. She even waited by the door for four days when I took my daughter off to college. According to my husband and son, she didn’t fuss or whine, she just sat right by the door waiting.

That broke my heart. She is more than my best buddy and I don’t want her missing me when I have to go out. I’d take her everywhere with me if I could.

I decided to change her outlook on my departures. She has always loved treats and because she’s more than my best buddy, she deserves more treats, according to Lila.  Of course, we pay attention to maintaining a healthy weight (we’re both watching our healthy, girlish figures).

To change her outlook:

  • I started telling her when I’m leaving. I say, “Bye. Be a good girl, Lila.” She knows that means that I’m going. Although, truth be told, she somehow knows well before that.
  • Just before I leave, I place a treat in her bowl, which is right by the back door. I also, place a treat somewhere else in the house for her to find later. 
  • I do this all with a calm, matter-of-fact attitude.
  • When I come back home, I immediately call her and greet her (and often give her another treat).
brown and dog laying on rug by door with dog treat between paws

Thanks to treats for my dog, Lila now looks forward to the times I have to go out almost as much as she looks forward to sitting right on top of my knees. 

gif of dog wagging tail and head on person's lap
brown and tan dog with head on person's lap with dog treat logo overlay reading Dogs Love More presented by Milk Bone

With the Milk-Bone Gifmaker, you can add text and share on social media to share the unique way your dog is more. My Lila shows me every day that Dogs Love More.  And Lila wants to you know that because dogs are more, they deserve more treats.

How is your dog more? I show Lila every day that she is more to me with treats for my dog. Share your Milk-Bone gifs using the hashtag #DogsAreMore to celebrate all the ways that our dogs are more. 

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  1. That is one adorable dog! I would have a hard time not giving him a treat every time he came up and looked at me that way:)

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