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My dog, Lila, is larger than life. She’s the dog with the lampshade on her head at a party. Every day is an adventure to embrace to her. She and her outlook  has influenced me and my outlook in such a powerful way. She is more than a dog, so much more. I thought that Lila was unique, but it turns out that there are many more dogs that are also so much more than just a dog. So while Lila is definitely a one-of-a-kind, she has many canine friends being so much more than just and making huge positive impacts, too. 

brown and tan dog laying down and smiling at camera with title text reading Is Your Dog More Than Just a Dog?

Lila is my fun-loving, spirited dog. Every day is a party and a reason to celebrate. She is lit-erally the dog with the curtain on her head (yes, she inexplicably put that curtain on her head and sat there with it like that for about 15 minutes).

brown and tan dog looking up at camera with sweet eyes, and insert of dog with curtain in her head

And while I love how exuberant she is and how she’s helped me be more fun-loving, I have never thought of her as nurturing. Lila is more bossy than nurturing.

brown and tan dog laying on step looking alert at camera

Lila has always looked out for us. As part of a military family, Lila has moved with us four times. At each new house she immediately finds the best spot in the house to keep an eye on every bedroom and entrance to the house. How does she figure that out? It took me two moves to realize what she is doing. She has always been our protector, our guardian. Then two years ago she added nurturing and caring to her role in the family. She’s more than just a dog,  more than just a protector, more than just a fun-loving dog. 

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Milk-Bone understands that Lila and other dogs like her are so much more than just a dog. Milk-Bone is celebrating its 20 year anniversary of supporting Canine Assistants. Canine Assistants is a non-profit organization that provides trained service dogs for children and adults with physical disabilities and special needs. 

To celebrate their anniversary and how dogs are just so much more, Milk-Bone has created this video highlighting several Canine Assistants and their owners You’ll be encouraged and inspired to give your own dog an extra hug and treat of thanks. Milk-Bone can help you show your dog your love, one treat at a time.   

brown and tan dog looking at camera and curled up next to table

Two years ago, I went through two unexpected surgeries. I spent days laying helplessly on my back (like an overturned turtle). Lila never left my side. When I felt especially vulnerable at night, she was always right there with me, standing guard and reassuring me. Lila showed herself to be so much more than just my fun-loving, bossy dog. She is also my nurturing, comforting buddy. Look at this face. This is my caring buddy, that also happens to be fun-loving and wacky.

I know Lila has many more-than-just-a-dog friends out there. How is your dog more than a dog in your family?

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  1. Lucky Lila to have a family that loves her as much as she loves them! Empathy is a gift and a special characteristic that not every dog demonstrates. My golden, Roger, lived to be 16+ and 10 of those years he made a positive impact on many lives as a touch therapy dog at nursing homes. We were trained as a team, but I was just Roger’s driver. šŸ™‚ So many of the nursing home residents knew Roger by name and had the dates of his scheduled visits marked on their calendars! He LOVED his job. What could be better than 1-2 hours of nonstop love and petting?! In return he gave snuggles, warmth, love, quietness, and something (someone) to look forward to seeing. It was my privilege to share him with his fans. šŸ™‚ Your “more than a dog” title describes my Roger, too.

    1. How wonderful that you were able to share those experiences with Roger and the nursing home residents. I know everyone’s lives were enriched by the experience. He was on special more than dog with one special owner.

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