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🌞Summer Planner & To Do List Bundle🌞

Have a blissful, organized and stress-free summer this year!

Hey Supermom, ready to make this summer the smoothest and most memorable one yet?

We know you’re juggling a million things — from picnics to reunions, and barbeques to beach trips and so much more.

That’s why we’ve crafted the perfect solution for you: our Summer Planner and To-Do List Bundle!

Turquoise bubble letters spelling "best summer ever bundle".
collage of brightly colored summer planner pages.

40 printable pages to keep your summer organized, fun and stress-free. Includes:

  • Covers – 2 pages
  • Belongs To page
  • Daily Planner
  • Weekly Planner – 2 pages
  • Habit Tracker
  • Trip Planner – 6 pages
  • BBQ or Cookout – 5 pages
  • Reunion – 4 pages
  • Picnic Planner
  • Summer Events
  • Summer Birthday Tracker – 2 pages
  • Summer Monthly Calendar – 8 dated and 1 undated
  • Journal and Notes – 4 pages

12 different colorful to do lists in simple and summer-themed versions for a total of 24 pages. You’re sure to find several that work well for you. Includes:

  • Daily To Do List Planner
  • Weekly To Do Planner
  • Annual Planner
  • Quarterly Planner
  • Task List
  • Task Triage
  • Brain Dump
  • General To Do List
  • Home To Do List by Room
  • Home To Do List by Tasks
  • Floral To Do List
  • To Do List Planner and Tracker

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