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Ink Pad Storage Idea

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When we moved into our current home I got my first ever craft room (which is saying something when I’ve moved into more than 25 homes!). I am absolutely thrilled every day when I walk into my craft room. It’s such a lovely treat for me. I’ve been slowly working on organizing my craft room and making it just the way I want. As a Wayfair Homemaker featured blogger, I have been building my wish list of furniture and organizing bins to complete my craft room. But you know me, I am always looking for ways to use repurposed items to organize. Recently I had a palm to forehead DIY didn’t I think of this sooner moment. I found the ink pad storage idea that has answered all my organizing needs. I’m so excited about it and only wish I’d thought of it much sooner. 

colorful craft supplies neatly organized on shelves of white bookcase

I hit the thrift stores every other week or so to look for inspiration for organizing projects and crafting. I get a rush from the creative challenge of repurposing items in a new a different way. The fact that it’s also earth-friendly is an added benefit. When I walk into a thrift store I make a beeline for the housewares and odd thingamajigs section (you know where you find items that have a mysterious origin and inexplicably found their way onto a shelf in a thrift store). I always find the most interesting items in those areas.

overhead view of black wire music cd rack

A couple of months ago I was wandering around the odd thingamajig area looking to see what might grab my eye and I saw this outdated CD shelf. I liked the industrial look and stood there contemplating what I could do with it. The individual compartments would be perfect to organize …something…. but what?  Then it hit me – it is perfect for organizing my craft supplies, my stamp pads in particular. 

Ink Pad Storage Idea

sideview of ink stamp pads in black wire organizer with colorful buckets sitting on top

I had been keeping my ink pads nicely organized in a box. The problem was they were all stacked on top of each other and not convenient to use. Invariably, I always wanted the ink pad on the bottom of the pile and digging through the box to find the exact ink pad I wanted became a bit annoying. It’s preferable to store your ink pads so that the pad part is horizontal and not stored vertical. I had tried neatly stacking the ink pads on the shelf, but the stacks of ink pads kept falling over (which kinda wiped out any organizing efforts). This CD shelf allows me to neatly stack the ink pads in ROY G. BIV color order (of course). The small compartments keep the ink pad stacks neatly contained. No more piles falling over. I’m also able to stack other organizing containers on top of the shelf, giving me two levels of storage in one spot. 

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colorful ink stamp pads stacked in black wire holder

I can fit a variety of sizes of ink pads in the compartments and they can all be seen and accessed with no trouble. I love that it’s easy to pick up my ink pad storage shelf up and carry it to my work table when I want to craft and easy to put it back away after I’m done. This repurposed CD shelf ink pad storage idea saves me time setting up for crafting and cleaning up. It’s such an easy and perfect solution that I only wish I’d though of much sooner. 

colorful craft supplies neatly organized on shelves of white bookcase

What ink pad storage idea do you use in your craft room? Have you checked out the great craft room organizing accessories and furniture at Wayfair? Come on, I’ll race you there to plan both of our perfectly organized craft rooms. 

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  1. What a great idea! Sometimes just turning things on their sides you can come up with all kinds of new uses for things!

  2. I Also found ( 10 years ago) CD Storage spinner racks. I added pieces of cardboard to complete each “shelf” and hold each stamp pad. And best of all a thrift shop purchase too, for $6.99

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