Pampering Mother’s Day Gift with Decorated Flip Flops

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My mom is my best friend.  She’s always been my mom (she’s not the kind of mom who’s trying to be my cool friend) and will always be my mom first, but she’s also my best friend.  I want to pamper her a bit this year and show her how much I love and appreciate her.  Since I can’t sing or write her a song, I want to give her a Mother’s Day gift that will pamper her in a way that she won’t pamper herself.

overhead view of gift basket filled with blue and green gift items for foot care and yellow label that says Happy Mother's Day

I’ve always been close to my mom and enjoyed doing things with her. Even during those teenage years, I enjoyed being with my mom, talking with her and hearing her opinions (most of the time). During my teen years, I began to realize that I was fortunate to have such a close relationship with my mom.  Maybe it’s because as a military family when we moved every two years we only knew each other at first.  Maybe it’s because there’s no one else who knows and understands the unique situations we’ve lived through stationed all over the world.  (My mom once chased a man who ran carrying me through the Istanbul airport when I was 11 years old and had passed out.  He was running me to the airport clinic, but she didn’t know that.  Then she had to face the wrath of a tough Turkish nurse who wanted to give me an injection but couldn’t explain what it was for.  My polite, little mom stood up to this large, aggressive nurse to prevent her from giving me an injection with a needle that looked like it was from the Dark Ages.) Maybe I’m just blessed with wonderful mother.  Whatever the reason, I treasure my mom, her support and friendship.

We live 3 time zones apart and only get to see each other twice a year, but we talk several times a week.  If we lived closer, I’d love to take my mom out for a day of pampering.  She comes from good pioneer stock and isn’t one to pamper herself much (I should know, because I come from the same stock), but she deserves to be pampered.  Because I know she won’t do it for herself, I’m sending her a pampering gift basket for Mother’s Day.

overhead view of gift basket filled with blue and green gift items for foot care and yellow label that says Happy Mother's Day

My mom is a crafter (no guessing where I got the crafting gene from), so I wanted to make something for her. As far as I know, she’s never had a manicure or pedicure other than the ones she’s given herself.

 I thought it would be fun to give her a fancy, pampering foot care gift basket, including a homemade item and other pampering items.

white flip flops decoraed with blue and green fabric next to white and blue bottle of lotion and blue handled pedicure tool

I started with the Amopé™ Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Foot File.  It buffs away hard skin with a gentle rotating action. I found it charming that Amopé™ is Portuguese for “Love your feet” and I know my mom will, too.  

You can find Amopè™ products at Target in the Foot Care aisle and on a Side Cap in that area.  In addition to the Amopé™ Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Foot File, which is $39.99 (and from 5/3 – 5/9/2015 there’s a Target Cartwheel offer for Buy 1 Gadget, get a FREE $5 Target gift card), I picked up the Amopé™ Foot Cream as an additional pampering touch to include in the gift basket. I chose the blue Amopé™ gadget because blue and green is my mom’s favorite color combo, but there’s also a limited edition pink gadget available at Target.

tube of green candies, blue nail polish and pink nail polish and blue and green decorated box on white wood table

I also picked up some fun nail polish and candy to add to the basket. I’d made a blue and green notepad a few months ago, so I added it, as well.

folded blue and green fabric, white rubber flip flops, orange handled scissors and blue measuring tape on white wood table

To create my homemade item, I decided to make decorated flip flops in my mom’s favorite blue and green color combination.  I started with a pair or basic flip flops (you can get them for a dollar or two) and some cotton fabric.  This is a great project to use up fabric scraps you may have been hoarding keeping.  Grab a tape measure and pinking shears (you can use regular scissors, but the fabric will unravel more over time).

white rubber flip flop with blue measuring tape on white wood table

Measure the length of the band that goes across your foot.  Mine was about 11 1/2 inches.  

Cut 2 pieces of fabric the length of your flip flop band and 6 1/4 inches wide.  I cut 2 rectangles from the blue fabric and 2 from the green fabric.

blue and green fabric with cut strips with orange handled pinking shears

Place a blue and green rectangle together and then cut it on each side to make flaps about 1/2 inch wide.  Leave about 1/4 – 1/2 inch down the middle between the two rows of flaps. Plan ahead so that you have an even number of flaps.

white rubber flip flop with blue and green fabric cut with fringes laid out

Place the fabric rectangles underneath the flip flop strap with an even number of flaps on either side of the thong (the part that goes between your toes).  Starting at the center, tie alternating colors of flaps together, working towards the back of the strap.  

overhead view of white flip flops with green and blue embellishment

Voila! In about 10-15 minutes, you’ve created personalized flip flops to add to your pampering gift basket.

gift basket filled with blue and green gift items for foot care and yellow label that says Happy Mother's Day

Psst, don’t tell on me, but I had to try out the Amopé™ gadget for myself (you know, just uh, because).  It’s easy to use and who doesn’t like softer pampered feet?  I guess I’ll be running back to pick another one up for my mom’s Mother’s Day gift basket.  Oops! (But not oops. I like to be pampered, too!)

person using blue foot buffing tool on heal of foot with blue and green decorated flip flops in background

You can learn more about Amopé™ by liking them on Facebook.  Who do you know (maybe yourself) that you’d like to pamper by making your own Mother’s Day pampering gift basket? 

gift basket filled with blue and green gift items for foot care and yellow label that says Happy Mother's Day

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  1. What fun flip flops! I love the whole package as a gift. I’m going to have to leave this page open and hope my kids stumble upon it. I would definitely need the foot file before I bared my feet in flip flops. Winter was not kind to my feet!

  2. I promise I won’t tell your Mom – that is unless you send me a great gift package like this! I love the flip flops and the theme of green and blue. The colors make me think of your home, Hawaii! I know your Mother will love this – what Mother wouldn’t?

  3. Love the flip flops! Love the gift basket! I know quite a few of my mom friends who would love a basket like this (including myself). What a great idea!

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  5. I saw this link on the Handmade Hangout link party. Such, cute, cute flip flops! And your pampering gift basket is such a wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing it!

  6. Oh those are SUCH cute flip flops. I just got a new (cheap) pair, and I bet this would make them so much more comfortable, too. Great idea! #client

    1. Thanks, Michelle. I love them because they’re cute and easy to make. Have fun making your own pair.

  7. I like the flip flop. It has a beautiful spring colours. The Turkish story is emotional. You have a great Mom.

    1. Hi, Sweet! You are one of the few people who would really understand my Turkey story and I love my mom very much. The flip flops are so easy to make and are fun gifts to give.

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  9. I love your idea for your mom, thank you for sharing. I love the flip flops, they are precious. Hugs,

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