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Dish Cleaning Caddy Tote 3 Easy Ways

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This time of year is all about organization and spring cleaning in my home (but then to be honest, most of the year is about organizing and cleaning around my home.) The kitchen is the heart of the home and so keeping the kitchen organized and clean is a priority to me. Having a dish cleaning caddy handy makes all the difference in keeping my kitchen clean and organized, I had fun finding three different and super easy ways to decorate my cleaning caddy tote and all of them cost under $5. 

blue caddy with dish soap and sponges next to sink

The best thing about having an organized dish cleaning caddy tote is that it makes it easy for everyone in the family to help out in cleaning up dishes. Yea!! When all the dish cleaning tools and supplies are right there readily available, there are no excuses for not being able to find (or put away) things.

And if we’re going to get organized, we might as well make it pretty, of course. I can’t decide which of these three designs I like better. All three of them took me four minutes or less to create. Really.

Dish Cleaning Caddy Tote

empty blue caddy, packages of blue sponges, container of liquid dish soap and jar of dish washer tabs on white table

Start with a caddy that will hold all the supplies you want to have available. I found it easiest to first gather my supplies and then find the perfect tote. You can find caddy totes for $3 to $5 in a variety of colors and shapes to match your decor.

Supplies to Consider for your Dish Cleaning Caddy Tote:

  • Dish Soap
  • Dishwasher Detergent
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Dish Sponges – I prefer Scotch-Brite™ Brand Scrub Sponges for cleaning dishes and pots and pans. I prefer sponges because they are more substantial for cleaning and Scotch-Brite Brand gives you the soft sponge side, plus the scrubby non-scratch  or heavy duty side all in one. Yes, I am #TeamSponge all the way!

Dish Cleaning Caddy Tote

Four minutes or less to make your own pretty cleaning caddy tote. Really. 

overhead view of blue caddy, with washi tape, sheet of letter stickers and pink flower on white table

You’ll need your choice of:

  • A caddy or tote 
  • Adhesive scrapbooking letters
  • A decorative headband 
  • Washi Tape 

Dish Cleaning Caddy Tote in 3 Easy Ways

collage of 3 images of close up blue caddy decorated 3 different ways, one with sliver letters that say "sparkling", one with pink flower and one with blue striped washi tape

If these three options weren’t so adorable, I’d be embarrassed at how easy they are to do. Look, one tote with three different looks and all took four minutes or less. Really. And all three are stinkin’ adorable!

light blue caddy with pink flower holding sponges and liquid dish soap on white table

The headband is my favorite. Look how pretty and cheerful it looks. Are you ready for this? It took about 8 seconds to create. It took me longer to get the headband out of the excessive packaging than it did to add it to my caddy tote. Every time I look at this dish cleaning caddy tote I smile. 

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Featured Image
blue caddy with blue striped line with sponges and liquid dish soap and jar of dish washer tabs

Wait! This one is my favorite. It took about 30 seconds to add washi tape to the caddy. This caddy has a ridge that made it very easy to keep the washi tape straight as I added it. I love how clean and modern it looks. 

Okay, now wait. I think this one is really my favorite. Why is adding sparkling letters that spell out s-p-a-r-k-l-i-n-g on a dish cleaning caddy tote so doggone charming? I don’t know, but it is adorable.

light blue caddy with "sparkling" spelled out on side and pink sticky note with "sparkling" and arrow

My tips to make sure you can create this design in under four minutes are:

  • Write out your word. Count out the letters and identify the center of your word.
  • Find the center of your tote. The handle on my tote was in the center of the side, so that was an easy way to identify the center.
  • Place your center letter or space in the center then add a letter on each side, alternating from the center out. No matter how amazing of a speller you are, keep referring back to your written out word (ask me how I know).
sponges, liquid soap, blue jar of silver packets in light blue caddy with the word sparkling on the caddy

Place your dish cleaning supplies in your lovely new dish cleaning caddy tote and voila! Organized and adorable! 

overhead view of inside blue caddy holding sponges, bottle of liquid dish soap, blue jar holding silver foil packets

Everything you need is right there. No more digging around under the sink. No more grumbling. No more excuses for not doing the dishes. 

close up of two sponges in dish next to blue caddy with pink flower

I place my sponges on a small dish to keep my metal caddy from rusting. I want this pretty caddy to last for decades. 

Tell me which is your favorite of these three dish cleaning caddy totes? I still can’t decide.

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  1. You always come up with the cutest things. It looks like something that would make the chore of doing a dishes a little more fun. That was a great idea to add a headband for a pretty decoration.

  2. A tote like this could actually make me want to enjoy cleaning the kitchen! I am a big mess in the kitchen! I love the cooking and hate the clean up. You have shared great products and a great idea on making clean up not so horrible!

  3. My cleaning tote is an old bucket – not nearly as pretty as this. I love the letters… sort of like hanging a pretty picture in your laundry room/area. It’s nice to have something make you smile while you are tackling the chores!

  4. I’m amazed how simple, but how awesome these kitchen caddies are! I love the one with gold letters. Before I started reading, I thought it was gong to be complicated gold leafing, but I can handle stickers! Brilliant idea to start from the middle to keep it centered. One thing my sis-in-law did for me that I love is bought me a clear soap dispenser, it’s prettier than the dish soap bottle and I can easily see when it’s running low. Such a silly thing, but I never would have thought to do that and I’ve loved that it looks nicer by my kitchen sink ever since.

    1. Clear soap dispenser is much prettier, isn’t it? I used to rebel against those “silly” improvements and now I can’t remember why. Life is too short, I’m pro prettier and easier these days.

  5. I am definitely #teamsponge too! I absolutely adore the caddy you’ve created! I just moved into a new place, and have been looking for ways to organize my cabinets, so I am definitely creating this.

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