Upcycled Cigar Box

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 My ongoing love affair with repurposing items is so well-known among my friends that they continue to give me their extra items to repurpose.  Today I’d like to share an easy upcycled cigar box craft project for organizing.Repurposed Cigar Boxes -Organized 31

A friend of mine dropped by one day with a pile of these cigar boxes that she picked up for me.  She “just knew I could do something with them” and she loved the way they opened.Repurposed Cigar Boxes -Organized 31

The tray that was meant to hold cigars is the perfect size to organize my friend’s collection of beads for crafting. Repurposed Cigar Boxes -Organized 31

I grabbed some scraps of decorative paper, a paper cutter (you could use scissors), my trusty Mod Podge and a brush.Repurposed Cigar Boxes -Organized 31

I chose decorative paper that matches the personalities and interests of her children.   The yellow paper on the box is so pretty that I opted for just covering the center label on the box. I wanted to maintain the matte look of the decorative paper, so I was careful to only brush the Mod Podge on the back of the paper.Repurposed Cigar Boxes -Organized 31

Unfortunately I couldn’t remove the stickers on the front and top of the box neatly.  So what’s a crafter to do? Cover it with more decorative paper, of course.Repurposed Cigar Boxes -Organized 31

In less than 10 minutes (plus drying time), I whipped up these bead organization boxes for my friend.   You could use this box to organize desk supplies, jewelry, papers or collectibles.Repurposed Cigar Boxes -Organized 31

If you don’t have friends that pass items to repurpose along to you, but have a cigar store in your area, try dropping in and asking if they have any leftover boxes.  Often the stores just throw those boxes away and are happy to give them to you for free or a small charge.   Happy repurposing! 

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