Crochet Casserole Cozy

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With Thanksgiving, Christmas and the winter holidays approaching, I wanted to make a dish cozy to dress up the casserole dishes I use for side dishes on my holiday table. These are also great hostess gifts when you’re a guest over the holidays.  It’s super easy and you can crochet one in an afternoon at kid activity or sitting on the couch watching football.
square glass baking dish with maroon crocheted cover.

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I’ve found that some side dishes can be transferred into a pretty bowl for serving, but other dishes do better remaining in their original casserole dish.  I want to make those side dishes that I serve in the casserole dish look pretty, too, and so I have crocheted casserole dish cozies.

Crochet Casserole Cozy

Begin by crocheting a chain the width of your casserole dish.
glass casserole dish with one maroon crocheted chain laying across top and gold crochet needle.
Use triple crochet stitch to make the bottom of the cozy. You can also use single crochet here, which I did on the first cozy I made.  I just found that the project went much faster using triple crochet and worked just as well.   Before you start crocheting your first row, check out my tip for flipping your chain to make the first row.
Crochet until the bottom measures the size of your casserole dish.
maroon crocheted square measured to the size of the bottom of glass casserole dish.
Next crochet single crochet in the inside loop only.  Crocheting only in the inside loop (instead of the usual entire V-shaped stitch)  makes the sides of the cozy stand up from the bottom with a crisp edge rather than a rounded one.  Crochet in this manner around the entire perimeter of the bottom square. 
close up of gold crochet needed in maroon crochet square to show particular stitch.
Crochet 3 rounds of single crochet.  After the first row, skip one stitch at each corner for 1-2 rows to tighten up the corner seams.  If you don’t skip these stitches your corners will be droopy.  Depending on the yarn you choose and the tightness of your stitches, you may only have to skip a stitch on one row.  Just check the corners when you start your third row to determine if you need to skip another stitch on each corner or not.
For the 4th row of crochet, chain 3 and slip stitch in every other single crochet.  After the each round, don’t join just slip stitch into the middle stitch of each chain.
close-up of gold crochet needle and border of maroon crocheted cozy to show particular stitch.
I crocheted 4 rows of chains, but just check your own casserole dish to see if you need to do more or fewer rows.  When your cozy is the right height for your dish, single crochet in each stitch of your last row.
close-up of gold crochet needle and border of maroon crocheted cozy to show particular stitch.
This gives the edge a more finished look.
close-up of maroon crocheted cozy with open-weave border.

I made 2 cozies.  I single crocheted the sides and only added the chained ruffle at the top.  This pattern makes a denser cozy and would be good if you were transporting the dish to a potluck party.

I always like to bring a hostess gift when I’m a guest at a holiday party and this cozy would be perfect., just like The Coconut Head suggests.

side view of maroon crocheted cozy around glass casserole dish.
 Here’s the casserole cozy with the single crocheted sides. 
top view of maroon crocheted cozy around glass casserole dish.
And here’s the cozy with the chained lacy-looking sides.
side view of maroon crocheted cozy around glass casserole dish.
They both work well for keeping your casserole dish warm.  And they’d both work well as hostess gifts.  Here’s wishing you happy crocheting and a Happy Thanksgiving.
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  1. I really love the cozy! What a great and colorful way to liven up a dish and a perfect way to carry it to your hosts house. Another nice thing about this cozy is that it would serve as it’s own hot pad! Great pattern!

  2. Thank you so much for all the pictures to explain each step! Sometimes I have a hard time deciphering what I’m supposed to do from written instructions. This would make such a charming hostess gift. I love that it can easily be adapted to fit whatever size dish you want.

  3. Hi Susan – What a fun homemade gift to take as a hostess gift or to use yourself! I wish I was as talented as you are! Hugs, Holly

  4. Hi and wow, I love this casserole dish cover! It will look so pretty for the holidays! I saw it on 4 you with love party. You are a very and creative crocheter.Julie

  5. This is wonderful, I crochet but not very good, the tutorial made it so simple that I believe I can make it and it will look good. Thanks.

    1. Thanks, Lucy. I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pant crocheter. I usually use an I or J hook, but then I tend to crochet loosely. I hope this helps.

  6. I am excited to make this casserole cozy. I am also looking for a pattern to make a bowl cozy.. Do you have one for the soup or other size bowls?

    1. Hi, Jessie. I’m sorry I don’t have a pattern for a bowl (but you’ve got my interest piqued!). I hope you enjoy making the casserole cozy. šŸ™‚

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