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We’re just over a month away from my oldest “baby” going off to college sniff, sniff  In an effort to keep me from crying every day, I’m keeping busy helping her get ready to go to college.  A big part of that getting ready is getting all the stuff that she needs.  Because most dorm rooms are tiny, finding dorm room organizing products that will make her life a little more organized and thus better is my focus.  Thanks to DormCo, we’ve found several key items that will make my daughter’s dorm room that much more organized.

Dorm Room Organizing - Organized 31 #sponsored #DormCo
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I recently discovered   They have everything from bedding to trunks to lighting and decor. It’s a one-stop college stuff shopping site. Can you believe that shipping is only $2.95 and orders are shipped out in 24 hours?  If you’re looking to outfit a college student or someone furnishing their first place, be sure to check out Dorm Co.

Dorm Room Organizing - Organized 31 #sponsored #DormCo

My daughter will have at least one other roommate in a traditional freshman dorm room (that means much too small for two girls and all their stuff!).  We choose 3 organizing items that we thought would help organize and make my daughter’s dorm room more livable, enjoyable even.  We were thrilled that our order came within a couple of days.

Dorm Room Organizing - Organized 31 #sponsored #DormCo

The first item on our college room organizing list? Bed risers, of course. My daughter chose these blue ones to coordinate with her bedspread.  Dorm Co has a large selection of different colors of bed risers.  You may want to check your dorm room first, because some dorms are furnished with beds that can be adjusted to different heights by themselves.  But if you have a traditional dorm bed, you’ll definitely want a set of bed risers for 2 reasons.  First, dorm beds are lower than normal beds and the risers help raise the bed to a “normal” level.  Second, by raising the bed up, you’ll add much-needed storage space under your bed.  These bed risers are sturdy and comfortably stable.

Dorm Room Organizing - Organized 31 #sponsored #DormCo

That added storage space can be used to store clothes, linens, shoes or whatever.  We knew that in conjunction with the bed risers, we wanted to get an under-the-bed storage box.   It’s amazing how much you can store in one of these under-the-bed boxes.  It was quick and easy to assemble and is sturdy enough to handle 4 years of college organizing.

By using my favorite shirt folding trick and jean folding trick, we were able to fit 5 large sweat shirts, 1 pair of sweat pants and 7 pairs of jeans into this one box.  Think of how much space that would free up in a teeny tiny dorm closet!

Dorm Room Organizing - Organized 31 #sponsored #DormCo

When we were looking through the organizing items on Dorm Co, we were fascinated by this Stick Um!

Dorm Room Organizing - Organized 31 #sponsored #DormCo

You never know how you’ll have to or be able to set your furniture up in your dorm room until you get there and negotiate with a roommate (or 2) and assess the size of your room and amount of all the stuff.  One thing is for sure, you can not guarantee that you’ll have a nightstand or surface next to your bed for your phone (your phone that also serves as your alarm).  This Stick Up!  solves that problem brilliantly.  It’s repositionable on the wall and the front is made of reusable sticky material to hold your phone.

I will advise that you press the phone firmly to the Stick Um! to make sure it adheres well. We were too gentle and the phone fell off the wall, so be sure to press the phone firmly to the wall.

Dorm Room Organizing - Organized 31 #sponsored #DormCo

As we were trying each of these products out, I noticed that I’m not the only one who is going to miss my “baby.” She climbed under the bed and next to the storage box to watch us.

Dorm Room Organizing - Organized 31 #sponsored #DormCo

My daughter is now well on the way to being ready to move into her dorm room next month.  What must-have dorm room organizers do you recommend?

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  1. You are doing such a great job of preparing your daughter. She will go away with everything she needs to be a great student! I know you are sad (and your pup too), but she is moving on to bigger and better things!

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