Easy Crochet Basket

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a green crocheted basked with apples in it with title text reading Easy Crocheted Basket
I spend a lot of time sitting at my children’s practices, activities and appointments.  I know I’m not the only one.  I have to do something while I’m waiting or with 3 kids and all their appointments, I’d be loosing too much of my life just waiting.  I usually take a crochet project to do while I’m waiting.
Earlier this month I shared the Candy Corn Basket I made.
white, yellow, orange crocheted basket with title text reading Candy Corn Crochet Basket
This is one of my new favorite crochet patterns.  You can find it {here}.  The Candy Corn Basket was my adaptation of the original pattern.  Today I thought I’d share another adaptation of the basket pattern.
For this basket, I actually followed the pattern, but I stopped before the top cuff is added.  I wanted an even simpler more rustic look for this basket. 
I think of this one as my apple basket because the green looks so lovely with the red apples.
apples in a green Crochet Basket with one apple next to it
But this handy basket can be used for many organizing jobs.  Look how pretty it looks in the bath.
washcloths and makeup items in a green Crochet Basket
This is a great pattern because it’s easy to carry with you and there are hundreds of uses and adaptations to this organizing basket.  Just wait, you’ll be seeing more of my adaptations to this pattern soon.

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  1. Love the basket and I really do think the apples pop in the green basket. I also think that the crocheted basket is good for apples because there are no rough edges for the apples to touch and become bruised. It is always nice to have a project to carry around with you.

  2. These baskets are awesome!! It’s a wonderful idea and I just loooooooooove the resultI like the colors of the corn-candy basketIt’s been a long time since I crocheted …..

  3. Hi Susan, I’ve been meaning to make a crocheted basket for the last few months but keep putting it on the back burner for other projects. Your basket turned out great. I definitely need to make one now. 🙂

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