DIY Superhero Repurposed Blocks

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I told you last month about my big thrift store find – a bag of Jenga blocks.  Something about those blocks called my name.  I could see bunches of repurposed projects using repurposed blocks.  Today is the diy superhero repurposed blocks edition of my ongoing repurposed Jenga blocks series.  I’m having so much fun with these repurposed blocks;each one is my favorite until the next craft is done.

wood game blocks painted with superhero logos next to comic book

 I used craft paint, paint pens and Sharpie markers that I already hand on-hand.  If I had it to do over again, I’d make sure that my paint pens are fresh and thin tip (most of my mistakes are due to wide point and gloppy paint pens).

paint pens, wood game blocks, pencil and bottles of craft paint with white piece of paper with superhero logos drawn on it

  I downloaded images of the superhero logos that I wanted into a Word document and then sized them to fit on my blocks.  It’s best to find the simpler versions of the logos.

hand holding pencil and coloring with side of pencil led on paper

Using a pencil, I shaded the back side of the superhero logos so that I could trace the logo onto the blocks.  This method worked fairly well. 

hand holding black marker and coloring in bat logo on painted block

Once I transferred the logo onto the block, I was able to trace and fill in the transferred images with the paint pens.  I didn’t have a red paint pen and used a red Sharpie.  It worked okay, but I wish that I’d had a paint pen so that the color would have been brighter on the Superman logo.

I freehand drew the Spiderman and Flash blocks.  I used the tracing method with the other blocks. 

The tips I learned for next time are:

Use fresh, thin-tip paint pens.

Draw the circle first then add the logo inside the circle (it was tough trying to draw a the circle evenly around the Green Lantern symbol after the fact).

close up of wood game blocks painted with superhero logos next to comic book

The paint pen worked better than the Sharpie,  The Sharpie tended to bleed and the color wasn’t as vivid.

wood game blocks painted with superhero logos next to comic book

This was a super fun project that took about an hour to make all 7 blocks and cost pennies since I used paint supplies I already had and thrifted blocks.  You could  do this project with the kiddos depending upon their age and  fine motor skills. 

close up of wood game blocks painted with superhero logos next to comic book

I had such a good time painting these diy superhero repurposed blocks that I’ll be making more soon. I think it would be fun to decorate an entire set of Jenga blocks with superhero logos  as a gift for a comic book fan.

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